Reviews for The Native
long-time fan chapter 63 . 5/7
It's been a while, so I don't know if this comment will ever be seen (though I hope it is). I read this back when it was first posted (or roughly around that time), and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I came back to reread it multiple times over the years. Even now, over a decade later, it still holds a place in my heart and I remember it fondly. I don't have much else to say, but thank you for writing it.
Puella Pulchra chapter 57 . 3/30
I do love how Sarek goes from wanting to stay as inconspicuous as possible to 'Let's throw the biggest wedding ever to shut my family up'.
Puella Pulchra chapter 32 . 3/25
"Also, what logical reason could there be for revealing one's self publicly?"

Rereading lines like this when I've already finished the story is great. (First read this years ago)
Puella Pulchra chapter 58 . 3/24
I do enjoy how Sarek goes from 'We need to be as discreet as possible' to 'Let's invite the media and throw the biggest most extravagant wedding ever, to shut my family up.'
Sarek is logical once it became apparent that discretion and the council would not be enough to protect him he changed tactics and I love it.
Puella Pulchra chapter 9 . 3/23
Given what I know I wonder if Josef put T'Zena up to it.
BlazeVein chapter 63 . 1/12
thank you for this charming story ;)
Lucky's Girl chapter 63 . 1/8
What an adorable epilogue! So cute and I just loved the throwback line between Serak and Amanda at the end! That's for the best story I've read in quite some time!
Lucky's Girl chapter 62 . 1/8
What a beautiful ending! I laughed very hard at the names of the program, and what an a great ending!
Lucky's Girl chapter 61 . 1/8
You're reasoning is very logical! I think it went absolutely perfectly! So cute, too!
Lucky's Girl chapter 56 . 1/8
Oh it was such a powerful scene!
Lucky's Girl chapter 55 . 1/8
Oooh, it was heart wrenching but good! It can't all be perfect and sunshine and easily done. I think it was a necessary evil and great storytelling!
Lucky's Girl chapter 38 . 1/7
An amazing and perfect way to end the arc! There's no doubt about that! Thank you so very much!
Lucky's Girl chapter 32 . 1/6
I appreciate how hard you made it for Amanda and Serak to figure out what worked and what didn't when they're getting physical. Most fics, boom, no problem, but I loved how you kept the obvious cultural differences present instead of going the easy route! Its better for them to find ways to compromise and adapt! Thanks again!
Lucky's Girl chapter 29 . 1/6
Lucky's Girl chapter 24 . 1/6
Ahhh! The emotion! That is all
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