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DA Fan 494452 chapter 32 . 3/27
This was a great story. I enjoyed reading every chapter. Thank you.
ngregory763 chapter 4 . 10/2/2017
I love this, you have sewn the three of them together so well! I must have more!
Guest chapter 32 . 7/17/2017
Thanks for another enthralling crossover. Little brother Alec is great, adding so much to the family.
I can't help wonder about those other manticore kids and 492. Shouldn't there be a rescue plan? What if 493 isn't really dead? What's going on with Max?
Thanks for the hours of entertainment, Sasha £££
reader50 chapter 19 . 11/4/2015
Days of our lives recap! HAHAHA!
I have been enjoying the story. Thank you for sharing it.
Idreamofivan chapter 3 . 2/1/2015
Idreamofivan chapter 2 . 2/1/2015
Hmmm... hurt Sam, my favorite, favorite, this can't get any better! It broke my heart when Alec thought that the whole "motherly" Dean was a stranger to him, I hope he is sometimes on the receiving end of his brother's ministrations.
Idreamofivan chapter 1 . 2/1/2015
Yeyy.. there are two more Alec stories. This one is 32 chapters and 164k words! You are going to kill me... on the one hand, I am soo happy, its soo long I'll be able to enjoy it a ton and you are such an amazing writer. On the other hand, I have a terrible time putting books down when I like them and I start a new job tomorrow, I need to focus on that not on wondering what will happen in your fic !
PhantomBowtie chapter 11 . 11/13/2014
Shoot, the one with Dean isn't really Alec! Noooo! AAGGGGHHH! ...I bet it's Ben...*sob*
SayLo chapter 32 . 6/10/2013
Awesome Fiction!
25rhieannerain chapter 20 . 8/30/2012
"When Sam's shattered look flickered to him, Alec read the plea in his big brother's gaze. Sam was demanding that he get his brother back, their brother back. In that moment, Alec knew that Sam couldn't endure being left behind, not anymore than he could. Stalking back to Sam, he growled out a string of profanities even as he pulled out his phone, dialed Dean's number, angrily clicked it off as it went to voicemail. "When we catch up to him, I'm going to kill him myself," he furiously vowed aloud, kept silent what would come before that action. 'Right after I'm done making sure there's not a scratch on the dumb, self sacrificing jerk.' "

Excellent. You just write their characters as if you've known them all your life, almost like they're your sons. Honestly, I don't know what else to say. I think I've already told you everything you should know. I'm probably just giving you a major headache re-telling things as if I haven't made my point across. Anyways, my duty still stands - not just re-read but boost reviews for this awesome sequel to the story that I fell deeply in love with first.

And just FYI, I could spank Dean just about now! Dumb, self-sacrificing jerk!
25rhieannerain chapter 19 . 8/30/2012
Whoa! I just saw the length of my reviews and thought it was dizzying. Perhaps I'm giving you a hard time having you read such long rants! I'm really sorry (*sad face here*). I'll try to rein in my stupid blabbering this time around, especially if it's like I've already told you the same things before.

Anyways, like I said before, I do care about Lydecker's character. I don't know why. Fan fic writers tend to paint him with a bad brush in their stories. But you didn't. And I like that.

Also, the scene with the Manticore soldiers coming for them, I admit, my heart was thudding hard in my chest at that. The prospect of seeing them suffer again after what happened with Dean at Manticore was both depressing and exciting (how you made that possible, I hadn't a clue) at the same time! And for a second I got scared that Alec was going to be left behind and then taken to Manticore. And then he will be used as bait to get Dean back. Oh my vegetables! This chapter had my adrenaline rushing like crazy I could practically feel my pulse beating in my neck!
25rhieannerain chapter 17 . 8/30/2012
I remember the very first time I read this, I just knew Alec would get through his brother this way - by hurting himself. And up to this day I still don't understand how I can cry over something that's already expected. But you did it anyway, made me cry, I mean. It's almost like I was there with Sam and Alec, suffering as Dean suffered, and then after so many trial and errors, we finally did it. And I didn't see my facial expression back then but I'm pretty sure I was beaming from ear to ear. This chapter is just so wonderful! It's amazing what their love for each other can do. And it's equally amazing how every single chapter of your story has the world "LOVE" stamped on it. And not just stamp but VERY BIG stamp.

"Dean couldn't deny it any longer. He can hear Sam's well of grief, could see Alec's physical pain. It just wasn't in him to let his brothers suffer, no matter if it wasn't real, it they weren't real. It felt real, their pain, his guilt and if he could stop it…he would risk everything, would condemn every transgenic left on the planet. That was just the kind of selfish person he was.

