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Sheogorath chapter 6 . 4/27
I don't suffer from Autism, I suffer from the way I am treated because I'm Autistic.
Irishchick1982 chapter 37 . 2/23
I really wish you would of made a sequel for this story, as I really wanted a happy ending for Joker and Jeannie lol, but from the date of this you have no plan to. Shame really, you are such a good writer and I read this whole story in two days! And that's something for me, cause I am not even a Joker fan in the romance department, but I did love past story in The Killing joke, rather it was real or not. My main favorite villains are Jonathan, Edward and Oswald, but you actually had me liking The Joker beyond him just being a bad ass villain. Really wish you could update, but I know its not happening. :( Oh well, I will look for other Joker/Jeannie fanfics if there is any.
Pitt chapter 19 . 11/7/2014
You know a villain or thug can easily take Rory and maybe turn him into a joker junior
Caricature of a Witch chapter 37 . 10/17/2014
I don't know what you're DOING to me. I hate it when the Joker has a clearly defind backstory. Multiple choice and all that. There was no choice at all in this story. And you know, I really hate having an exlanation for the Joker, because in my mind he is beyond explanation, and I certainly don't want him to show this kind of emotion, to be what he himself would call "weak", to do all the things you let him do in this story. And yet I read it, all of it, and I was raging inside about how that's just not the Joker, and I still couldn't stop and I still cried and for some reason I STILL liked it and I can't explain it. It must be your writing skills. They're intoxicating or something, confusing my mind. Because I hate this story and at the same time I love it and yes I do realize that I'm not making any sense right now. This is probably the most retarded review you ever got. (And I feel really really REALLY sorry for Harley, by the way.)
Garret chapter 37 . 9/21/2014
Wow...just wow, the story is very well constructed and every chapter has brought me to tears literally, I'm very excited for the sequel. Please oh please post it. I'm soooo in love with the story...
Guest chapter 37 . 7/27/2014
Read it in three nights. Incredible story. Brilliantly written. It felt really realistic and it really tugged at my heartstrings. The ending though was so heartbreaking! I really loved this story!
I don't mean to come off as rude, but when are you going to post the sequel?
Kale E. Rion chapter 37 . 4/14/2014

I'm dumbstruck. Absolutely dumbstruck. Never, have I ever, read a tale with such poignant emotions. Never has an author woven a tale so thrilling and sweet and completely heart-breaking. Believe me, I've read a lot of stories. This story has done what no others have done before. I've read plenty of tales of redemption. I've read stories of Hades, of Loki, of Zuko, of men who've been angry, cruel, distant, twisted, insane, and abusive. But never has a story hit me like this one. You've taken one of the most, if perhaps not /the/ most unpredictable, unfeeling, uncaring, twisted, insane madmen and shown me his humanity. Shown me what could be behind that. Reminded me that he's not just an evil, unreasoning villainous monster who cannot be stopped with anything but violence. You've reminded me that he's human too.
I started reading last night and well into the early morning before finishing it a few minutes ago after waking up. This story is one of the most convincing stories I've ever seen. Each character is so real, so vibrant, and true to who they are. You didn't rush anything, but took your time to give us the information we needed to know. Each flashback broke my heart. I had to look away several times while reading them. It pained me so much to think of what was happening to this sweet young man.
I love how you write the Joker. You've done an excellent job at maintaining his character while showing us that he /is/ Jack Napier. I can't even describe how much this story means to me. How much the characters mean to me. I instantly became wrapped up in it, desperate to read it, desperate to get to the end, yet not wanting it to be over.
I was afraid that the story was unfinished, however, after reading your AN on the last chapter, hope was restored. You said that you've already written several chapters of the sequel, are you ever going to post it? Please, /please/ do, I can't stand of thought of never knowing what happened! As much as I can enjoy and sometimes appreciate tragic endings, I simply /cannot/ accept that this is the end. There is so much I want you to explore about these characters, so many things I cannot wait to read!
Please, I beg you. I know you're working on other fanfics right now and I don't mean to sound self-centered or needy, but when you can, please publish the next parts of this wonderful story. It will be on the mind the rest of the day, and everyday after that until I can read the sequel.
This story was amazing. So heart-wrenching and lovely and sad and everything I've ever wanted in a story. There are so many things I loved about it, too many to tell you them all. You did a perfect job. This is the best fanfic I have ever read about the Joker, and quite possibly the best fanfic I have ever read.
Thank you for it. Thank you for reminding me to keep my humanity. To stand up for others. To never call them names or hurt them. To be understanding and loving. To hope when there is none. To love when there's no love in return. To be a friend. To care. And to never give up. Thank you.
Best wishes and God bless!

- Kale E. Rion
koolkid mari chapter 37 . 7/18/2013
Just wanted to know did you ever make the sequel , im still waiting for it.
Victoria chapter 37 . 6/27/2013
Such a cute story :') almost made me cry and the ending Oh god... So sad but SeREOUSLY you really know how those characters are It feels so beliveable when you write them I forget its a fanfiction :,)
Kat chapter 37 . 5/4/2013
This was hands down, the most BRILLIANTLY written Joker story I have ever read. It almost made me cry, almosg, because I have the emotional range of a teaspoon and am not capable to really crying, haha. The background, the depth, the terribly tragic ending, I loved the whole thing. For one, I'm glad that the Joker had a broken past; it gives him character and helps explains his actions. Many stories depict a dark, handsome and charming criminal. There's nothing wrong with that, but it makes me feel as if I were reading one of those drugstore smuts ( you know, the ones with Fabio on the cover?) I also enjoyed that at the beginning, the two personalities of Jack and Joker contrasted, but as the story progressed, they began to blend into one person, albeit some parts of the flashbacks were long and tedious. I think you deserve way more reviews; can't wait to start your sequel!
DeeLynxi chapter 37 . 4/14/2013
You and you beta are truly gifted, eloquent thouroughly entertaining and imaginative writers. Your depth and capacity for character description alone is amazing together with your perfect capturation of dramatic, romantic, tragedy and how your flawless description holds ur audience on a level you have a wonderful ability to make your audience truly feel for the characters and you do them justice. I found this work intelligent, enlightening and a pleasure to read. Many thanks I will be reading more of your work soon x
Nerdman3000 chapter 37 . 12/5/2012
What happened to 'To Where It Is We Belong'? It was really good.
Guest chapter 37 . 11/7/2012
Hi, I'm trying to send you a message, but is being a pain -.-. What happened with "To Where It Is We Belong"? D: It was one my favorites and now it just disappeared :(. Are you going to submit it again?
mr. eff chapter 37 . 5/14/2012
It took so much strength for me not to break down in tears halfway through this chapter. There was so much rage, frustration, love, and hope slowly building up after the end of each chapter and by the time I got halfway through the end, I almost broke down.

This was too beautiful for words to describe and I am filled with despair for this end. But I can't leave it at that. So my next review will be at your sequel, and epilogue.
AlyssaRuin chapter 1 . 3/19/2012
I read the first chapter and favourited it just like that. Beautifully written. I've been looking for a story just like this one. :)
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