Reviews for His hurt, Her Fault
Bakerstreet Blues chapter 2 . 3/12/2012
HIPPA, HIPPA, HIPPA. House just became a hungry hippo. Amazing, Cuddy calls House unethical and she did something that would burn up her medical license if House were so inclined to pursue it...even more than his surgery. Disclosing medical information to ANYONE except the patient is a ginormous NO NO.
Bakerstreet Blues chapter 1 . 3/12/2012
I wonder if someone out there could please tell me ONE EXAMPLE of when Cuddy ever treated House as a FRIEND? House covered Cuddy's butt numerous times both PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY never asking anything in return, but when did Cuddy ever do anything for him without some kind of professional agenda backing her actions up? I know I'm in some kind of loop, but it really wrangles in my mind. It was always Cuddy and Wilson pretending to be House's friends (doing something for "his own good") which always ended up doing more damage than good for House. Not to mention Wilson's friendship (completely conditional). House ALWAYS took EVERY case Wilson presented (even the ones laced with outright LIES), House did this because he always had Wilson's back.
newdayz chapter 11 . 2/8/2012
I think you have a great story here and really hope you decide to finish it!
EnsnaredSenses chapter 10 . 11/16/2010
Ew, Lucas. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Lol. Woot, Huddy!
SHAREBEAR chapter 11 . 9/16/2010
I would love to see what happens next with this one. I want to see what happens with Lucas and what happens Cuddy and House as well. :)
Edwina B. Karch chapter 11 . 8/22/2010
Great story, I really hope you get rid of Lucas, I never liked him. Huddy all the way.
caskettobsessed2020 chapter 11 . 8/17/2010
another excellent chapter cant wait for more and on a side note i saw that huddy promo I think i near enough passed out
slashfan54 chapter 11 . 8/17/2010
You need an English speaking beta. Double negatives are not cool.
lin12344 chapter 11 . 8/17/2010
Good story and hope you have a good school year.
Rakkel chapter 10 . 8/14/2010
Oooh! Stacy! I love her! (A)

DragonLorde44 chapter 10 . 8/13/2010
OOOHHHH a cliff hanger!
lin12344 chapter 10 . 8/12/2010
I think I have read and posting up to this chapter before and now all chapter one thru 10 has came back up on story alert again so I reread all again and so far a good story.
jaded27 chapter 10 . 8/12/2010
Hannon7 chapter 10 . 8/12/2010
Great a Huddy kiss

I hate Lucas i hope they get him before he does somthing to House or Cuddy

Update soon please
caskettobsessed2020 chapter 10 . 8/12/2010
please finish this story i like it
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