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Amber chapter 59 . 5/24
Hey! I'm back! I have a question for all the monkees, and that is... If something bothers you, what do out do about the problem. Oh an say hi to Mike for me! * blows TV Mike a kiss* byeee
ImyGirl chapter 59 . 5/15
Oh yeah, sorry, someone has asked that before,oh...
ImyGirl chapter 58 . 5/2
Tory has been fired, again? Oh god...

Anyone involved in the next chapter: What is your favourite food? I love chocolate!

"(singing) So long, farewell, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, bla-ah!" From Imy!
ImyGirl chapter 57 . 4/25
YAY, speech bubbles above their heads, that happened in the show! Okay, All TV Monkees: If you could all be transported to another time and place (past or future) and had to start a life there as a different person, what would you do? I, for example, would go back to the sixties and become a hippie! "(singing) That's all there is, there isn't anymore." (Madeline reference, anyone get it? No... WHY NOT! That was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid!)
Amber chapter 56 . 4/22
Hey guys, Amber here! I have another question for all the monkees: what do you guys do on a bad day? P.s both mikes, hold me, I had a bad day myself. BUT! Like you (Micky more like) sang: tomorrow's gonna be, tomorrow's gonna be, tomorrow's gonna be another dayyyyyyy. Amber
ImyGirl chapter 56 . 4/21
SUSPENSE! I love it when you use Monkees references like the "She's Gone!" I also love it when you have 'TO BE CONTINUED..."

TV PETER: Thankyou for hugging me! I'll hug you back. Goodbye!
ImyGirl chapter 55 . 4/17
I like emus! Now, back to our story! (Monkees reference) TV Micky: When did your interest in Science first appear? TV Davy: I don't have a question for you 'cause I can't think of any at the moment and finally (drumroll please) TV Peter: Can you please hug me because I feel sad. I'm still wearing the Monkeemen outfit. F.A.B. (Thunderbirds reference, anyone get it? No, never mind..)
Amber chapter 54 . 4/12
Hey hey! ( monkees reference XD ) it's Amber again! I have a question for all ze monkees! Well more like 2 ! Anyways 1. If you guys became wizards, what would you do? And 2. If you were a Beatle, who would you be? Thanks! - Amber! P.S: Mike, am I pretty In your opinion?
ImyGirl chapter 54 . 4/9
Very short! Oh well, I suppose you just ran out of ideas! I hate having writer's block.

Okay, question, um... TV Mike: Most people view you as the 'leader' of the group. Do you think that you are?

Bye now everyone! :D
ImyGirl chapter 53 . 4/7
That was actually kind of funny! :D Poor old Monkees getting up-staged but I liked when the Monkees and the anime characters had a conversation about fanfics! I have a friend who is obsessed with anime! I crashed through the ceiling!? I hope I didn't get hurt!

Okay, TV Peter: In 'Art For Monkees Sake' you did a really good job at faking that painting you were forced to. Where did you learn to paint like that!? That's all for now.

Singing time! "(singing) Walking down a lonely street I need someone to meet", uh, thats all I really know... Bye now!
ImyGirl chapter 52 . 4/6
Ha-ha. Save the Texas Prairie Chicken. Ill never abandon the Monkees! I LOVE THEM! Oh, and thanks for listening to me when I said that I liked pressing buttons!

This one is for All TV Monkees: FanFiction writers have put you guys through a lot of pain. You've been made to survive a zombie apocalypse, you've been made to fight the Devil. Mike's been turned into a girl for a whole month and a Texas Prarie Chicken, he's also been possessed. Davy's been possessed, the list goes on. How do you guys feel about that?

Also, can I wear something different now because I've been wearing Davy's trousers and Micky's poncho for three episodes or something so they are probably a bit stinky (yuck). Can I please wear the entire Monkeemen outfit except with a skirt instead of shorts. Please include the Clark-Kent style glasses!

Bye now!
Amber chapter 51 . 4/5
Hello it's me again! I have a question for all the monkees: if the became Greek gods, who would be who and why? And also thank TV Mike for the kiss and the date! Hopefully Mike and I can do that again sometime! Byeeeee! - Amber.
ImyGirl chapter 51 . 4/3
Yay! I love singing! Anyhow, thanks for answering my fan mail everyone. Oh and Tory, I forgot to say this in the last two reviews (facepalm) but I really enjoyed it when you kept referencing Doctor Who because I am hugely obsessed with Doctor Who! DW and the Monkees are my two biggest obsessions in life so therefore I am loving this fanfic. Also I love singing and wearing insane clothing and I have a strange thing about wanting to press buttons when I see them so this is the perfect fanfic for me.

OMG look how much I rambled! Okay Real Mike: Another question for you. I read somewhere that you are head of a charity for saving the Texas Praire Chicken, are you? All Real Monkees: What are your favourite songs that you've each sung? That's all for now, there's more to come at a later date, so now, I'm gonna go out singing because I made myself think of music through the last question!

'(singing) Salesman, where you gonna go sell all of your goods today? Salesman, gonna walk along the street, see friends along the way. Well Salesman with your wooden cart that you push along while you walk. Hey Salesman, you've got a little dog who's tail wags as you talk. You always wear a smile, even though you gotta walk ten miles. Salesman, salesman, salesman, salesman (fade-out)...
ImyGirl chapter 50 . 4/2
YAY NUMBER 50! Thankyou for putting me in Tory! I have more questions (evil laugh). Real Davy: What made you decide to become a singer and actor instead of a jockey? Real Mike: A while ago someone asked all of the real Monkees how they would feel about going on tour and you didn't get to answer, So now I'm asking just you!

Don't worry if you're short Tory! I don't know why I am as tall as I am, I really should be shorter because most of the women in my recent ancestory and family were or are shorter than me! I don't know where the genes came from!

Anyways, sorry that I ramble a bit, that's all the questions for now and also I LOVE KARAOKE! I'll sing with you Tory, even if I don't know the song!
ImyGirl chapter 49 . 4/2
Hello, Tory I love this fanfic, I found it yesterday and have already read all 49 chapters! I am so glad you are back as the host and in the psychedelic room (I was missing that room).

Anyhow onto the questions! Real Peter: In a couple of on-set photos I have seen you reading a book that says Yogi on the front and a picture of a woman. What is that about? Real Micky: Is the song Shorty Blackwell written about your cat? That's all the questions for now!

Also, can I be in the story? My name is Imy. I am 5'6 (I think) , have shoulder length brown hair and pale skin. I would wear the trousers Davy wears in the Pleasant Valley Sunday music video and Micky's tablecloth poncho!
I like Peter the best and when I come in can I come in through the double-doors with the smoke machine on?

I really love the Monkees (tv show and music) and you guys always cheer me up (especially adorable, innocent, happy Peter)! Great fanfic Tory!

From Imy
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