Reviews for Silent Melody
gothicprincess982 chapter 2 . 1/4/2013
Awwww i love this story it's so good please contiune with the story.
Saissister chapter 2 . 3/4/2011
Love it!
lacryma chapter 2 . 7/17/2010
A new chapter! What a treat. I wish I had seen this was up earlier. You have such great style and I truly enjoyed it. I like how everything feels so dreamlike here, the words all come off the page like a whisper.

I really liked the beginning with Adam remembering the past and coming to terms with where he is. It had some nice moments that bring back memories of the film which was great. I also liked the parts with Mai that had that feel of what life is like for a high school girl. I enjoyed the lighter dialogue and seeing where she works, what types of things she enjoys doing. It's a nice juxtaposition with where she ends up.

What I liked most though was the style you used here. Adam starts off in almost what feels like an incorporeal state, a dream, and then transitions to the house. I loved how Mai starts off almost exactly the opposite. Completely anchored in the real world, but with every step she takes enters more of a trance until finally she is in Adam's world within his reach. It was a really nice foil.

Great job and looking forward to more.
lacryma chapter 1 . 12/13/2009
I love this! I am so happy you wrote this and cannot wait to read more. I love how you set it up. It just really gets to the heart of Adam. You can really feel his sorrow and loneliness. All he has is time, and he can wait. But, and this hadn't occurred to me before, the thought that when all is said and done Sayaka might choose a new man in the afterlife...that has to be unbearable. I think the combination of silent resignation to waiting, to not wanting to harm Mizuki - coupled with jealousy and impatience has turned Adam into a bit of a monster. It's an interesting mix because he comes off as truly sympathetic yet evil at the same time.

I can completely picture him waiting at the cross roads all silent and calm, knowing that Mai just lost someone she loves, yet choosing to use that to his advantage. He's so cold and calculating. When he reaches out to her, it's hard not to think "no!" but then, well he looks like Hyde and he does have those melancholy eyes, I cannot blame her for reaching out to him.

The way you describe him digging into her wrists paints such a picture both physically and metaphorically. Well done. When she wakes up in the hospital it is so eery! It's like a more romantic version of Fatal Frame. I don't know what Adam is up to, but it surely has to do with Mizuki. I cannot wait to find out more and see what he is planning! Also I wonder if anything really can truly put him to rest. Great job! I love this!