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Meneldur chapter 2 . 7/12/2011
Last review for now, I think. Maybe more later. It's hard to know when you tend to either get obsessive or depressed over stories. We'll see, I suppose.

So, the first chapter was mostly again on the contrast between Alice and Rosalie which I've already expounded upon. Of course, there was more information, and more depth added to the contrast, and some very interesting facts, such as the one about the stock crash in the 50's and Alice not predicting it, but again, this is merely a prelude to plunging one of the great weaknesses of Rosalie: Vera and babies.

Vera and babies, even the memory of them... they make Rosalie... not nice exactly, nor weak, but caring, and open. We see this clearly in this chapter. Rosalie is taking care of Vera she's not really doing love 'em and leave 'em, and even at the end, when she realizes she won't gain any release from Vera, she still tries to get her a job and so forth. Because the memory of Vera, of a true friend who accepted Rosalie and loved her for what she was without reservation, and innocent babies who are her greatest desire and who also love unconditionally as only a baby can... these cause Rosalie to open. And then she reveals her secrets and weaknesses, and information she does not want people to know. And she cares, because when someone cares for you unconditionally, you begin to care back, and respond. And we see how she even cares for Bella, despite claiming to hate her, and decides she should set her up with Angela, with someone she could like, and would be good for her.

And of course, the ending (so far?) was quite the perfect conclusion. For it seemed to end on the tender note of caring and affection that is a hug, but in truth, in ended with Rosalie's desires and lusts once more, and their influence on her and others. And then one waits for more.
MyTwiDreams chapter 2 . 12/16/2010
Liked the way you wrote Rosalie a lot. Great job :-)
Deleted Account No Comment chapter 2 . 9/18/2010
Hello again,

You had me at Repo Man, lol, I have cramps in my Zygomatic muscles.

Rosalie, or you are very good at small talk, it's refreshing.

And now I feel that familiar pinch in my solar plexus, where emotions of grief and sadness are born, along with sorrow and compassion. it's smart of you, to have them share in loss.

Poor Rosalie, all frustrated, and she forgot the toys, lol, Vera will indeed be surprised. I am not sure if I found it plausible that you have Vera fight so hard Rosalie's help in finding a job.

If Rosalie had personally offered to handle getting her the job, then yes, but just handing her a business card making sure she understands that she'll still have to get the job then I don't see why. If i were a single mother, about to be sleeping in my van, I think I would be just about ready to take it and say thank you.

Rosalie is such an entertaining character, you do write about her oh so well.

Deleted Account No Comment chapter 1 . 9/18/2010

I can't help but love Rosalie disdainful tone, and her little expressions for naming Bella, "Little Swan child". It makes me smile how haughty Rosalie is.

"I shut up. After eighty years? A girl knows when she's wasting air, but I didn't give up on my position." That is just so Rosalie, at least how I envision her, I just couldn't help but laugh. You dear, are so just in your portray of Rose, that it's humbling me and my budding writing desires.

Can I tell you how much I did not expect Rosalie to kiss this woman ? A woman she has no knowledge of, just ma'am her and then full on kiss her, and the first thing that comes to her mind is "mmhhmm she tastes like raspberries...without the annoying seeds", lol, loved it.

The "cancel your're all mine" was a tad too blunt, more accurately what was too blunt is not-Vera's acceptance, but I guess how could anyone denies Rosalie Hale really ?

I noticed in a couple of your stories that you like breast, in a sexually close to breastfeeding way. I have had that conversation with several lesbians, and I am always so surprised to see how these women would only ashamedly admit to liking this. You are not shy about it and I find it endearing.

Do you know how it feels to read or hear something and then you have that song in your head for hours ? "ohooo girls just want to have fun...". Yeah, just like that, and it is all your fault, you naughty little thing.

Oh Please do write an Esmé rampage sometimes, and have her take Rosalie's key cars, please, pretty please I wanna see that !

On to next chapter...

jet911 chapter 2 . 4/9/2010
I am so loving your story. please update soon
Jeo chapter 1 . 3/17/2010
Eu me pergunto por que a Rosalie se sente tão incomodada pela Bella, não pode ser somente a personalidade da mesma já que a Rose ainda não conversou com ela.

