Reviews for Darkest Before the Dawn
Daisy Bokoblin chapter 1 . 11/2/2014
I- I have no words. This was so beautiful and extremely sad... I'm crying. Very few fan fictions have made me cry, and yours is the only oneshot to accomplish it. For that, I applaud you. Amazing, beautiful job :)
A Shadow's Lament chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
This was perfectly beautiful. The choice of words and style you used amplified Zelda's grief and made the melancholy all the more tangible. Zelda’s reaction is realistic, and for that, the reader can empathise with her. The anger was always tied with her sorrow and how it always linked back to Link was an excellent touch.

Also, her recalling memories of them really tugged at my heart. Link was ridiculously sweet in them, and yet that made them all the more painful. How the sun set with his death was wonderful in its metaphor, but my goodness it amplified the tragedy even more.

Even with how all the other characters reacted stayed true to their in game portrayal, with some retreating into themselves and becoming aggressive, and others trying to remain compassionate regardless of their inner turmoil. Finding what I assume to a ring in the box… Oh my…

Likewise, I love how you stayed true to the genre of tragedy. Zelda wasn’t some peppy happy girl at the end, and nor did Link miraculously come back from the dead. Being realistic and crafting all the emotions so effortlessly into this is what makes me love it.
ZeldaRubix chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
Salutations! Here is the review I promised. On all fronts I would say the content is excellent. The main character is definitely depressed (an emotion that has to be handled delicately), and the reader can sense that from the memories and the flashbacks of better days. I have to say, I like the slow reveal of the man Zelda is morning over. We find out it is Link over time, but I enjoyed how you didn't come out and just say it. You allowed the emotion to build and swell. I thought that was well done.

Also too, I find the revelation of how he died well executed, as the story slowly reveals over time the circumstances. It adds weight to why Zelda feels her depression so intensely. I thought the inclusion of the wedding ring was a sad, but nice touch. Link was going to ask his doting princess if she would marry him, but instead ends up tragically passing away.

Overall, I think it is a wonderful story, I think the tragedy feels realistic on all character fronts: Peach, Samus, Marth, et cetera. Great job, and I never thought a game so fun could have such a serious story written about it.

As for grammar, I see no defects or real issues. However, you are hearing this from a person who isn't the best at grammar lol. Even still, I read it with no problems. I didn't have to scratch my head and say 'huh?' Wonderful job Cimar. All the best to you, now I have to fly to work lol.

Linkforever125 chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
...I'm speechless. That was amazing! How come this doesn't have more reviews? I love how you killed off Link! I'm always trying to find stories where Link dies. Not that I hate him, he's my favorite videogame character ever! Sometimes I wish he was real... anyway! So, how exactly did Link die? Was it a heart attack or stroke or something? Either way, I LOVED IT!
Nobody chapter 1 . 12/15/2010
Poor Link. It's sad how he died. This fic was very well written and I think you did an amazing job! Keep up the excellent work!
Sweswe chapter 1 . 2/15/2010
I have been trying to come up with what to say for I do not know how long. Sigh, I will never be able to find the right words. That is why I thought that I should finally get around to reviewing this.

You have some nice symbolism going on here, with the warmth of red consistently being related to good things (like the sunset) and the cold blue enshrouding Zelda's sadness. In my opinion, it adds greatly to the mood and serious tone of the story.

As has previously been said, I also admire the structure. The way it shifts between past and present, and splitting both into short emotional moments, brings out the right emotions well. I think it was equally nice to let lave the reader guessing whom entered the room (Marth). My thoughts also drifted to Dark Link, not sure why, but once it was revealed that it was Marth I snapped my fingers and thought to myself that I should have seen that one coming. It is more suspenseful, not to mention mysterious, to leave the reader in the dark about something like that for a while. If it really had been Dark Link, I think that the story would have taken a completely different course.

Likewise, for somebody who is not familiar with the Smash Bros franchise it would have been nothing but confusing of you had started describing all of the people outside the door. It is enough to know that there are a lot of friends out there worrying and then focus on a few of them that actually serve a purpose in the story. The balance description is well handled throughout the story.

I am honored to have got the chance to contribute (a little).
legacyblade chapter 1 . 1/12/2010
Wow, never thought I could really enjoy super smash brothers fanfiction. It was really really good! While I didn't cry, I actually felt the emotion of the story. And coming from someone who likes to write tragedies so he can torture his characters, feeling sorry for a fictional character is saying something.

However, there are a few things that could be improved on in the story. The first is that there are a lot of very vague sections.

"Several people stood motionless in the hallway, a forlorn

silence filling the corridor as their friend wouldn’t respond to their requests."

That could be all sorts of people. While we guess it's smash bros characters, which ones? We get that Peach, Ike, Roy Samus, and toon link are there by the end. But saying "several people" doesn't give the reader anything to go on when creating a mental image. While I'm not saying you should list these people, just give us a slight visual. Maybe color it through Zelda's eyes. Describe them as a blur through the tears in her eyes. Or something to help us form an image.

"When he did not answer she turned her head to look at the mysterious visitor."

While I'm guessing that's marth, you should give us a few details when describing his entrance that can help us form a mental image. Because personally, I was thinking shadow link while I was reading, and was getting really confused. Maybe mention the cape, blue hair, and the sword strapped at his side.

Other than a few things like that, this is a REALLY good story. I kind of guessed at the beginning that Link died (not sure why, I just thought "link dies" when I read "tragedy"), the story pulled me in and I enjoyed the read. Great job :D
Kaneriya chapter 1 . 1/12/2010

I'm speechless.

This story was amazing.

I cried towards the end.

Why aren't there more reviews?

You deserve so much more.

Amazing job.
Royal Kenya chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
So here's the big question: Why am I only just the third reviewer of this story? Are people really missing out on this well written fanfic? Ah, the ff world does not know what they're missing.

Yes, this was great. I mean there were a couple spelling mistakes, but we all make those from time to time, and that's nothing to distract me from reading this. First off, your description of settings, people, and feelings is very detailed and because of that, it made it really easy to imagine yourself into the story and see where Zelda was, instead of trying to think up the setting ourselves. (If you know what I mean :)

I'll be honest, I'm a little sad since Link died. (hardcore Link lover till I'm called home)But that's how tragedies must go and I liked how you made it take a toll on Zelda. Throwing vases, launching chairs, and people, it was definitely voicing her anger for Link leaving her like that so soon.

Oh and I loved how you added the flashback at different parts instead at the beginning of the story and then ending it. That shows you taking a different approach, which I find pretty awesome!

So I loved Marth's part too. And I love how Zelda responding to him. Her saying things like "You were jealous of Link and now you think you can come and sweep me off my feet now?" That was great, because any of us would think that's what someone would be trying to do after Zelda lost someone so dear to her.

But then we realize it wasn't the case. Marth was only trying do what a friend should, be a shoulder to lean on. That is the best remedy to tragedy, in my opinion. It was very nicea nd in the end it seems Zelda was very thankful for him and everyone else being there for her.

So yeah, tragedies

are no easy thing to write. Sometimes I think you gotta be as heartless as Shakespeare to do it. (Haha, just kidding! :P) But I must say, you did a very fine job and I had to let you know that. :)

Best of luck in all your future fics!

~*~Royal Kenya~*~
Kikimaster chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
This is such a beautifully written story!

I love the emotion put into this story...Its just awesome!

Great job!
PeridotSwan chapter 1 . 12/7/2009


Maybe it was because this is the first tragedy I've read but...Wow...Just wow.

The emotion in this story...The suddeness of the tragedy...Just...Well, it seems the only word I can think of it wow...

This is so going on my favorites.