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Lich Irelia chapter 20 . 4/14
Hooooooooooooo shit. This is soo goooooood. So damn good. i enjoyed every second of this.
Pmssom chapter 20 . 1/25
Holy crap! That’s as awesome but I wish you’d have a chap on the whole Iroh/Zuko/Ursa things. Wow! I was ensnared!
Chyme for the Rhyme chapter 20 . 8/29/2017
This was brilliant. The way Azula was so ruthlessly torn apart, before she forced herself back together again, how Iroh and Ursa were forced to face up to some hard truths and how it was built up into suggesting that maybe that development would offer Azula salvation, maybe that was how she would get out. But no. She saved herself. Almost. And at the last moment it was the pity she had learnt to feel and display that freed her.
M-J-N chapter 20 . 2/5/2017
Wow, this story was certainly intense. The first few chapters I wasnt sure if I liked it or not, but after a time it just drew me in and I felt that your writing style improved. Kudos to you
Nikolai22 chapter 20 . 1/15/2016

I feel bad about skipping over this story so many times because of the (IMO) shitty summary. Worth.
Nikolai22 chapter 16 . 1/15/2016
Well after skipping over this story because o its shit description, multiple times.
I'm glad I finally ace it a chance because it's pretty good. however the ideas that nobody liked Azula I disapprove of (I for one believe that Zuko did love his sister, and that Ty Lee liked everybody lol). And her "Innocence" is questionable. (Manipulation is used for far greater a crime than simple murder and torture)

Great story
Nikolai22 chapter 3 . 1/14/2016
Just started reading this story...I'm pausing halfway through chapter 3 because I'm reading in class right now and I think I might want to save this for later...if I get home and find out that there is not about to be a rape scene I will be disappointed that I waited

~ Interestin story so far ...I proceed later
Yunrii chapter 20 . 12/24/2015
This was... beautiful, awesome, and is one of the darkest yet more realistic fanfics i have ever read. Kudos to you. Amazing job.
Certifiable Genius chapter 20 . 8/15/2015
... Wow. I stumbled upon this gem of a story about 2 hours ago. Let me tell you, best two hours of my life. It's half two in the morning where I live, so you'll have to excuse how sloppy and uncoordinated this review is, but I have to say something.

It is rare nowadays for me to read something that doesn't appear to be a rehash of some other novel. Most books and fanfiction tales have the same generic plot time after time. So, it is with great pleasure that this cynical, jaded reader found your work.

The plot so far is incredible. It always keeps me guessing as to where it'll go (in a good way, believe me). I sympathized with Azula before reading this, but wow can you hit a girl in the feels. The rationalizing was excellently shown, the logic portrayed flawlessly, the characterisation was spot on, and you even introduced original characters that I didn't hate on principle (I hate them, don't get me wrong, but that is only because you showed their insanity beautifully).

I must admit that I'm worried my life will not continue as normal until the next chapter is released (and the next, and the next). So please, do this incredibly tired (and likely rather beyond the point of comprehension) girl a favour and update?

Your faithful follower

(Sorry, I couldn't resist that final bit)
Guest chapter 20 . 2/27/2015
Oh my God. My entire thoughts of how far and deep fanfiction can touch me have all just shattered. Just, I feel so much for Azula. This was a great read.
Acastus chapter 17 . 2/12/2015
One more addendum to my over the top review on your final chapter.

Finally, someone did Ty Lee justice. She is cute as a button (and crazy sexy, it's true), but she is not stupid. You nailed it completely, bless her little heart. "Why else would you want to have a conversation with me? Why would anyone?" I'm glad you did not have Iroh patronize her, he gave her the respect she was due.

But she figured out the secret of life, didn't she? And it makes sense that her time with Azula would have revealed this truth to a careful observer - as Ty Lee no doubt was. Greatness almost always carries a terrible price, and there is no shame in choosing happiness.
Acastus chapter 20 . 2/12/2015
I cannot tell you how happy I was to find this story. Azula is a compelling character whose complexity begs to be explored. You have done so with considerable skill, displaying mastery of both storytelling and language. I am impressed, this is a rare combination. You have clearly put a huge amount of time, energy and passion into this work and it shows.

Let me also commend you for resisting the temptation to cram this full of graphic sex and gratuitous violence. Azula (and the Avatar world in general) deserves better than that and you have risen to the occasion. Too few have followed this path.

Now, some specific comments, because we all love those!

This is not a bashfic. Your defense at the beginning of Chapter 17 is persuasive, but in my view wholly unnecessary. Your defense makes explicit what is already there in the story for the careful reader to grasp. You have stayed faithful to Azula’s point of view. Was she ever likely to blame herself for anything? No, not without a long, uncomfortable personal journey of which this story is but the first step.

