Reviews for Team Tensai
moodysavage chapter 20 . 7/10
So awesome! I loved this story! Especially their dedication to each other.
moodysavage chapter 16 . 7/10
wow... Naruto might just blame himself for Sasuke thinking that way and not saving HakuMomochi.
moodysavage chapter 14 . 7/10
wow... does this mean that Danzo will work to make sure our 3 are the power of the village in the future!?
NeKo and Tori in one chapter 20 . 6/27
Uuh, this is a good time-travel-ff, thank you I really love time-travel ones, but they're not always quite as good... but this one I really liked though I will say that I was occasionally surprised that people were so accepting of them just saying strange shit... Like really, I get that timetravel is out there, but not being suspiscious?!
Still, I really liked it, especially the way they interacted
Starwulf99 chapter 20 . 6/26
I don't normally read, and definitely don't review stories that are this short, but this one is one hell of an exception. I do wish it was longer, would be awesome to see the aftermath of them killing Madara, and possibly even explaining how they were from the future(I'm assuming Madara must have followed them back as well? Certainly seemed like he knew them from the other timeline), but even without all that, it was an excellent story!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/26
But.. I thought Naruto was younger than Sasuke?

Idk Sasuke's birthdate- but I've seen Itachi comforting baby Sasuke while the Kyuubi was rampaging. So obv that means Sasuke's been around months before Naru. :/
Guest chapter 4 . 6/7
Is this yaoi? Warn a people next time
The Sage of Whirlpool chapter 2 . 6/6
The concept is cool although mikoto was kushina(Naruto's mother's) friend I doubt that she would treat Naruto like that
kiwikick chapter 4 . 5/30
Thanks to the note we know Sasuke isn't the traumatised kid he puts up a front of being, but how does Naruto have stories to sympathise with him over... Or were they just aware that Kakashi was watching and keeping the cover? Hmm
kiwikick chapter 3 . 5/30
Iruka is a wonderful mother, and Naruto is a lovely, if a little overprotective, son
kiwikick chapter 2 . 5/30
I'm just here fingers crossed hoping Mikoto feels sad enough about Naruto's situation to do something to help
kiwikick chapter 1 . 5/30
Lol there's a special kind of hilarity in tensai meaning both natural gift and disaster, how apt for this bunch of hellions
Guest chapter 20 . 5/26
Guest chapter 15 . 5/18
Why is everyone acting gay lol
Guest chapter 1 . 5/17
Why the fuck are they talking like that?
did you give them an accent or something?
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