Reviews for Dabbling With The Dark
Darknessdawns chapter 37 . 11/16/2022
This was a wonderful story. I honestly enjoyed it from beginning to end and am sad to have finished the story. There was so much character development for Harry and you did an amazing job with it. He's practically a different person by the end and it was beautiful to see the progression of him becoming so. This is one of the best dark Harry pieces I have read, especially since we get to enjoy watching it happen. You definitely picked the perfect spot in canon for it to happen too. Gods the slow corruption and education of Harry to the dark side is one best I have ever read. This is definitely one for the Favorites. I'm truly sad to see this piece end and that you haven't written any more like it.
Kylad558 chapter 21 . 11/10/2022
Felt like Harry forgave him to easily, he was literally tortured
Kylad558 chapter 18 . 11/10/2022
Definitely liked this one better
Kylad558 chapter 11 . 11/10/2022
Damn, was hoping Harry outright said no or at least listed a few more things he wanted in return or made it harder for them to get him to agree
Kylad558 chapter 2 . 11/10/2022
I'm surprised you didn't have Harry hate or act like he hated Dumbledore even more like lots of other people do in Fics like this. I don't know how I feel about it
gemini shawty chapter 15 . 10/29/2022
i love how two faced harry is
gemini shawty chapter 14 . 10/29/2022
gemini shawty chapter 12 . 10/29/2022
gemini shawty chapter 4 . 10/28/2022
i really like how harrys acting, so sick of everyones shit and FINALLY calling them out for it. very satisfying
gemini shawty chapter 1 . 10/28/2022
sounds promising
Guest chapter 17 . 7/24/2022
Oh God, I wonder if I'm the only one who noticed, just how many times they chuckle? I've lost count.
BasilDuvaaal chapter 24 . 5/3/2022
This was a really great chapter. You had Harry say out loud what had only been hinted at earlier - that the only betrayal he feels is from those on the side of the supposed light who are willing to sacrifice him - a kid - for their idea of the greater good. Really, I got choked up by the end of this chapter. Harry's anger and pain were palpable. His “confession” also gave me my own “a-ha” moment where it clicked exactly why Harry had apparently actually switched sides. I have no idea if he really did switch allegiances or if there is some big reveal coming at the end where he gets both Dumbledore and Voldemort and I don’t care. Because this chapter rocked and has my allegiances are also favoring the DE - I kind of love their interaction - so, yeah. Awesome job.
Vesp chapter 36 . 1/4/2022
Historia jest dobrze napisana,świetnie się ją czyta. Jednak…Voldi w niej nie jest specjalnie inteligentny. 16-Latkowi udało się zdobyć potrzebną wiedzę(od wroga dodajmy),oszukać Dumbla i jego psiaki,zrealizować przepowiednię,zostać ministrem,zemścić się na wszystkich,którzy go zdradzili ,na dodatek przeprowadził reformy kraju bez zbędnego zabijania. I wszyscy go kochali. A to wszystko w ciągu 10 lat. Wierzę,że w ciągu tego czasu wyrósłby też z młodzieńczego zauroczenia Voldemortem. Nie był mu do niczego potrzebny. Nie wierzę,że kochał być sługą i pionkiem,nawet jeśli Tom stawiał go ponad swoich śmierciożerców.
Tak inteligentny i doświadczony Harry po 10! latach wolności od starych manipulatorów wolałby zostać nadal wolnym,moim zdaniem.
Amatt07 chapter 29 . 10/10/2021
I found it interesting for sure
ScarletOsprey chapter 12 . 9/30/2021
Subtle, Harry. Subtle
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