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AreYouReady chapter 6 . 6/7/2013
Keheheheheh. Keeheeheeheehee. Kyahahahaha.
I like it. I'm confused as to how they knew the demon they were summoning would be a nice one, though.
Ali D chapter 1 . 5/13/2013
Every time I read anything of your I am pleasantly surprised. Your writing has the most incredible mix of everything a good story should have. It's scary, angsty, sexy and funny. Truly amazing. Great work, keep it up! :)
peridotpocket chapter 6 . 4/1/2013
Aw... I was really hoping Ruby woulda gave in. Still really interested in seeing where this goes! Hooked now!
peridotpocket chapter 4 . 4/1/2013
OMG! This chapter was adorable! I love the way Ruby and Cas interact and the brothers' amusement in regards to Castiel's disdain for her.
peridotpocket chapter 3 . 4/1/2013
I knew that Ruby would be trouble! OMG! I love how she's developing though! Slowly but surely! Breaking her down...
peridotpocket chapter 2 . 4/1/2013
I love this series so far. My favorite is Cas' line in this chapter "I like knives." I can just see him uttering that in that apathetic, gravelly tone he has in the show with a blank look on his face and it's absolutely delightful. Love what you're doing with this and looking forward to more.
phairat chapter 6 . 2/16/2013
hm intrigued to see where you go with the demon!Ruby/halfbreed!Sam relationship after immature!Ruby because she was annoying. fact.

loving the writing. and of course i can't get enough of the snippets of Dean/Cas...
London Boyd chapter 6 . 4/19/2011
Chapter Six

Loved, loved, LOVED the “final battle” in the Fields living room. Especially the pithy little quips and remarks the boys make. “Guns aren’t polite” he says after his brother fires one.

I really rather wish you had gone into more detail about what happened between the time the brothers and Cas went back to the car and when they left. I can’t tell if they killed her because she didn’t kill her parents, if her parents killed her in self-defense or what. One moment she’s alive and annoying, the next she’s a body in the back seat of the car.

Love Dean’s offer to go pick up a middle-schooler for Sam. Classic. I think, when it comes right down to it, that if they didn’t want a childish kidnapee, they shouldn’t have locked her in a room with a bunch of cartoons. It’s no wonder her mind snapped in the adolescent direction.

I suddenly want a bumper sticker that says “Have body, will travel” though I know no one outside of your reader base would understand it.

Would you mind too much if I borrowed your “performing a blessing before invoking demons” comment? It sounds like the perfect plot point for one of my own works.


Yay! The kiddy Ruby is gone and is replaced with a demon! Now that’s something I can support. Hopefully, I’ll like her more than the last.

Um, question, in the second to last scene, where Cas leads Ruby out of the woodshed, is that Demon!Ruby or Childish!Ruby? If it’s the first, what the heck was she doing in the shed? And if it’s the latter, why is there a random time skip in a story without time skips?

Still, all in all, you really are a totally awesome writer.

Totally awesome.

London Boyd chapter 5 . 4/19/2011
Chapter Five

Still don’t like Ruby. Yours or Kripke’s. That’s probably why my reviews for this story aren’t as long. But even though I don’t like her, I can still admire your ability to write a cohesive story with coherent characterization. You chose her personality and the way she would progress across the chapters and you stuck to it. It’s very well written.

Still, I much prefer the Dean/Cas interactions. “Family are not required to like one another” he says. Well, the Winchester’s may have put the “Funk” in Dysfunctional, but he’s not far wrong. That seems like one of those sayings you should find in a fortune cookie.

I really liked the scene wherein Cas confronts Dean about being “communal property” in his passive aggressive way. It does make me wonder if the blood and sex scene from “ANGELFACE” wasn’t the first time Dean had shared his boyfriend with his brother. I absolutely loved Dean’s possessive response. Especially when Cas teases him and backs off. It almost reads as if he were simply checking to make sure he was still what Dean wanted. Was just reaffirming his place within Dean’s life.

It was rather sweet, actually.

London Boyd chapter 4 . 4/19/2011
Chapter Four

Well, it’s good to know that Sam has some limits as to what he will tolerate when it comes to Dean/Cas smex. Don’t do it with him in the bed.