Me ocorreu que a Rosalie não a odeia, você não pode odiar uma pessoa e pensar tanto nela. Talvez não seja só o fato de que a Bella seja uma humana que anda com vampiros, mas talvez seja porque ela é uma humana que ira morrer assim como a Vera (a antiga Vera).

A Rosalie se sente atraída somente por mães? Ou a sua Vera é uma exceção? Ou talvez eu esteja vendo de maneira errada. Quem sabe o tipo da Rosalie seja alguém que é tudo o que ela poderia ter sido, não somente uma mãe, mas uma pessoa pura, inocente e que confia nos outros. Essa era a visão inicial que ela tinha da Vera, não é? Mas eu me pergunto se é assim que ela vê a Bella. Espero que você continue essa historia. Essa Rosalie continua sendo um mistério para mim.
Jeo chapter 2 . 3/17/2010
I keep wondering why Rosalie is so bothered by Bella it can’t just be her personality that would be unreasonable since Rose hasn’t really talked to her.

It occurred to me that Rosalie doesn’t really hate her, you can’t hate someone and think so much about them. Maybe it’s not just the fact that Bella is a human girl that is toying with vampires, but maybe it is because she is a human girl who will DIE just like Vera (old Vera) did.

Is Rosalie only attracted to moms? Or is your Vera an exception? Or maybe I’m not seeing it right, maybe that’s not it at all. Perhaps Rosalie’s type it’s someone who is all she could have been, not only a mother, but someone pure, innocent, and trusting. That’s how she first saw Vera, right? However I wonder if that’s how she sees Bella. I hope you continue this story. This Rosalie still is a mystery to me.
ScOut4It chapter 2 . 1/23/2010
Alright! I did it, I read the correct chapter!

You went so above and beyond what I thought I'd be getting in our meeting of Vera. I really enjoyed the depth of conversation between Alice and Rosalie in the cafe. I liked how Rosalie would flow between talking to thinking and sometimes reminiscing so effortlessly (like humans do [no offense Rosalie]). What a "knock your socks off" meeting between Rosalie and Vera: hot, hot, hot! The comment about Vera tasting like black raspberries "without the annoying seeds" had me chuckling to myself for a beat. I also really like the momentary dig at Edward's pathetic attempt at gentlemanly not-prying since he's such an obviously poor actor that the effect is completely opposite of the intent. Quite clever when Rosalie comments on Alice and Edwards 'DISabilities' too ;D Ah, you guys/girls are great and obviously write very well together. What a smooth transition into the previously written chapter that's now chapter two. Thanks so much for having pride in your craft and sharing this story!

Jocelyn Torrent chapter 2 . 1/22/2010
Haha, I found it funny that Rosalie talked for eight paragraphs or so and then said "I liked talking with Alice." It reminds me so much of my father who will talk for ages and ages and I can't get a "Hm" in edgewise. Then again, it seems quite in character.

Rosalie seemed flawed and logical in her reasonings. I liked that as well. And Alice was adorable (though I may be a bit biased.) I liked the way Rosalie handled Vera also. So wonderfully in control in a way that Edward (aka: Pompous ass) could not. Very nice :)

GothicPheonix chapter 2 . 1/22/2010
Huh..did you repost this chapter :)
ScOut4It chapter 1 . 1/5/2010
Your story was a lot of fun! I love that Rosalie just decides to seduce a single mother because that's what she feels like doing. I will tell you that I would have enjoyed reading a scene on their meeting and conversation along with more detail on the kiss outside the coffee shop. (I really enjoy the first encounter that characters have) That aside it was supremely fun. Between the descriptions of the house and Rosalie's thoughts while she's emptying the fridge and handling the baby. I definitely got into the part about her laying in her favorite position and liked the kind of visual collage that followed. The masturbation scene was superbly done in that it wasn't obvious that she was masturbating when she started, and when her mind wandered mine did too until it became her face instead of Angela's and then I recalled what she was up to while thinking those naughty (reverse of Dangerous Liaisons, but just as devious) thoughts. The real kicker is at the end when she is certain her plan is already a failure because Alice was sure to have seen it. That's just perfectly accurate for Rosalie as she is a strong personality, but doesn't seem to be able to get her way when it comes to the family decisions. Very cute.
Jocelyn Torrent chapter 1 . 12/8/2009
I'm reviewing as I read along, so as not to forget parts that I liked. So I'm really sorry if I comment on something that will be explained later.

