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VulpeculaLynx chapter 20 . 9/4
arsenicminds chapter 20 . 8/29
Guest chapter 4 . 8/26
I'm confused, why would Sasuke kill Karin? She'd be completely innocent at this age, she while I agree she's an annoying character, she doesn't deserved to get killed off just for the sake of his sharingun
emmalilly21 chapter 20 . 8/25
Flamarow chapter 20 . 8/23
That was a great finish though I really wish you had put an epilogue or at least a few paragraphs to make it feel like things are settled rather than could potentially go pear shaped (like Danzo swapping the body or someone swapping the family register entry to screw them over). Of course, finding out how they act after the stress of Madara and their war would have certainly been nice.

There is also the fact that Akatsuki still exists. If you hadn't already stated their plans for that, it might have felt a bit incomplete. I really wanted to see how Konan and "God" react when Jiraya shows up with Danzo's head (and maybe Madara's mask too). :P
Flamarow chapter 10 . 8/23
That is an amazing sword. Not just assassins would have great use of it, even regular ninja would get amazing use out of it. Just sharpen the blade with chakra and cut through the enemy's weapons without him knowing just how crazy enhanced it might be. o_o
Flamarow chapter 9 . 8/23
I'm sad, I half expected Sasuke to confess to her, either accidentally or purposely... Oh well, I'm not expecting pairings to happen so nothing lost I guess.
Flamarow chapter 4 . 8/21
That got a bit dark but thanks for the extra note. I had kind of expected it would still be there but it is good to know for sure. I'm a bit surprised at the new requirement for the upgrade but I've not looked into it too deeply...

I'm off to read the suggested side story, it sounds fun. :P
Flamarow chapter 2 . 8/21
Poor Naruto. I didn't think he would start to dislike meat since I thought ramen has meat. In canon, he likes his miso ramen with extra pork so perhaps he is just less fortunate on this run...

The pass the rocks trick was pretty fun. Poor Kakashi got totally owned. He did say he would have recovered but that choke hold proves they could have killed him if they were malicious. They are definitely good at putting on a show. :D
Windangel8 chapter 2 . 8/19
I don't know if you know but Naruto is actually younger then sasuke.
kairobinson880 chapter 4 . 8/10
umm... the extra note at the end is bullshit Sasuke never slept with Karin as far as anybody knows so far (unless something is happening in Boruto) and Sasuke got his Mangekyo from finding out the truth about Itachi and the Massacre. So, *ahem*, Bull. Fucking. Shit.
localhime chapter 1 . 8/5
this story is making me cry so much
localhime chapter 1 . 8/5
this story is making me cry so much
silver wolf chapter 20 . 8/4
This was an amazing fanfiction!
Thank you for sharing!
kitsunells chapter 18 . 8/2
thank u for the wonderful chapters n love that u made their fake identities a 3some I laughed so hard when I read that
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