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SubtlePen chapter 1 . 1/3/2010

that. um, yeah. damn fine bd prezzie ya wrote there dearie. jesusfuck that was hot.

i need a damn cigarette.
b3j02 chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
I think it's sexy whenever they play music. How cool is it to recieve a fic as a birthday present! Have a wonderful New Year!
irelandk chapter 1 . 12/29/2009
thanks for the fun diversion
sessahhh chapter 1 . 12/20/2009
This was an answer little o/s. I haven't read Inked but now I feel the need to push it up on my que. I have a ridiculous love for Marked's Edward so this made me happy reading it. I love how Jasper calls him old man but he just a few years his senior.

Great job. I liked the combination of characters.
ahizelm chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
First thing is first: Thank you so, so, so much for writing this and orchestrating the whole blog thing. You’re so fantastic, and like I’ve said before, I wonder sometimes what I’d do without you.

Second: There’s so much I want to say about this remarkable AU business that I wrote it in motherfucking WORD first. Nodnodnod. Lots to talk about. Let’s hope FFn doesn’t cut me off.

“I took a seat on one of the folding chairs scattered around that the wait staff sometimes used when they took their breaks and wanted a place to just fucking chill together for a little while.” I know, I know. You’re like, WTF is that? He just sits down. But it’s the casual use of the f bomb that told me, from the get go, that you got my bb’s voice. Happy sigh. Foul mouthed Inksper ftmfw.

“I hadn’t gotten any further when I felt a hand on my shoulder and opened my eyes – I hadn’t even realized I’d closed them…” YES. THIS. My boy is that enraptured with music. It’s almost a pity that he doesn’t intend to do anything with his talents. Thanks for including that.

“We got a new guy coming in tonight. Edward. Think you can show him the ropes?” I snickered at this, because I’m 14.

“I knew that couldn’t be it, because I was the shit.” Again, I giggle. There’s my cocky boy. Pun definitely intended.

All I can say is thank fucking god that I picked the gray sweater, you sneaky thing, you.

“I felt Private Jasper rise in interest, but before I could even move my eyes away from his mouth, that little metal barbell disappeared, and his goddamn perfect lips formed into a lopsided smile as he stepped toward me, holding out his hand.” SQUEE. Is it weird if I got all silly over references to my fic? Haha.

“…it looked like he’d just been fucked against the wall while someone used it for a handhold.” Um. Fucking thud. My reaction is just like Jasper’s: Jesus Christ.

“I just wanted to shove him up against the wall and take a closer look.” Again with the refs to my fic. I fangirl hard.

“So what sort of work do you do then, Pops?” TEE HEE. Pops FTW. I love it.

““One of the many benefits of being such an old man. All kinds of experience.” JFC, Old Man. I am le dead.

“He pulled out a beautiful instrument, and I couldn’t help but admire it.” Ahem. Double entendre for the win, bb.

“His voice was husky, throaty, and fucking sexy as hell.” UNGH.

“His eyes were guarded now, and I could tell there was some sort of pain there.” I approve of this line. My bb is observant, almost to the point of pain, so this is extremely accurate.

“I winked at one of the girls in the front row – she was always there.” HOWEVER DID YOU KNOW I go every week? I’m a Jasper fangirl, or didn’t you know?

I love that right in the middle of describing what E looks like as he plays, Inksper is all, “But damn, I want him to suck me off” b/c…well…that’s my boy. Lol

“…I found myself wanting to feel those arms around me.” Aw. You captured the softness of my bb so well in this simple line.


Again with the refs to my bb’s story: Hook, line, and sinker. –squee-

“I saw the outline of his cock, definitely semi-hard, and I smirked, taking another drink of my coffee.” Um. Dead.

“I could get to know him and date him and hope for some grand fucking romance between us.” Again, you’ve nailed the romantic side of bb. Thank you for including this.

“Maybe it was just that I couldn’t get his fuckhot body out of my mind long enough to think with something other than my dick.” Ahem. I vote this option, please and thank you.

JSYK, my reaction to E playing bb’s song was pretty much the exact same: “That’s my song, fucker…”

Crash was an excellent song choice, and I like how easy you made my boy on stage. He’s a natural up there. Love.

“He shivered slightly, and I chuckled, but before I knew it, I’d licked along his earlobe, biting it gently right there on stage. No one could see it because of the way our heads were turned, but fuck if Edward wouldn’t know exactly where I stood.” You said this wasn’t planned…welcome to writing Inksper. Boy’s demanding. I like it. JS, JS.

Is it weird if I think this is kind of reminiscent of what their life together would be like? “He did his shit, and I did mine.” I’m nodding in approval RN.

Dear God, thank you for the banter after the concert. That was so freaking hot, and started the push and pull for control that I love with these two. Love, Me

BAHAHA. I didn’t pick up on this my first read through and I just LOL’d literally: “Yeah, I’m old enough.” By a week.