It nearly took more effort than Dean had to raise his hand off the bedding, to reach out for Sam's hand that was pressed to his chest. But he did it, curled his trembling fingers around Sam's wrist and held on.

Sam left out a shaking laugh. He knew what Dean's gesture meant. With one touch his brother had effectively closed up the gap between them, anchored them to each other. Reading the apology in Dean's eyes, he knew for certain that his big brother wasn't going anywhere.

Having conveyed to Sam that he wasn't quitting, couldn't quit, Dean turned to Alec. He felt shame and guilt and fear course through him at the shaking figure of his brother. Using his free hand he reached out, cupped the back of Alec's bowed, trembling neck.

Startled at the contact that he knew without a doubt was Dean's hand, Alec's head jerked up. Hope and need were brimming in his eyes as they met Dean's.

"Take the pills, Alec. Please," Dean beseeched, desperate to make things right, to save Alec, to undo the damage he had done to his youngest brother.

Praying that he wasn't misinterpreting the look in Dean's eyes, Alec quietly stipulated, his voice shaking, "You know the deal." And it was painful, waiting for Dean to answer. When Dean rolled his head away, Alec thought all was lost, until Dean spoke.

Facing Sam, Dean conceded with a smart aleck quip, "Only girls..can't handle…grape.…Sammy.""

HAHAHA! This is crazy! One minute, you have Dean sulking over selfishness and guilt and all the stupid things he likes to attribute to himself all the time, and then the next minute he's being a smart-alec again! It's too cute! )

And well, this chapter has the frog-marching scene. Need I say more? You know what that scene did to me!
25rhieannerain chapter 16 . 8/30/2012
I've seen you've updated Tethered and the story's being flooded with reviews! Makes me want to jump there and do a review marathon as well. But as usual, OCD always gets the better of me and won't let me do just that unless I finish re-reading this and then reviewing each one. Anyways, I don't mind because I love this story so much!

All right, did I mention that I totally LOVE and MISS this story? I just finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and is still having a bit of a hangover since I thought the books were epic and very well written. However, going back to reading your work, I realized that no one will ever replace you as the number author in my back. S. Collins may be selling millions of her awesome book but you have hundred millions of quotable quotes which not even Miss Collins can rival! It's insane how beautiful these brother's dialogues and thoughts are written! I can never get over you, Miss Cheryl! Could you please publish your works? I saw a lot of Supernatural tie-in novels a few weeks back in the bookstore and thought instantly: "Why isn't Miss Cheryl publishing hers?". You should really do it! I need a physical book that I can boast to all my friends! HAHA!

Okay, goin' back to the story...

"Startled but warmed by Dean's affectionate murmur of his name, Sam felt the tension drain from Dean's body, felt the feverish body collapse against him with a sigh. Raising his head from Dean's, he watched his brother's eyes close.

As the humming continued, Dean knew that Lilith wasn't there, hadn't been there. It had been just another maze within a maze in his head. He knew too that Sam, he wasn't there either.

And maybe it was the biggest chick flick thought he had ever had but he still felt Sam there with him. As if Sam refused to abandon him, even in death, that Sam's love for him was too strong to fade away, would always remain with him.

"Without you around Sam, I'm turning into the girl in the family," he gripped, laid the fault purely at Sam's feet.

Trying not to take his brother's dismal of his presence to heart, Sam cracked back, "You always were the girl in the family Dean."

"Shut up…" Dean weakly laughed back but his voice was a vulnerable plea as he qualified a second later, "But don't stop humming, ok, Sammy?"

"I won't, Dean. I won't," Sam promised as he resumed humming, would hum until he lost his voice if it kept Dean calm, if it reminded Dean that he was with him in some form or anything, if it proved to Dean that he wasn't alone."

I certainly hope you know how awesome and breathtakingly beautiful this scene is! It stirs up something inside of me - something more than just warm and fuzzy feeling. It feels soooo good! Oh my gosh, I don't even have the words to describe it. Perhaps "beautiful" is too much of an understatement. I just love it! And you're doing it again! Writing things like you're tempting me to quote you over and over again!

LOVE SAM. LOVE DEAN! (*million heart icons go here*)

And of course... I also love these:

Though he feared it was the worst thing he could do, Alec forcibly rolled Dean onto his back, pinned Dean's shoulders to the bed, brutally demanded Dean's full attention. And he got it, though there was a sliver of fear in the green eyes nearly identical to his own. "You want to hurt yourself, want to give up, to die. Fine. We'll do it together." Dean's eyes widened at the threat but he lay still as if he feared to react, to show weakness. "If you don't drink anything, well then I don't drink anything. You don't eat, I don't eat. You don't take any painkillers then I don't take any Tryptophan," Alec adamantly vowed. Pulling out a pill bottle from his pocket, he sat it on the nightstand beside the refused soup with a determined thunk. "You're my big brother and I know you would never do anything to hurt me, right? So dying, if that's what you think is our best option, then I'm good with it."