"do not ask me how I liked my meal, for I didn’t, okay?" Ha, so true, yet comical.

Rosalie Lillian Hale- Repo Man. I loved this because of the movie Repo! the Genetic Opera! In which case if you don't pay for the organs you received, the Repo Man takes them back. Sounds like a job for a vampire, doesn't it?

“A girl needs to feel special sometimes,” I said quietly, looking away.- I'm not sure of the exact reason why I like this but I do. Perhaps because I could feel someone saying this about Rosalie also. And, I don't know...possibly because of Rosalie being raped in the past. It definitely soudns like something she would need to hear.

Rosalie with the baby is a beautiful touch. Though, while she's happy, I sort of thought maybe she would be more hurt at her own losses. Also, I really like the little details you sprinkle throughout this story such as Rosalie preferring he taste of flouride to food when kissing someone. It was never addressed in the books and I'm glad you seems very necessary to me.

"They just die on you." I loved this coming from Rose's mouth. this story is saying so much but so little and it's working very well.

Ah Bella Bashing. One of my favorite pastimes. And it's so easy to do, isn't it, with the canon?

She was better off dead. Jasper was right. I was right. The God-damned van was right, but no! Don Quixote Edward had to rush in and save the day, and now he’s all entangled with her, and she’s got the hero worship complex going for her own personal midnight stalker.

I love that! Too much for words.

And now I've finished. A very interesting story. Yes, it was very canon, which saddens me. I mean, the story's great but Meyer canon just makes me mad because it's so half-assed, if you'll pardon my cursing. I enjoyed this though. Really nicely done.

Lion in the Land chapter 1 . 12/6/2009
Hey girlfriend, thought I'd check you out on this site. ;)

In light of bb's insightful blog, I think some things are crystalized for me. The first time I read, I merely found it humorous that Rosalie became so befuddled when Vera caught her in the act. At the time I thought it was just because she was so embarassed, but now that I see that it had more to do with that certain je ne' sais quoi that Rosalie respects and responds to.

Rosalie feels like she has to answer for herself to this person in a way she answers to no one else. It's funny, but you'd think she'd go running from someone who does that to her, or tear her head off - like she wants to do to Bella - but for some reason she craves that reprimand. It's like children fighting and screaming against their parents' rules, but really they want those boundaries. They need them.

And the irony is that Rosalie marched in there setting all the rules - telling Vera what to eat, when to eat, etc. etc., but by the end she's simply trying to tell Vera to get herself some financial stability, and Vera's telling Rosalie where she can stick that advice.

Something else this story has done for me is to make me realize how straight I am. I am, like, extremely straight. You could use me to hang doors. That whole fantasy on the couch felt very foreign to me and I just wish Rosalie wouldn't have to turn her need for a hug or need for friendship into something sexual.

Speaking of hug - Rosalie's "Hug?" and "Friends?" seemed like an out of ordinary step for her too. When does she ever ask for something? She takes it. But not with Vera.

I see Vera's strength here, too, and I'm all for choosing your own path, but there is such a thing as being idiotically independent. Like balking at financial help from Rosalie so that your baby won't have to LIVE IN A VAN! Like when a vampire wants to kill you and you have a group of other vampires that want to protect you, but you DITCH THEM in the airport and go it alone. Not smart. Yet another Vera and Bella similarity. Nicely done phfina.

Starshinedown chapter 1 . 11/30/2009
Hmm. Rose being distracted by someone who forcefully reminds her of her old friend, Vera? Check. I can see a similar situation happening for any of the vampires, actually. It would be greatly distracting I think. And what a temptation to use someone as a replacement!

I don't really think of Rose looking outside her marriage with Emmeett for satisfaction, mostly because of how Edward et al describe the mating bond for vampires. Having said that, if I set that aside, Rose going a little crazy over Vera makes sense to me.
GothicPheonix chapter 1 . 11/29/2009
Love it; I wish she runs in to Vera again
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