Reviews for Between the Virgin and the Maiden
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11
I'm very confused and very curious. I didn't read anything about Edward's drinking anywhere and never read anything about James or Peter anywhere but in this outtake. What am I missing? Can anyone answer this for me, I would really appreciate it.
Tessa S chapter 3 . 6/22/2012
omg that was hilarious. jasper just doesnt want to admit that he likes to kiss edward or emmett. lol i love these 2 stories. im getting ready to restart reading them i cant wait for you to start the third story; hopefully you are still gona write it.
madehoney chapter 2 . 6/26/2011
after seeing him so possessive I always wondered how he thought he could let B be with another man for her first time
the fat cats meow chapter 3 . 4/20/2011
I just finished reading the Virgin and Maiden swan and the outtakes. I am excited to read the sequel. I hope you will start posting that soon.
MustangMel1968 chapter 3 . 9/21/2010
Naughty Christmas Sex! Your lemons are fun to read! :-)
MustangMel1968 chapter 2 . 9/21/2010
Yay! Hot angry shower sex FTW!
MustangMel1968 chapter 1 . 9/21/2010
Good job, Chica!
ghostreader24 chapter 2 . 7/12/2010
This was good. I really love this story and your writing. Great job.
Twilightchick45 chapter 1 . 6/19/2010
Love reading the outtakes. Very good
princesspewo chapter 3 . 5/27/2010
What kind of car did E buy B? Did I miss it in the outtakes? You did not mention it in the first story. It would be nice to see her reaction to his choice of car.

Maybe you wrote about it in the sequel. I'll soon find out.

I'm hooked. I've read TBSATCI twice. Once here a few months back and just finished it in Twilighted. I was wating for the sequel, but accidently erased it from my profile and could not for the life of me remember the title or your name. I'm lucky I can remember my own name!

Great work!
Fairusa84 chapter 2 . 5/7/2010
Angry hot possessive jealous sex... awesome! And yay for inking B up!
Fairusa84 chapter 1 . 5/7/2010
Very sweet proposal!
hapakids chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
I really like both stories and the outtakes and I was wondering if you were going to do an outtake of when Bella gets her Mustang? And why she chose to get it.
Girl who reads chapter 2 . 3/14/2010
That's not how they took care of the tat in Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. Ha Ha! I'm only joking with you because of your AN. See you in chat.
roots19 chapter 2 . 3/12/2010
I think that Edward is awful here. I don't think it is ever ok to treat someone like that, let alone the one you say you love the most. With that said I can see this happening. With Edward's obsessive and possessive personality, it's almost unrealistic to believe that he wouldn't have taken it there. People hurt the ones they love the most, so I see this as well written, but it really hurts my heart, and my love for your Edward.
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