“But it was his turn.” Dude. Fucking GARRETT ftw. (pun intended)

I second this train of thought. UNF. – “Jesus Fucking Christ…who is this guy?”

And as for E’s reaction to bb’s…um…goods? YEAH. Goddamn UNF.

“Yes, he was young. There was so much he still had to go through, so much growing he had to do – there was no way he was ready for all the things I wanted out of life. But…I felt a pull to him, something crazy strong.” FUCKING SQUEE. ACT ON IT, BB. PLEASE.

Edward. It’s WHITLOCK. And he’s 21. There, you’re all set. ;)

The homage to Inksper and Green Eyes with the drinking of the shots and the tongue in the glass was nice (w/like 6 I’s).

“I didn’t want to leave. And nothing – short of Jasper asking me to – was going to make me.” Um. Markedward, buddy? He’d never ask you to leave. Js.

“I know what you want,” I whispered quietly, biting back a moan when he pushed his ass against my needy cock. I was a little surprised – from his demeanor, I’d marked him as a top, but the way his ass was rubbing against me made me question that assumption.” Yeah, E…you should, um, explore that option. Nodnod.

“He moaned loudly when his tongue brushed over the barbell through my tongue, and that sound was enough for me.” UNGH. JFC.

Squee. Mildly amused fondness. Hehe.

““Fucking come here first…” he murmured just before he kissed me hard.” Jesus. I don’t even…I mean, fuck, SC. I’m useless. AGAIN.

Um. I have it on good authority that J would like this to happen again. And again. And…yeah. “I ducked my head, taking his nipple between my lips as I teased the metal with my teeth.”

“…it had been a long time since I’d been with someone with Jasper’s wiry build. It was fucking hot as hell.” Yes, yes it is. Guh.

““Just give me a minute, Edward…” My chest shook once in silent laughter as I recognized my words. “And you’ll get what you want.”” THAT IS SO MY BB. Cocky even in the middle of smexy times. LOL.

“One of his hands was flat against the small of my back, and the other was holding tightly to my hip…” Gah. There’s something so freaking hot about bb’s hands here. Sigh. 3

“He pulled out, and my body immediately felt empty, the sense of longing surprising me.” **dances** Please be with him, in a relationship, forever. Happy fucking sigh.

“Oh no, you fucking don’t. I’m the only one that’s going to make you cum.” – Um. OK, bb. Whatever you say. Yum. Also, this is reminiscent of bb’s possessiveness. JS.

“I thought I heard a hint of an accent as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders…” Just…aww. How sweet. This whole mental image.

“I glanced over his shoulder at the clock on his microwave and said, “Oh shit…I better be going. Past your bedtime, isn’t it?” He rolled his eyes and chuckled, giving me shit about how I needed to remember to stretch before exercising next time.” TEE HEE. The end.

Gah, bb. This is so wonderful, and you’ve pegged my boy exactly. He’s dominant, so learning how to be with another D personality…and how to handle the attraction that’s there… This was epic and amazing and believe me when I say that I will read it again. And again. And wish for a continuation. Haha. Love you so much, bb. F’reals.
CarminMoon chapter 1 . 12/13/2009
Happy Birthday to AHizelm indeed! The only thing that could've made this any better would be to be IN the room when it happened!


Great job!

Pops and the Punk could be a permanent continuous one shot!
ivmiv chapter 1 . 12/11/2009
That was great. SO HOT.

Two of my favorite stories mixed together. :)
rubybeachdragnfly chapter 1 . 12/10/2009
absolutely loved this!
sweetp-1 chapter 1 . 12/10/2009
Phew, think I need a cold shower after that ;)

What a lovely birthday present!
mytai chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
wow so great thanks love hot
MarcelaN chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
Whew! HOT! Loved it :D I've read both of the other stories ;)
meleficent chapter 1 . 12/8/2009
holy hell... that was one of the hottest slash fics i've read. bravo!
mllebojangles chapter 1 . 12/8/2009
lady, you're just my favorite. :-) i saw this story in my inbox but couldn't see the author till i opened the email. i, of course, did my trademark SorceressCirce squeal of glee. then i read it. and i adored it. :-) love the use of music, too. what's hotter than boys with guitars?
MJPIPER74 chapter 1 . 12/8/2009
M...I love your E/J slash. Happy Birthday to AHelm and thank you for writing this fabulously hot one shot for her. This would make a pretty awesome story, but I couldn't read it until Marked it done because I would feel like Markedward was cheating on Markedsper. I know they are both Jasper, but it would still seem that way for me. This is only because you make me really live in the characters lives of the stories you write.

Well, I have gotten overly wordy yet again, but I wanted to say that I loved this.
coolbreeeze chapter 1 . 12/8/2009
there are no words. You really did a great job capturing Inksper in all his swearing glory. I really felt like Ang wrote it lol. Then, you add in Markedward and I'm dead. DEAD. That was so f-ing hot and I loved it. Also loved the "old man" jabs. Great job 3
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