Reviews for The Hunter and the Hunted
Kushka chapter 51 . 4/6
Great story
Astoria Vine chapter 1 . 3/30
Guest chapter 51 . 3/2
What an awesome story! I laughed, i cried, i fell in love with the characters! Thank you for this.
Tommy14 chapter 51 . 2/24
This was a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing.
pianomouse chapter 51 . 2/22
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us. I loved how you twisted them together.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 51 . 1/22
I got so confused.
But now I get it, this is two generations later.
I thought it was one at first.
Makes sense now.
Also Loved the story.
Hope to see more.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 50 . 1/22
Poor Chelsea,
Losing Afton.
It's basically like Hermione losing Jasper.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 49 . 1/22
Not Alice and Jasper!
Than Amir and Hermione will be alone.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 48 . 1/22
Who is this?
Is it one of the other elders?
Or a simple member of the Volturi?
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 47 . 1/22
I keep tearing up every time I think of Hermione and Jasper dying!
You're so good, you can make me cry!
And I NEVER cry!
Well Done.
Are they actually going to die?
Cause it sounds like they are.
I'm sooooo Sad :'-(
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 46 . 1/22
His reaction was so unexpected.
Hermione is finally getting married!
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 45 . 1/12
It was so good, I literally started tearing up. :'-)
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 44 . 1/12
I knew it was going to happen sooner or later!
(Hermione breaking off from the Volturi.)
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 43 . 1/12
Don't do it Hermione!
Help the Cullens!
You're basically part of them!
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 42 . 1/12
Hermione can keep Edward out,
so I don't know how much use Edward's ability would be.
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