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Death's Cold Touch chapter 9 . 5/21
Wow this is pretty cool
Question though?
Have you abandoned this story?
But so far so good
Broken Ascendent chapter 9 . 5/10
Will this ever update again?
I liked it.
Perference goes to having some forward story.
animefan1099 chapter 8 . 5/6
Male Seahorse
Animefan20-941 chapter 9 . 4/25
This was amazing to read. A picture left unfinished is a shame. Hope your not dead or we are talking to no one. I pray that you finish this story for us someday.
chris chapter 9 . 4/20
keep on writing
chris kidder chapter 9 . 3/29
keep on writing and when the next chapter come out
Uzumaki spiral chapter 9 . 3/28
Hahaha damn this is an awesome story keep it up i like the random power ups but you should really try and change naruto's eye its very of setting for me to imagine it
Liliom123 chapter 8 . 3/17
Please continue this story. I want to read more.
reviewer chapter 9 . 1/23
lovely chapter
yo chapter 9 . 1/17
I've read a few of the stories you have started so far and they have been very interesting to me so I want to thank you for posting them your profile says that none of our stories are abandoned but since it hasn't been updated in a year I can only hope it's still the case because I would love to read more
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 6 . 1/8
Really interested in how you were planning to develop the Akatsuki as they deal with both Orochimaru but also Naruto. With the exception of Hidan they seem really sympathetic towards him, and with Hidan if he learns his god has accepted him then there are no real issues. Also more drama given Itachi's involvement since if the Leaf has learned about him being part of the group by now then getting towards Naruto would have various issues.
Also wondering how you would do stuff like pairings, you seemed to put a bit extra attention towards Hinata... Also any relationship, not romantic but shared grief, with Anko would be interesting
movielover312 chapter 9 . 12/28/2014
you have not updated in over 4 years could you update soon
Prince Sky chapter 1 . 11/23/2014
Hope you haven't given up on this fic it's a good read i look forword to some updates
PugTheMagician chapter 9 . 11/21/2014
This story is great in my opinion: interesting, gritty at times, funny at others and not long winded. I like how you forced naruto to have to learn puppetry and create human puppets, a very sink or swim aproach in my opinion. I also like how you showed the problems of having both kakazu and konans transformations at once through his disolving and how you solved that problem. I really liked the explanation kyuubi gave of how human perception of beuty and that of a demons differs, it gave more insight to demons as more than simply evil. I like how you had kushina alive, the other two similar fics i read had her imprisoned so its nice to see one where she isn't. I love the little adventures naruto go's on with zetsus abilities, the kiri one helped show jst how powerful he can be and the onsen one was just plain funny. I do wonder about the girls claiming him as theirs, are kumo ninja able to just grab a person and have them be their slave off the bat? I loved the council meeting, and its refreshing seeing danzo as a patriot and not a villain. Lastly and most importantly i think it was a very good idea that you had naruto hav the weakness of an addiction, every hero needs a crutch of some kind or they get boring to read about. I like that it is tied into his mind reading abilities as i myself admit i would probably sucumb to it myself, though i'd probably be mkre orochimaru like and focused on jutsu and training memories but it is better this way with him being addicted to happy memories. I hope you come back to this in the future as it was a enjoyable read
JayyZombie chapter 9 . 11/19/2014
I'm rather enjoying this story, and I'm quite saddened to see that it has yet to be updated in nearly four years time. I'm not exactly hoping this review will suddenly motivate you into continuing this masterpiece after all of this time, but it would most certainly be a nice, and not at all discouraged, effect. I merely felt that you deserved some more praise for a certainly deserving piece of work.

I stumbled across this story yesterday while searching for any story that might have had a similarity to an idea I had after watching some old Naruto episodes, and while it certainly wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for, it was simply marvelous nonetheless; I couldn't stop myself from reading it all in one go. While it's certainly true that I have read stories over 100,000 words before in one go, I've not had the time to do so for quite some time. This tale was so intriguing that I actually brought my phone with me where my laptop could not go, simply so I would not have to wait to read the next chapter.

There's not really too much that I can say about this story, because there's simply so much information to think about and so many questions I wish to ask, but I know will be answered later on in the story - if you still wish to continue it, that is. I'll try my best to cover everything without seeming neither overbearing nor uncaring.

