Reviews for 28: Cold as Ice
walmar chapter 85 . 4/6
Very good story, took a bit to understand especially with the introduction of Middlewoeld, then felt like a big crossover - Thunderbirds, New Captain Scarlet, Lord of the Rings, King Arthur and Thor with Earth being Midguard. And the tree of life that extends to all realms. I really couldn't put it down. Thank you
Tikatu chapter 85 . 1/23/2011
So, TinTin didn't get in there to heal Virgil. Hm. Perhaps it's because she didn't cause the damage at first. Still, nice to know that innocents infected by the Cell have an out, should they survive release of their programming.

An excellent story, C, and if perchance you decide to write more on the Tracys and the Thunderbirds - because this ending sounds terribly final - I'll be there to read and review.
Sam1 chapter 85 . 1/23/2011
That was a wonderful ending, MG! I'm so relieved that Virg survived even if you left him in limbo for so long. Loved the trio of pictures, very sweet touch. Typical Alan though.

I'll admit the Midworld confused me a bit but I still loved the characters and as always really enjoyed your spin on the Tracys and International Rescue.

Can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.
Silver Bee chapter 85 . 1/23/2011
So it was a happy ending – and it still made me cry. A whole year? That was so desperately sad, and yet it was a wonderful way to tie up loose ends and show what happened to everyone.

I’m going to miss this story so much. I’ve looked forward to every update. Each chapter has been a joy to read, not just because of the exciting, complex plot but also because of the way you write, especially the descriptions and imagery.

Can’t wait to see what you do next. Thanks for a wonderful story.

Silver Bee chapter 84 . 1/18/2011
This was a beautiful chapter. It’s one of those which you feel as well as read. Some really sad parts – the loss of Gawain (I hope he does get his wish to be reunited with Anelle one day) and Virgil’s return to the island (the ‘banked, fading coals’ metaphor was lovely in a tragic kind of way – in fact the whole chapter was full of wonderful imagery). But some happy endings too – Gordon and Tin-Tin as well as John’s apparent acceptance of this world and his future in it.

I really don’t want this story to end, and the saddest feeling of all at the end of the chapter was the sense that things really are winding down. You’ve done a fantastic job with this and I’m really going to miss it.

Tikatu chapter 84 . 1/17/2011
So, in the end, Gordon lives. Gawain... disappears. Much like Anelle did into Britte and the two children. Makes me wonder what happened to Faerie, so far above the World Tree. Now to get TinTin back to the island to help Virgil.

So interesting, the contrast between John, who sees his future, and Drehn, who feels he has none. And the LoB&F is gone... what will his paladin servants do now? I like the fact that you hint of their (and Falkirk's and Samara's) continued existence in this fresh, new MidWorld. I also love the description of God on Earth, as seen through Gawain's eyes. Very interesting view.

So, is there little bit more to wrap things up? Where do you go from here? Looking forward to seeing where that might be.
Tikatu chapter 83 . 1/10/2011
"...everyone safe at home."

Devoutly to be wished, Jeff, but not quite yet.

"It's where you belong and who you stick with, right to the finish."

Alan the philosopher. Who knew?

After hopping from universe to universe, from reality to reality, John finally has what he wanted from the start: his mother and everything that she meant to him and to the family.

"Could you every get one thing back without cost, somewhere else?"

In this version, John may not remember all the times he's gone through the multi-verse, but the answer, it seems, is "no". To have his mother, he had to lose Five. In other worlds, he lost someone - sometimes more than one someone. Here, however, is everything he's yearned for. He'll mourn, but he'll cope.

Now to see how Drehn and the others are faring, and whether or not Gordon can be returned to his body. Will the LoB&F fix things the way Five used to? Or are the parameters of his "programming" too stiff?

Looking forward to the next installment.
Silver Bee chapter 83 . 1/9/2011
It’s not just the complex and original storylines which I love about your stories, it’s your writing style too. This was another wonderful chapter, keeping up the tension but still full of lovely humorous details – ‘astronaut-speak’, Gawain’s thoughts on the clothes of this world, John‘s teasing of the news crew...