Now we see some emotional response from Cas. He really doesn’t like Ruby, and he wants to look after her even less. I love the conversation he has with Dean about babysitting. Calling her a “brat”. That’s more emotion from him than we’ve seen all day. For once, even sounds like he’s whining.

Time out in the woodshed. That’s just made my day. Honestly, if I were Cas, I wouldn’t have been so restrained. I know he doesn’t want to piss off Sam but still; I would have at least made her sleep at the bottom of a well. Dean just said not to make her bleed. A little pneumonia does not blood shed make.

Ooh, more peripheral sex! And kinky sex, too.

I love it.

London Boyd chapter 3 . 4/19/2011
Chapter Three

I love the way you have Ruby realizing that it’s not all fun and games. That there were real people who were being hurt for her entertainment. It’s just one more bit of character development that you have such a knack for creating.

I really wish the real Dean would make the “I’d never hurt my baby like that” comment about hitting a dear. I’d love to see Jensen’s face when he says that.

You hardly have graphic sex scenes. In fact, they’re more mentioned in the peripheral than any thing else, but even so, when Ruby walked in on Dean and Cas, well, that was a very hot scene. I love how Sam doesn’t even blink at them doing it in front of him, just took it in stride.
London Boyd chapter 2 . 4/19/2011
Chapter Two –

Still don’t like Ruby, but man do I love the way she tickes off Cas. She’s so oblivious to the nuances that make up that man, and keeps walking right over emotional mine fields. Reading too much into some things, not enough in others, and just plane misinterpreting still others. It’s kind of fun.

Dean’s talking about Cas killing Ruby as if it’s an everyday thing, and yet when he calls him “my angel” I got the warm and mushies. It just seemed oddly romantic for him to be referring to the other as such in that context.

You really are good at creating dialog for the boys. Their interactions are perfectly within character. Dean and Sam picking at each other, Cas tossing in his pithy and succent opinion when warranted. “I like knives” can be read with so much more subtext than which is initially seen.

The Sam/Ruby interaction doesn’t look even remotely like that of cannon, but that’s probably because the Ruby of your story and the Ruby we all love to hate are two different people.

London Boyd chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
Chapter One –

And so it begins again! I’m not that big of a Ruby fan, but your take on her character should prove to be interesting. I’ve actually been known to not “leave the house for three days, holing up with psychology textbooks and sheets of paper with scribbled-out ideas” whenever I get bit by a particularly insidious plot bunny, so that was really funny to read. I love your depiction of Castiel. He’s now a hardened killer and yet he’s so domestic, like a docile little housewife.

The Dean/Cas interaction is wonderful. I love how they can be getting it on in the back of the car while talking about kidnapping and killing innocent people.

The description of the room they put Ruby in and what they have done to her isn’t nearly as horrible as what was done to Cas. I found myself actually wondering what it would be like to experience it. Wondering what I would do and what it would do to me. Sound like a rather fun way to get yourself tortured, if you ask me.

I love the interaction between Cas and Dean wherein Dean asked for the morphine Cas suggested. And the Sam/Dean interaction wherein Sam admits that most of the crap he talks about he gets from Dean was just great. It lends credence to the impression that they are neigh on inseparable. That he hold’s Deans words and opinions to be a lot more important than one would think.

“Candy and meat parts” I love how Cas has no problem with kidnapping and torturing some innocent girl, but gets exasperated over the immaturity of it all.

Its interested to think about how Cas feels about her “pampered” life. He too was kidnapped and tortured, but he went through a helluva lot worse than she has. And yet he hasn’t exactly spoken up against it or anything. With how he doesn’t voice any objections about it, you’d think he wouldn’t be having any problem. But then again, he doesn’t seem like the kind to speak up about much of anything.

SweetPsycho chapter 6 . 2/26/2011
Still messed up yet strangely entertaining.

I'm glad you killed ruby off though :)
Wolvinheart chapter 6 . 1/1/2011
The ending of this story is just perfect, humorous and slightly twisted given the context, I love it! Another great job with this story, I enjoyed it.
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