Reviews for The Native
Martian Goddess chapter 63 . 10/1
Okay, bachelors in human development here, and soon to be starting graduate school in International Family Studies, with a recent fascination with Vulcans. This story has been a balm for my nerdy soul. Thank you very much!
tanseynz chapter 63 . 9/23
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, especially your take on Amanda and Sarek. They are just so endearing, and I appreciated you didn’t make Sybok an unstable angry grieving child also. Your own characters fitted seamlessly, Josef in particular, and you kept the readers on their toes with him. Is he a baddie/isn’t he?
My only criticism is your lows for your two main characters weren’t at any point very low. The highs were strong, but maybe too brief. Nevertheless, I was engrossed the entire way through.
Thank you for sharing this.
Macspooky chapter 63 . 9/18
Got in thr mood for ST and found your story. Really enjoyed it. You did a great job with little Sybok and integrating him into the tale. Thanks for the great read.
whirlingskirts chapter 63 . 8/10
Thanks for this!
whirlingskirts chapter 56 . 8/10
This is intense!
whirlingskirts chapter 19 . 8/8
If you use Memory Alpha as a reference, why did you use T'Yavi as Sybok's mother's name instead of T'Rhea?
whirlingskirts chapter 16 . 8/8
No complaints here!
stacey.eats chapter 63 . 7/2
this is my second time to read this story and it still moves me once again. it touches so much into our own humanity and society issuesand very relevant to today.
Guest chapter 63 . 6/18
I know you completed this years ago, but I wanted you to know that people are still stumbling upon this and falling in love with it. I love slow burn stories- I mean, how else can you write about Vulcan love? I love love love the way you characterize Sarek and Amanda, and I never like OC's, but Josef is just fantastic. I've been going through a difficult time and I spent two days in this story finding hope and love through it, and it really just helped me see the good in the world again. So thank you!
blkaryaa chapter 63 . 6/7
Damn, this was amazing. S/A are one my favorite pairs, and you did an utterly and thoroughly fascinating job writing them. I loved loved loved Amanda's relationship with Sybok, and seeing Sarek gradually becoming more adept at humor and human colloquialisms was gratifying.

Independent of this story, I just have to say I have been a huge fan of your writing, and I am very happy that I am able to experience such great work whenever the mood strikes me :-).
PHXYote chapter 46 . 3/20
Dinner on Guy Fawke's Night! Over a bonfire?
PHXYote chapter 18 . 3/20
Cute story! I see it's been out for a few years but I'm struck by the xenophobia, unfortunately this is a constant theme in our society. IMO we aren't good enough for extraterrestrial aliens...
bluestarfish chapter 10 . 2/2
I loved the 'annoyed' sentence! And how Sarek's mind is slowly being 'infiltrated' by human colloquialisms ad humour. :-) Looking very much forward to the next chapter, with the dancing and verbal sparring.
bluestarfish chapter 8 . 2/2
My eyes almost started leaking in this chapter... and I think it is good that the story is unfolding slowly, the pace feels just right.
bluestarfish chapter 4 . 2/2
Now that second meeting is much more promising than the first! I also sense a complication budding in the form of Amanda-Josef interaction...?
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