Reviews for Rebirth
wolfen princess14 chapter 8 . 8/7/2010
Aw poor Kiara, being shot down like that. I had thought that maybe, in the beggining, he was being a little too cruel to Azeria, and I was hoping he wouldn't stay that way. Fortunately, he did go back to that friendly but dangerous act he puts on around the end. Kiara is my favorite character in the book specifically because of this enemy/friend line he has going on with Rahzel.

Then there's that drug. I'm suspicious of it. Haha, I'm a little frustrated with Azeria, I mean, come on girl. Your dad injects you with something that messes with your magic's affect on your body. Then when you use your magic, your arm hurts. Ugh you are smarter then that, girl!

Haha but I'm curious to see how exactly this new drug affect her, affects everyone really. I definitely am starting to see a change in Azeria's personality. She still has very mature thoughts, and reminds me in some way of a strict nanny, but now she's definitely having more childish ideas. Wanting to become a family and such.

Oh and I feel so silly for that whole take this a fic, vs canon after reading your A/N at the beggining of this chapter .Oh well, it happeneds. Can't help but notice that there isn't a due date for the next chapter at the end o.o Hope that doesn't mean anything!

Haha, until the next chapter!

Wolfen Princess14
wolfen princess14 chapter 7 . 8/5/2010
Oh look! I'm back!

Haha, this was another good chapter and Second appeared! Wow.

I'm really curious exactly how Kiara is going to react, since Natsume is so.. I don't know, important? Special? She brings such strong feelings out of the Dazzle characters.. I can't wait to read that.

One thing I noticed, and I think is a little bit funny, is that even though this is a Dazzle fic, Razzel doesn't actually appear very often. In fact, with the exception of the one scene in this chapter, she is really only mentioned in passing. I didn't even realize that until I started writing my review.. Is she ill because of what happened in volume 10? Or is it something un-canon (if that's a word)? I guess I'll find out, unless I'm supposed to assume it was because of vol 10..

And now Azeria isn't well.. I wonder what's gonna happen to her since she seemed okay, if you don't count having her arm cut off.. Does it have to do with Second's discover with magic? Hmm.. that's what I think.

Oh and tell me if I comment on some detail in here and it turns out to be canon, because as far as I know, Second hasn't really appeared in the manga, and the whole story behind Natsume hasn't been clearly explained. Because of that, I'm going to see your details on those things as specific to your plot and not the Dazzel canon unless you say otherwise. (Because if I don't, I'll get confused and think I'm reading spoilers..)

Okay, like I said, good chapter! I'm going onto the next one!

Wolfen Princess14
wolfen princess14 chapter 6 . 8/4/2010
Okay first I would like to apologize for not reviewing. I didn't even know the 8th chapter was out until I checked the story and saw there were tree chapters I hadn't read (and I know I have this on my alerts..) Ugh..

And now onto the review:

I liked it. A lot. You really can capture the Dazzel characters and the kind of two-sidedness of everyone. For example, in the manga we know that even though Serateed(sp?) acts like a doting, clueless father around Rahzel, he really is a serious person. And you showed that.

It was a little weird with the Alzied Jr. and Azeria being brother and sister, especially since the whole story behind the albinos, Natzume, Second, and the rest of the gang hasn't been fully explained, but hey, I'll go with it.

Azeria is an amazing character, and she seems so real. A lot of other writers just don't put in these kind of details to make their characters come alive. I don't know what it is, but she isn't just some character you made up tp me, she's an actual part of the Dazzel universe.

The only part of the story I'm actually suggesting change to is this little part:

"Seeing as they'd already put the horses in a stable where they would be boarded for an indefinite amount of time, they had decided earlier to walk around town before looking for a place to stay the night. Seeing as they'd lost more than a full day on the train there, Azeria wasn't sure if Alzeid the older would be around at the moment, or if he would've moved on, already… unlikely, she decided."

You use "seeing as" twice, which makes it a little weird when you read it. Otherwise great chapter.. I'll probably read the next one tomorrow and give a review on that one then, since (unfortunately,) I'm apparently the only person reviewing.. Oh well, until then,

Wolfen Princess14
wolfen princess14 chapter 5 . 1/31/2010
Another good chapter. It was a nice twist for her parents to be nazume and second, go idea. I can wait to see how her fight goes too. This would be the first time we seriously het to see her skill outside of her training of rayborn. Good job.

~Wolfen Princess
wolfen princess14 chapter 2 . 1/11/2010
I really like what I've read so far. Your description is excelent, there's clear imager and a sense of being in the story. And your character is far from being a mary-sue, at least as I see it. Her powers are intriguing though because, as it's mentioned in both your fan fiction and the manga, people aren't supposed to come back to life. Or, more specifically, magic is supposed to bring them back, so I'm curious what kind of reactions that's going to bring.

It's also going to be cool to see how her connection with Rayborn's family got started. Azeria (and that's a wonderful name) mention being raised by his father yet Rayborn doesn't know her powers? I wonder why not..

I'm definetly going to add this to my story alerts, and maybe in the future, my favorites. It's great to see another good Dazzel fanfiction on her. (It's an exclusive group, is it not?)

Good work,

Wolfen Princess

P.S: I wouln't recommend the anime if you are used to the book (or to a plot making sense), the anime twisted the story so much that it is very confusing to anyone watching it, even those who have a good grasp on the manga.