First of all, I, at first, found myself hoping Naruto wouldn't pick up Zetsu's skin trait when he was injected with his genetic material, and was honestly a wee bit disappointed when he did - though I really should have expected it, and as the story went on I found it to be more and more interesting, and a great addition to the story and Naruto's thought process about himself. Therefore, one of your answers to a review a few chapters back caught my eye: You said that Naruto could use Zetsu's ability to make himself appear to have a singular skin tone, rather than two separate ones, and it made me wonder . . . I was simply curious about when Naruto would start playing around with all of his abilities more, as he seems to not particularly care for them at the time. While I admit that it's smart for him to master the abilities he all ready has rather than trying to learn everything he can do at once, it seems a wee bit odd that he's only really messed with his puppets outside of training with Kushina. While I recall in the first or second chapter that you stated his Renningen would not be his main point of attacking, is seems that he hasn't really used any offensive attacks other than his scales - which is honestly more defensive, but they can be offensive as well when he uses them to drain his enemies - along with his palm-mouths, which he simply uses to consume their chakra. I understand that he's yet to really fight many people, and that he HAS used other jutsu - such as when he killed the army, or disintegrated the doctor - and that he HAS used his thread to stretch his finger when he pierced the man who was attacking Yume, but they're not really consistent. While it is wise not to make his moves repetitive, like they do in the actual series with his Rasengan and Kage Bushin, it's also equally unwise to make him have no consistent attack type. Variety is good, but so is consistency. Though, as I mentioned, he has yet to fight many opponents so he's not really had the chance to use his moves, I feel he should at least be curious about them at the very least, if he truly cannot pursue them at the time. Again, this is merely me expressing my concerns and curiosity all at once, though since it's so early on it's really not a problem. You can choose to do whatever you will with my opinion, it honestly doesn't matter - I'll enjoy this story either way.

Another thing that got me thinking is this: Just how far are the gods willing to go to ensure that Naruto's soul will belong to them when he dies.? I'm fully aware that they cannot openly do anything drastic, else they risk gaining Kami's attention, but surely they'll come into play later - either as antagonists or protagonists - and use cunning foul-play to try and ensure their victory. I know they can't interfere with anything involving souls and other deities all together, surely they wouldn't just leave it up to a random chance, else Lady Luck and the other gods of that sort would have a better shot at gaining his soul. And they wouldn't just allow it to be taken by one of the others, not without a secret fight, so I'm curious to how they'll play into the story-line and how they'll try and sneak Naruto's soul. Feel free to tell me or not, but obviously don't tell me a thing if it will spoil it for me; I wish to read this story as a whole, so I do not wish to ruin the experience with spoilers and such.

Also, another thing that has captured my attention is the possible pairings. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask what the pairings are or anything, as I simply don't care. I honestly feel as if this would be better if it focused on Naruto figuring out who what powers came from, and fighting his enemies, whoever the hell they are, rather than romance, but I won't complain if you decide to toss it into the mixture - after all, it IS your story. I couldn't help but notice, though, that you've included several occurrences where a possible pairing could be starting to take root. Again, while it does not matter to me it made me wonder: What do you want.? You've said, multiple times, that you're undecided about the pairings, yet you've included several instances where a woman flirted with Naruto, one way or another. I'm wondering if you included those to keep your options open since you're still undecided, or if you wrote them that way simply to please a large group of readers who wish for that pairing, or even if you just wrote it that way to help the plot-line and how Naruto sees those particular characters. All are interesting thoughts, and I've no idea which is the real reason, so I figured I might as well ask you.

Something else that I've been pondering about is when the main cannon characters will come into play, mainly the teams and senseis. While I'm assuming that Naruto will meet them during and after his genin exams, that's not exactly what I mean. I'm more curious about when he'll start forming relationships and bonds with them and how much time he'll possibly be spending with them. I know that you probably haven't really put too much thought into every little detail of how Naruto is going to be around all the other genin, I figured I'd still ask. Also, just how far into the series is this story going to go.? Is it going to stay in Naruto or branch off into Naruto Shippuden as well.? And if so, how is that three year gap that he went training with Jiraiya going to be filled since he'll be IN the village.? Unless he won't be . . . Either way, it'll be interesting to see how all the familiar characters react to Naruto in this form and state of mind.

Yet another thing that I'm especially eager to see is exactly how far Naruto's relationships with the Akatsuki will delve. I honestly couldn't stop grinning when in chapter six Kabuto gave Sasori Naruto's notes on his puppet ideas and Sasori was impressed in a 'parental pride way for the kid who carried his DNA'. I think you could go to great lengths delving into Naruto's possible familial relationships with them, especially since he calls them his parents. I think it's adorable, and that the Akatsuki will be some badass parents. xD Haha and people thought Kushina was bad enough on her own . . . I'm really looking forward to the Akatsuki's reactions when they finally meet the kid consisting of a mixture of their DNA.

I've also some doubts about the credibility of Orochimaru's reaction to Naruto's escape. While you did say they he got very upset upon the initial discovery, he also didn't seem to dwell on it much or to try and find Naruto. I understand that Naruto could have literally been ANYWHERE, but really Konoha is pretty much an obvious choice. I get he couldn't have just waltzed in and checked, but he could have sent someone as a spy to see. I don't feel like he would give up on Naruto and move on so easy, Naruto was literally what he'd been trying to become for his entire life; he wouldn't just give him up like that.

Well, while there is plenty more I want to ask and inform you of, I'm afraid my arms are beginning to ache from staying in this position for so long. I truly hope you do finish this story one day, and, if you do, I'll be there to read the next chapter. After all, us 'little old Germans' should stick together. xD


P.S. I'm sorry if this is too long for your likings, and I'm sorry if your arms begin to hurt if you reply to this. ;-;
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