Reviews for Dabbling With The Dark
Eagle-Eyes chapter 37 . 6/21
Chuckles... Chuckles...

Great story...

Keep writing as life allows...
charm13insomnia chapter 37 . 6/19
great fic
EnvyTheSnake chapter 37 . 6/17
God. This is one of the best Harry Potter fanfictions I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Exquisite story and the ending was quite satisfactory.
DragonsFlame117 chapter 37 . 6/6
This was stunning, unique, and a fantastic read.
ranoshi chapter 20 . 6/3
This is such a tragic chapter, poor Harry :-(
Destroyerofworld chapter 6 . 5/31
Did Harry go to the chamber of secrates
twinkminded chapter 37 . 5/3
This was a reall good read, I couldn't stop until I finished the hole thing. I wanted to cry a time or two and smiled most of the rest of the time. Well written and a wonderful plot!
noodledoodledandy chapter 37 . 4/9
This is one of the best stories I have read.:)
jeannette.rothenberger chapter 37 . 4/5
This is one BAMF of a story.
Yenaya chapter 3 . 3/31
Did that last scene bring to anyone else's mind that story of Salazar Slytherin leaving the other three founder's? Or was that just me being a weirdo? It's weird but that was the first thing that came to mind for me.
Guest chapter 36 . 3/16
I loved Chapter 36 the best. The bit where Harry tries to convince Voldemort that he's loyal is my favourite part. This fic has a place in my favourites folder. Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us!
Tinshaw chapter 37 . 3/15
Awesome story.
MyLiloITAChIassasin chapter 37 . 3/14
Very Interesting.
pupstarstar chapter 37 . 3/11
ruinedsandwich chapter 21 . 3/6
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