Reviews for Angel Series 2: Angel's Embrace
readicted chapter 32 . 10h
Finally Pam gets out of her own way. I forgot to mention anything about Tanya, Brandon and Mark. Out of respect and loyalty and long-time alliance, you would think Tanya could show some gratitude and humility. A bit of grace, even in the face of uncomfortable circumstances (of her own making.) I know they can't afford a family feud at this time, so cooler minds needed to prevail, but my gah, I am fed up with her. I like that Bella was finally able to be I g Brandon around to her way of thinking. The disregard they show her seems to be more effective than their ire. As far as Bella's book...what a very special gift. I'm sure it will be one of Edward's most treasured possessions.
Ajfflady chapter 39 . 18h
This has been such an amazing story. Even back then you were a star in our fandom. We are so blessed to have your story telling talent. Thank You.
readicted chapter 31 . 21h
Holy hell that was some wet, dirty, freaky, good lemons. I'm trying not to think about who Marcus is hunting for dinner. Jake is almost too understanding, allowing the Cullens to hole a human blood drinker up so close to their territory. Glad Demitri and Carina are ok.
Ajfflady chapter 34 . 3/22
Holy balls what a game. This is a big cliffhanger who is Edwards mystery girl. Fantastic story !
Zveka68 chapter 35 . 3/22
love a lot their plans for the futur :) excellent!
readicted chapter 29 . 3/21
Interesting to hear how each of the family found a special way to bond with Edward. Bella's lingerie-reveal in exchange for life stories is fun and brilliant.
Ajfflady chapter 31 . 3/21
Oh my how do you think up these scenes? Brilliant.
readicted chapter 28 . 3/21
My word woman, you certainly know how to bring the heat. That scene in Bella's old bedroom was sweet and erotic as hell at the same time. I love the reminiscing. I'm glad the Bella has encouraged Edward to surprise her. Made his day. Being he only unmated eternal being in a house of devoted mated couples, yeah Edward deserved some extra spoiling and care.
readicted chapter 27 . 3/21
Loving the camaraderie between the pack and the coven. That they are hanging out at La Push is huge. Loved the talk between Edward and Charlie. It was a poignant scene where Edward was taking in the rock pools on First Beach. Great chapter. Glad little Eddie was not hurt.
Rita01tx chapter 32 . 3/21
Finally, Pam gets her head out of her ass and opens her heart to Drew! What with all the dancin', dirty and vanilla, I'd say the Holiday ball was a success LOL! Sure do love how Edward shows his appreciation for Bella's book...can't wait to get his reactions to it!
Rita01tx chapter 31 . 3/21
Oh, damn! It's a good thing they don't get storms like that very often of nothin' constructive would ever get done! And the sooner we get Demitri and Carina back home, the better *nail bitin'!*
Rita01tx chapter 30 . 3/21
These questions and answers have turned out to be quite cathartic, especially for Edward! Losin' themselves in wild sex kinda clears the air...let's the dust settle, as it were!
They may very well get their own place eventually but it's nice for Bella to wallow in the love of a large family for a while first!
Rita01tx chapter 29 . 3/21
Wow! Lovin' Edward's stories, even if Bells is blackmailin' them out of him LMAO!

Okay okay okay, I can't resist yankin' your chain another minute! After all this time, I know you know that wanton is the correct word but my stomach growls every time I read wonton 'cause I adore Chinese won ton soup!
Ajfflady chapter 29 . 3/20
Is it my imagination or is DTE getting more frequent?
Ajfflady chapter 28 . 3/20
Edward rockin/Rubbin one out in the rocking chair while Bella slept ...after prom! Lady you are so wicked. I love it.
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