Wherever Sam saw Alec's prep speech going, it wasn't to this ultimatum. "What?"

But Alec didn't pay Sam any mind, watched as Dean licked his lips, rolled his head to look at the Tryptophan pill bottle on the nightstand before settling back upon him. "You're not real. You're dead."

"I am real. I'm not dead," Alec insisted fervently and then, a second later, he forced himself to give a careless shrug of his shoulders. "But whether or not I stay alive, that's up to you now, Dean."

and these:

At Alec's bluntness Sam bit his lip and looked away. Couldn't there ever be an easy solution for them? Why did he have to risk Alec to save Dean? 'Because you're a Winchester,' came to him bitterly before he faced Alec, accepted that, risking everything for each other? That was part of who his family was, who Alec was. "At least tell me you took your Tryptophan today already?"

At Sam's capitulation to his plan, Alec happily patted Sam two times on the chest and walked out of the room.

"You did, right?" Sam called, trailing behind Alec, who still wasn't answering him. "Alec," he commanded but Alec didn't even slow down his headlong pace right back to Dean's side. Left alone in the hallway, Sam clenched his jaw and slammed his hand against the wall. Having two reckless jerks for brothers was going to give him a heart attack at a young age, he just knew it.

these brothers are drivin' me batty! but I love them! you made me love them more than what i thought was possible!


LOVE THIS STORY. FOREVER. (*smiley icons here*)
25rhieannerain chapter 15 . 8/13/2012
Whew! Finally! They found Dean! Now I can stop being mushy-gooey (for now, at least) and have a good laugh or two! Haha! Oh what the heck am I talking about? I can never stop being like that... unless I stop reading this story again and again. But I don't think I will. I bet I'll read it annually, maybe even have it on book-bind. But only if you will permit me to print your stuff. I won't do such thing if you don't allow me to, I promise you that.

"Things had changed, Alec had known that, but how drastically he hadn't guessed that until now, until he realized that in less than a year's time he had gone from being the DNA thief Sam didn't trust to being the only one Sam would entrust with Dean's life. A small part of Alec wanted to tell Sam he shouldn't trust him like that, that Dean's life, it shouldn't be put in the hands of someone only part human, whose past kept biting them on the butt, whose screwed up childhood education Dean could now attest to. If Manticore's cruel manipulations damaged someone as strong as Dean, how could Alec ever be sure how damaged he himself was on the inside, how could he be sure there weren't time bombs lying in wait to go off, to make him flip out, become a danger to the ones he loves."

Seriously, you boys, will you please stop having such low opinion of yourselves? Am getting angry! You're all soooo wonderful and if by chance some demi-god drops me into a parallel universe and allow me to be the your fourth sibling, the littlest Winchester, even just for a day, I could probably go to heaven! Anyway, I absolutely love this line because it shows yet again how Alec has come a long way from being abused and unloved to being a lucky-luck boy with two AWESOME brothers. And you of all people knows what that does to poor, obsessed, little ole me (because of your awesomeness, btw. so you're the one to blame for the obsession! ha! kidding *big smileys here*)

And yeah, of course this one! I love this one!

"Easy with the merchandise."

25rhieannerain chapter 14 . 8/13/2012
"Turns out that I like the science experiment. Figure if Lydecker can mix up a pretty awesome little brother he might just have some other redeeming qualities."

All right, Sammy, I forgive you now! Awww... this is so, soooooo sweet! I can't believe that after all this time I'm still tickled-pink whenever Sam or Dean say words that reinforce the fact that they love their littlest brother a lot. I'm such a poor sap! HAHAHAHA XDD

But this chapter is still very depressing T-T I remember the first time I read this, the hallucinations were causing my eyes to well up and my mom kept glancing at me, asking me if I was hurting and I couldn't admit that I was crying over fan fiction so I told her that my injury was hurting bad. Gosh, now that I think about it, I feel guilty! Just like Alec is in your Christmas story! Haha!

Ah... the Christmas story! I soooo love that one! It's the most amazing piece of fluff that I've ever read! I simply love fics set on Christmas or holidays or birthdays. Hope to finish re-reading and reviewing this story soon so that I can move on to that one.. to Tethered.. to re-reading and reviewing your other works!

BTW, speaking of occasions, thought you'd find this interesting - Alec and Sam actually have the same birthdates - May 3rd. Awesome, right? I can't believe I missed to mention that on my comment on one of the last few chapters of IITG.
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