Reviews for Poison Pen
ReaderKit chapter 32 . 13h ago
This was a very fun story. I wonder how much impact Harry will have on the future as both a Lord of three bloodlines and Oliver Twist. Thanks a lot!
Shadowed Sorceress chapter 1 . 3/4
I love this story.
Castage chapter 32 . 3/2
That, is a very good story.

It's engrossing (I've read it in 2 days), the idea is interesting and execution is pretty good (The OT's articles are very interesting).

My only regret is that this story is not longer and more developed (more characters, situations, articles etc.)

To sum up: Good work!

I'm now going to look into more of your stories.
tahalastarnine chapter 27 . 2/28
Harry is so fucking OP in this! It's great! :D:D:D
Me chapter 32 . 2/27
Wow. That was a pretty , keep up the good work!
jimbo644664 chapter 29 . 2/26
Great chapter - my only complaint, if you can call it that, is that we never got to see the Prime Minister's speech to the Wizengamot first-hand. That would have been amazing!
jimbo644664 chapter 31 . 2/26
Absolutely great! This was one of the first fanfics I ever read, and remains amongst my top favourites to this day. It's funny, and very well written (possibly the best written that I've read.)
Bronze chapter 32 . 2/22
While I'd like to think I can do right by your story, I realize I have no true talent for it and would only bring down the standard set by the original. I thank you GenkaiFan and Frau for the wonderful story. And though it has breen 5 years since you updated it and don't likely read these anymore, I wish to pass on my personal thanks for writing it.
Bronze chapter 31 . 2/22
Great story! Simply wonderful. The whole thing was, beginning to end, a fantastic thrill. I laughed through the whole thing. I was shocked when Harry actually offered, then helped Professor Severus snape. I so did not see that coming! I, frankly, expected Harry to let him die.
Bronze chapter 30 . 2/22
Looks like Tommy boy wants to take all his followers with him. As for Dumbles, I think the man's been off his rocker for more the just 35 years.
Bronze chapter 29 . 2/22
When or if Harry ever comes out as Oliver Twist there'll be all sorts of chaos! The old Pure Bloods'll want his head on a platter or a pike for everything he's done. The Half-Bloods and Muggle Borns'l want to worship him as the return of Merlin.
Bronze chapter 28 . 2/22
How very fitting. Tom Marvolo riddle is no more. And all his little Death Munchers along with him. All those stuck up Pure Bloods on the Wizengamot are in for a very rude awakening when the Prime Minister speaks to them. And seeing as he speaks for both the Queen and Parliament they're not going to like what they hear.
Bronze chapter 27 . 2/22
You're only missing by one. As in four on the floor. I say this as I imagine Sirius and Moony joining Harry on the floor laughing. If that homophobic flamer strikes again I can only wish him/her well. If you do not like to read about two men or two women making out, then don't. I personally don't like it therefor I don't read it. But I also DON'T flame the author. Now back to the story. I was wondering what Harry'd do when or if Dobby caught Rita and now I know. Poor Rita. Stuck in her animagus form till Harry decides to free her. Am I right in assuming Albus Dumbledore is loosing his grip or maybe lost it all tighter? Wouldn't be surprised.
Bronze chapter 26 . 2/22
And now that Dobby's caught Rita Skeeta in bug form, just what does Harry have planned for her? It should be rather interesting to see.
Bronze chapter 25 . 2/22
You must understand, some people are so homophobic they can't understand what they read. You said in the beginning there'd be no pairings! Therefor, unless Harry plays with himself there can be no sex scene! How hard is that to understand and comprehend? Even without the sex scenes, this is still a great fanfic!
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