Reviews for Away in a Manger
sisi chapter 23 . 4/25
What is fucking Black doing on the Prince Manor? Does Dumbledore secret to coming there? The Day of celebration is not so good, as Augustus Prince done. Severus Snape- Prince will have to make it more save. Thanks.
sisi chapter 19 . 4/24
yes, it is nice. Thanks.
sisi chapter 18 . 4/24
ok, there is nice to have a father and son. I hope for a long time, that somewho will write more about the house elves. Probably Liny and Hotshup will like to have a baby, or any other children. Maybe in Potter manor are elves who dont have a lord Potter and Harry could help them. Thanks.
sisi chapter 12 . 4/23
cat girl Kaliko could names Windflower or Anemone. Because Neville likes the flowers and the cat is not so white, like a snow. Thanks.
sisi chapter 10 . 4/23
What I dont like is punishment to child. But Im just mother. Punishing children is up to father so it is ok for me. I can be just good and kind mamee. I like when Harry has two parents - father and grandpa. It is ok for him, becouse Lili and James could have asking it.
sisi chapter 9 . 4/23
It seems your story could be named Once upon the Chrismass... I dont like Malfoys hexes. He is not good man in this. Couldnt be his son have more better them? Thanks.
sisi chapter 5 . 4/21
i need to say anything about Severus, who eated a hamburger and cheeps. it is not Severus Snape von Prince family. It is just light man in american comics. Sorry. I dont agree with it. Severus Snape, poor asistent in pharmacy in London can eats a bread with a cheese or an apple. Not Your preferention american junkees. Put up your head from american foods. London is not in the USA, but Old Good Britain. More when Snape is a magic man. They are very tradition.
sisi chapter 3 . 4/21
Oh, no. I want Harry to stay with Severus, not in the orphan house or any agency.
sisi chapter 2 . 4/21
Severus is the brave man, who takes care of Chrismass baby. He and Harry need Poppies care in the Hogwards. So pay attention of Dumbledor, because he wanted Harry with Durslay.
sisi chapter 1 . 4/21
We do have Betlems in the churche, not out the door in my country. I was surprice, that there is Betlem out the churche, in the winter, very cold weather, on the street. I like Severus who take the baby Harry home. It is kind.
moonprincess97524 chapter 20 . 4/10
I love Dudley's reaction to what his parents did.
moonprincess97524 chapter 12 . 4/8
I LOVE this story. I really love what Severus has done to Malfoy in his two encounters.
TheMostPeculiarSerb1995 chapter 15 . 3/15
Valeska does not mean glorious friend. It is simply one of the feminine forms of the name Vladislav (the other one being Vladislava), and it means glorious rule, or may the glory rule, just as the name Vladimir means may the peace rule, or peaceful ruler. I tell you this as a native speaker of Serbian, which is one of the tongues that belongs to the Slavic group. Warmest regards.
CoCo-ZuZu chapter 9 . 2/15
This is one of my baby harry and snape fanfic story. thankyou for making both the characters just like the canon. You have made snape the way i assume he would have been around an infant.
Baelorfan chapter 4 . 2/13
So sad to see that the wizarding orhanage is dhortvof funds.

That letter showed up at a fortuitous time for Severus.
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