Interesting to see events from Gawain’s perspective – looking forward to seeing what Lucy makes of the situation. A lovely Alan moment too with his sudden insight into John’s state of mind.

Great work!

Sam1 chapter 83 . 1/8/2011
Ooh, I was excited to see this update alert in my inbox. Every chapter has mostly answered the questions I've had whilst creating more questions to take their place.

I'm still quite worried about Gordon and Virgil but at least the others seem to be doing better.

Excellent update, MG, and as always, I'm looking forward to your next update.
Silver Bee chapter 82 . 1/3/2011
Yay, dragons – even if they are either dead or not yet hatched. (I’m Welsh, I like dragons – and this one is red too, even better!) But those cave-lice... I don’t blame Britte for slapping Drehn! Glad I wasn’t eating breakfast when I read this! Another spectacular piece of description.

Lots of interesting developments here. Roll on chapter 83!

Tikatu chapter 82 . 1/2/2011
Cave lice, ewwww! No wonder why Britte reacted so!

So, will Drehn call upon the LoB&F? Especially the Flame part? Not sure if the heat they can conjure themselves will do the trick.

It makes sense why Spectrum went supersecret on everyone; if the Cell got even a whiff of the project, then the Earth was doomed. Unfortunately, the worlds are severed - unless Gawain is now the link between them, with the link controlled on the MidWorld side. If that's the case, a victory on one side might push a victory on the other. Hm. Lots of stuff to speculate about.

Glad your rested and ready... and school likely starts again for you in the morning! Looking forward to the next chapter!
Silver Bee chapter 81 . 1/1/2011
I loved this – it was so simple, yet it summed up all the problems each group of characters were facing perfectly. Who would have thought Glud was such a philosopher?

Once again, I’m desperately awaiting the next update.


PS – I usually don’t have any problems with American dialect – too much TV as a kid, I think - but I always get thrown by the jam/jelly one. For a moment I was picturing an even stranger breakfast than Ricky actually produced! (It seems I may definitely have to find a new brother to have as my favourite if you don’t hurry up and save poor Virgil!)
Silver Bee chapter 80 . 12/30/2010
I think Ricky might well become my favourite brother – he’s adorable. I loved his reaction to the news that Jeff is on his way home. He brings out the best in Alan too.

As if breaking Virgil wasn’t bad enough, now you’ve blinded poor Scott! Some lovely details in that section, especially the way Scott focused so much on sound and touch. The description of Dr Potter’s voice was wonderful.

Now would Glud be anyone’s first choice to answer a question from a sinister watcher? Depends on the question, I suppose...

Congratulations on getting to 200,000 words - I’ve loved every one of them. Hope there are plenty more to come!

Tikatu chapter 79 . 12/28/2010
Rough Landing, indeed! Not just for Scott (who was able to deflect, if not, stop that shot) but for John, who suddenly finds himself roughly existing in meat-space again.

Loved Ricky trying to feed Mr. Bear coffee. That's one cute little kid.

Poor John. The loss of Five is going to hurt for a long time. (This whole "back-up file" thing also explains to me why Drehn still existed - because John still did, in a way. Thanks!) Will he try his hand at another quantum computer? Maybe one that doesn't see him as God and lover all in one?

I'm worried about Virgil's mind after this. Most of the Cell's tools end up being brain-fried, IIRC. Will this happen to Virgil? He's a Tracy, yeah, but some things are beyond them... granted, not many, but some. Will TinTin be able to help him?

Waiting for the next installment, hopefully before your Christmas break ends.
Silver Bee chapter 79 . 12/27/2010
He may well not be ‘the world’s nicest guy’ but I’m very glad to see him back! Just in time too! Lots of drama in this chapter. Poor Virgil, though. I don’t like to think of him broken - in mind or body...

Thanks for another great update. I’m always thrilled to see a new chapter come up and I’m never disappointed by what I read – until I come to the end and realise I have to wait to find out what happens next!

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