Reviews for Biancaneve’s bedtime stories series 3
ceilil chapter 1 . 5/6
Guest chapter 1 . 5/16/2013
I'm sorry to say that, but the story has been a huge disappointment. After a good start, an interesting plot, the ending is just both ridiculous and outrageous, and so much out of character. Xena portrayed as a naive schoolgirl and Gabrielle as a helpless and brainless doormat... It really calls for a sequel in which all this unimaginable nonsenses could be dealt with.
Your writing is really good though.
kazywaz chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
Where was the revelation of Aristaeus's treachery and dishonesty? Why wasn't he exposed for his deception? Gabrielle had seen him earlier when she was still caged. Why didn't she finger him for being the one who abducted her later when she returns? Xena was baited and lured into this marriage under false pretenses regardless that Aristaeus was not - what did the other poster say...? brutal toward Gabrielle. I'd say drugging her and taking her against her will to far off land so she wouldn't interfere with his plans and altering her life choices was pretty damn violent and brutal.. Also untrustworthy and a fraud and duplicitous. He tore Xena and Gabrielle apart, interfered with their ongoing relationship, at its most vulnerable development when they had had a fight, breaking both their hearts in the process by keeping them separate for so many years. There's no trade-off here because she learned to love him and had kids by him. Would she have loved him had she known what he did to Gabrielle? Xena wasn't given any choice because he lied to her. He ambushed both of them.

I also don't see Xena settling down with some dude she just met in a tavern. Wife and mommie? OOC. Unlike the other poster who said that Xena finally had what she wanted most in her life: a husband to rule with, a family and Eve working along side her, in what alternate universe is that? Are they confusing Lucy with Xena? There was nothing on the show to indicate or imply Xena was interested in any of those things. Wanting a husband and a family is what Xena mostly wanted? That's an astounding statement of wishing and hoping. Isn't the reason why Xena is so unique is because she defies these conventional female roles that can be found in any an all characterizations of women throughout literature, theatre, movies, commercial, etc? Here you have a female character who has the same wide berth given to male characters and she's reduced to mommie and wife. Again.

And not for nothing, we all know Xena would never ever had had Eve, would never had been pregnant on the show had it not been for Lucy getting pregnant, so the whole Eve story was never supposed to have happened in the first place and was a major unfortunate bad break to the show's direction and Xena's journey. Regardless of that, I don't see Xena letting Gabrielle go. She would've looked for her come Tartarus or high water and not "taken up" with this Aristaeus guy. She would've known something wasn't right and gone looking for her soul mate.
HAZMOT chapter 1 . 12/11/2009
You sly Lady. Where have you been keeping this one locked up? hehehe Anywho, I like the premise that someone else loved Xena than just Gabrielle. Xena finally had what she wanted most in her life; a husband to rule with, a family and Eve working along beside her. Aristaeus may have had his reason for keeping Gabrielle and Xena apart all those years, but his intentions were not brutal. He took great care in making sure Gabrielle was cared for and the surprise of the child, well now we know why the other soldier was killed. Now that Gabrielle has returned, Xena has accepted her life with Aristaeus and his children, and now wants nothing more that Xena to be happy with or without Gabrielle. The test of time will show how their lives will work out and Xena finally has a home with two or three more people to love. :D