Reviews for The Experiment
Guest chapter 10 . 12/23/2016
I suggest that you add more robin v speedy scenes. They are really interesting. I also would like to add that the scenes with speedy being super affectionate and robin being really jealous are hilarious!
AngeNoirRae chapter 2 . 6/16/2016
Second chappie and I am already feeling someeethinggg
Guest chapter 4 . 4/11/2016
Guest chapter 3 . 4/11/2016
Mmmm okay
Kretchet Storm chapter 10 . 10/24/2015
Kirei Tsuki, the charter is good and interesting but sorry I don't have any ideas about Brown Raven's emotion, at all I'm sad that ninjacat5 won't write this story but it's ok, u 2 are good writers)))
Kretchet Storm chapter 8 . 10/24/2015
Great Ashley, I'm very happy and thankful that you at all will finish the story))) This charter is great! When you wrote Authors note, I at all was thinking that you won't write the story's till the end... Thank you again for this story and great ideas))))
Kretchet Storm chapter 7 . 10/15/2015
The story is very interesting))) I will wait for the next charter...
Guest chapter 10 . 8/21/2015
Finiiissdsshhh... Pls
This Girl Knows Everything chapter 10 . 7/19/2015
Please update soon! *Starfire's puppy eyes*
Kittenlover1235t chapter 10 . 6/24/2015
More more more more!
la canelle chapter 10 . 11/2/2014
Ha, I love it. Brown raven should be ummm maybe her jealous side or something. Update.
MeetMeOnTheDarkside chapter 10 . 7/20/2014
Do more pwease, but take your time
rymilu chapter 10 . 5/25/2013
U should update sooner. Gosh. I can't wait! This story is fucking hilarious! "Is he ur boyfriend? Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he'll come back for you."
acrobats they tumble chapter 10 . 7/22/2012
Really interesting. Update soon.
Diana Evens chapter 10 . 7/9/2012
Slade don't kill me I have a life! Oh and by the way great writing
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