Reviews for The Child of Germany
Guest chapter 9 . 2/12/2016
According to history what is now present day Germany used to be the Holy Roman Empire. So yes Germany IS HRE
Dr. Doitsu chapter 25 . 7/6/2014
This is amazing. The part with the dogs is my favourite, but the entire thing is so brilliant. You are a terrific author.
GingershotaTed chapter 5 . 6/29/2013
You keep calling Prussia, East, see, he didn't die, he just became one with Germany
WearTiger chapter 23 . 5/10/2013
I was right wasn't I
WearTiger chapter 3 . 5/8/2013
Ok so the kid probalbly has visions and this is how Prussia should of dide with the end of his country and sense Russia took the land and ended Prussia then Im guessing Ivan aka Russia is going to kill Gilbert aka Prussia. Oh and great story by the way what is your first language.
Emma chapter 23 . 3/31/2013
I am gilbert in girl form!
Emma chapter 15 . 3/31/2013
U r soooo awesome to be writing stories! They r really good!
DjRoguefire chapter 3 . 2/22/2013
Prussia is gonna DIE in your story. I just know it. T-T

If I wasn't so desensitized with so many Prussia deaths in fanfics, I would stop reading right now.

That dream sequence was nicely done btw.
Amaneyara chapter 26 . 1/4/2013
I couldnnt get to the page D:
Amane Yara chapter 25 . 1/4/2013
This was... This was so emotional it made me cry. I loved it and I hate that it ends in the next chapter. I am so sad right now but to see Ludwig rage like that made it al worth while.
BellaPur chapter 25 . 8/31/2012
This is honestly one of the best fics I have ever read. I love the balance of historical fact and the actual story of the family. It's beautifully done. I love how you confront difficult themes and give opinions right across the spectrum. Your portrayll of the three interviewed at the camp was particularly haunting.
As was having Leos branded in the last chapter. That just rings with symbolic truth. It really upsets me when people talk about Germany and the Germans as inherantly evil. You're right, German seems to be used alot more than Nazi in books. Which is wrong. Especially when you tink of how many Jewish GERMANS were killed by Hitler.
Thank you so much for writing this. I'm off to read the sequel!
Danke sehr!
LadyLeelee87 chapter 26 . 7/12/2012
Wow for the last hour I have been reading this story nonstop and loved every minute of it!
Will definantly be reading the sequel
LadyLeelee87 chapter 16 . 7/12/2012
Omg this chapter was so sad and heart wrenching. Tears were in my eyes just thinking that this was once a reality.
Again great work!
LadyLeelee87 chapter 6 . 7/12/2012
Leos is the embodiment of the Jewish people and their suffering in wwII Germany! I kinda suspected it with the bathtub incident!
I think that the controversial issues are relevant for a story like this! I cannot wait to read more!
LadyLeelee87 chapter 5 . 7/12/2012
Wow this is a very intense story! I guess we finally will know who little Leos is?
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