Reviews for Let It Go
escapeasy chapter 1 . 5/23/2014
I've said before that Kanon isn't just a pretty face!

Honestly, since this paring is legit (according to that Alice in Wonderland thing CG did, hm, yes), I fangirl it a lot more now and I love that Kanon is top in this. I don't really care either way with this paring, but I always like it when the unassuming pretty boy goes all dom. It's beyond awesome. Although I'm not partial to dub-cons, I enjoyed this fic for what it was: k/s slash!

I like that Schneizel struggled to remain composed and was clueless about his, er, sexuality/body. For the longest time I believed he was totally a-sexual, and still do to an extent (or, I should say, not much of a romantic?), but this fic is a reason why I like to think differently.

Oh, and, Kanon having secret fantasies about a night like this with his prince? Totally how I've imagined him! (Which sounds creepy...) Seriously, though, I've always thought he'd have some sort of unrequited love for Schneizel… (Which may or may not be canon anymore?)

On a more technical note: your dialogue isn't quite right. Speech is most often started on a separate line/new paragraph and anyone who speaks afterward also gets the same treatment:

“Kanon,” Schneizel says his voice full of ice, “kill me and be done with it. There is no need for this childish humiliation.”

Kanon pauses in surprise. “Your majesty, I’m not here to kill you I’m here to help you.”

- it should always go just like that. Only one person speaks per line/paragraph at any time. Also any actions associated with that speech is attached, like when Kanon pauses in surprise.

Also, you lack punctuation in your dialogue and that makes it harder to read. Since I still can’t quite get the rules right myself, I would recommend perhaps looking into that. (Erg, that sounds so rude, but I know I can’t help you when I can’t completely help myself! Please know I’m not trying to be mean!)

And, another, little, technical note: when using addressing speech like “Good morning your majesty,” you always use commas before and after titles/names: “Good morning, Your Majesty.” (Your Majesty should be capitalized because it’s being used as a title or form of address just like a name.) Another ex: “I wanted to share this with you, Schneizel.” It’s only when personally addressing that person. Or: “Sir, yes, sir!”

Again, hope that was helpful! (Sorry if all this is too… grammar police-y -_-;)

Anyway, kudos for Kanon/Schneizel! Too awesome!
Litschi chapter 1 . 4/29/2011
A WonDerful and Excelllent story of Schneizel/Kanon! LOVE IT!

Hopefully there is more to come from Code Geass or better more stories from Kanon/Schneizel! _

Wivania chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
Whoa oAo

That was ... hot. o/o

Schneizel x Kanon needs more love. I couldn't imagine Kanon as seme but it works...somehow...xD

By the way, did you spell Schneizel intentionally wrong once?

It's ridiculous to imagine a cutlet instead of Schneizel-sama...xD but funny -

Good job!


[sorry if there are mistakes~ English is not my native language D:]
sukizar chapter 1 . 2/1/2010
NO! please dont delete this! its great! i absoulutly love this story! PLEASE dont get rid of this
Diana Prince chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
Ah very good did not expect Kanon to dominate in that one nice job. Schneizel really is too uptight and needs a little down time to relax he he he and boy he did. Good job until next time.
mathue white chapter 1 . 12/4/2009
... yep, i just shrank many ring sizes.