I don’t agree that Iroh is out of character. I would (and have) written Iroh slightly differently, but based on the evidence in the show (Avatar, not Korra which I confess I have not watched) your interpretation is well within reason. Ursa describes him as lazy and self-satisfied, a characterization which I can hear Iroh accepting as a mature man who understands his own faults and weaknesses.

On the other hand, I would have written Ursa differently. Granted, I have not gone back and watched “Zuko Alone” or other key episodes after reading your story (though I have to say your story has prompted me to order the Dark Horse Comics stories about the search for Ursa, again bravo!), so take my comments with both respect and a grain of salt. That said, I take some exception to Ursa’s portrayal because I believe she knew Iroh in life and knew his quality. Lazy and self-satisifed he might have been (at least in his later years), but I believe she knew him first as the Dragon of the West, the man whose unparalleled leadership and power brought the Fire Nation to the brink of total victory. She respected him, and could only have loved the man who, while fighting a world war, found time to write and send her children gifts.

More importantly, Ursa knew Iroh as a father who learned the bitterest lesson on the value of life through the loss of his only son. Only when the Fire Lord ordered her husband to sacrifice Zuko could she have understood the magnitude of Iroh’s loss. Faced with that awful dilemma she chose essentially to sacrifice herself. Given this, I don’t believe she could treat Iroh as disrespectfully as she did in this story. The power of their shared loss and sacrifice would be too great; her understanding of his wisdom and good character would outweigh her knowledge of his faults. I can understand she would come to him from the spirit world for the sake of her daughter who clearly and desperately needed help (both physically and psychologically), but I can’t see it done in anger, or not the anger at least that I saw in this story.

Instead, I believe that Ursa would know that threats were neither needed nor warranted to get Iroh to take action for Azula’s sake if she were victimized in such a manner as you describe. Iroh simply needed to know the truth of what was going on – and above all he needed to know that there was even a chance, a hope that there was a person in that little girl's head worth saving. Ursa could hardly blame Iroh given Azula’s outward actions and behavior for doubting that she was anything but a monster. Ursa knows differently, and has always known, but Iroh did not. Knowing Iroh as the good man he is, Ursa would know that the moment he were convinced that there was any hope of redemption, that there was a person – no matter how flawed – in Azula’s head rather than a monster, Iroh would move to help his niece whether there was any chance of success or not.
In your story Iroh didn’t bother to check on Azula after the war, and this is in reasonably in character because he said to Zuko himself “she’s crazy and needs to go down.” But, I believe, the moment Ursa could show him this was wrong, Iroh would himself without prompting or threats feel shame – not shame at his judgment against his niece for her actions – but shame that he gave up on trying to reach her – or for never even having tried. He never gave up on Zuko, even after his betrayal. Why didn’t he do the same for Azula? This is a question only Iroh can answer. Regardless of his reasons, once he knew the truth, he would move I think with perhaps a little more commitment and vigor than written here.

Well, this review has gone on forever. Please take it as a measure of how much I have enjoyed your work. I will of course read the sequel, and it should come as no surprise for you to learn that my primary education is in Roman history :)
haikyuulover1107 chapter 20 . 7/22/2014
Woah. Azula has always been without a doubt the most undeserving 'villain' I've ever seen. Every point you've made in this story I loved, and completely agreed with. I cried, screamed and felt with Azula while reading this, and I this is the most realistic Azula-centric story I've ever read. I absolutely loved it, and it's probably one of the better stories on . I enjoyed reading this more than I've enjoyed published works. You're an admirable writer, and a phenomenal story-teller. I have always connected with Azula, but this was absolutely beautiful. Not only did you develop Azula in a way that was nothing less than magnificent but you also created these other characters that inspired many ranging emotions. I can sing praises all day, but I just really want you to know that you did wonderful with this, and I will most certainly be checking out the sequel.
aeva elementia chapter 20 . 6/9/2014
Beautiful. This was a needed break from 'evil Azula' declarations all around. It doesn't justify the path she chose, but it does paint an understanding of how things could have gone so wrong.
There is so much that was never went into with her character, and that indicates the somewhat lazy writing that still affects the Avatar universe till date.
It's understandable to write your protagonists as likeable, but so long as your villains are humanoid in depiction, the proper dues should be dealt- there is always a reason for behaviour.
Very good fic in all, and I loved your OCs.
PSG1JOHN chapter 20 . 3/16/2014
I just finish your 2nd story and found out there was more, so i checked it out.

The story had me hooked until the end.
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