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Guest chapter 17 . 8/20/2013
Love this fanfiction though I prefer it that you change the bit with Jessie and the child. I'm CloTi fan and I want them to share them first love together.

I love how you described the boxing fight scenes. By any chance can you please do a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts: full contact sport) fanfiction with Final Fantasy 7 characters. Love to see more rivalry fights between Cloud and Sephiroth.

Thank you
Fantasy Fighter chapter 17 . 8/19/2013
Hello, I been reading this fanfiction ever since it first started. I am enjoying it especially the boxing fights and the romance between Cloud and Tifa.

If you want my opinion I would like you to finish this story. Also I am not too fond with the bit about Jesse and her child as I am a Cloud/Tifa fan. Any chance you can change it so that Cloud will be single (until he meet with Tifa), and that Cloud and Tifa can have their first love together. I like it if there more romance between those two.

I can't wait to see the fight between Cloud and Sephiroth. Their rivalry are always serious and epic. The fight will be epic. We need more boxing matches with those two. You are great when describing the fight scenes.

Thank you for the boxing information. Now I know more about boxing. After you finish with this story will you be doing a fanfiction on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, full contact combat sport) with Final Fantasy 7 characters? I like to see MMA fights between Cloud and Sephiroth (rivalry between them as well). Also I like to see romance between Cloud and Tifa (again, I want them to have their first love together) as well as Zack and Aerith.

Thank you for this fanfiction. I hope you finish this story. Good luck and carry on with this great work.
Mixed Fighter chapter 17 . 8/18/2013
Hello, I have been reading your fanfiction ever since it started. I enjoyed reading this fanfiction especially the boxing fights and romance between Cloud and Tifa.

If you want my opinion I would like you to finish this story. Although I am not too fond with the bit with Jesse and her child as I am a Cloud/Tifa fan. Any chance you can change that bit so that Cloud and Tifa can have their first love together. And put Cloud as single until he get together with Tifa. Also I love to see more romance between those two.

I can't wait to see the fight between Cloud and Sephiroth. The rivalry between them are always serious and epic. The fight between them will be epic.

And thank you for explaining the boxing term. Now I know more about boxing. Will you do another fanfiction about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) using Final Fantasy 7 characters? I like MMA and would like to see rivalry fights between Cloud and Sephiroth in that fighting style (close combat). Also I would like romance between Cloud and Tifa (again, I want them to have their first love together) as well as Zack and Aerith.

Thank you for a great story and I hope you finish your fanfiction. Good luck and carry on with your great work.
drbls chapter 17 . 8/16/2013
No need to rewrite as it is fine.

There aren't many AU stories like this where Cloud is a boxer. I feared that the fanatical Cloud/Tifa shippers would try to convince you to put a lot of fluff and what not to derail you from writing the major bits.

Just keep writing the main premise and worry about adding the romantic crap when you've completed the story. You could probably just change the genre and the CloTi shippers will probably get off your case about misleading them.
Guest chapter 17 . 8/16/2013
My only critique is that if it is a Cloud/Tifa, give Tifa a solid roll in the storyline. Don't make her moody, stupid, or weak, she's a strong character on her own. If she is Vincent's sister, she can be Tifa Valentine. The boxing stuff is what you want to write. Write it:-)
Oh, and P.S. you don't have to put every character from FFVII in this. I've noticed some authors go crazy and try to write epics. Thx Jlosc
JukedSolid chapter 17 . 8/17/2013
yeah the stuff with jessie and having a kid muddles the plot too much. keeping it simple has its merits sometimes.
Hanae Hana chapter 17 . 8/16/2013
Dont rewrite the story.. The story has good plot.. Maybe you could insert a few scene between the chapter.. This story looks promising... Please rewrite... I will be waiting for a new chapter... Now following this story... ;)

p/s: Tifa's background is a bit mystery to me.. Why does she been adopted to Valentine's? And what Marlene's connection to Tifa? And is Cloud's daughter dead too? Please continue writing this!

p/s/s: sorry for my bad english..
Irish-Brigid chapter 17 . 8/16/2013
Don't see the poll, but as to the review that got this started, I don't quite see where he (or she) is coming from. This is definitely a romance in more than one sense of the word. There's the obvious (to modern readers) definition of its focus on the love lives of the main characters. Not just Cloud and Tifa, as the reviewer stated, but also Zack and Aerith, and Vincent and Yuffie. There's also the definition "A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful" with sub-definition "A long fictitious tale of heroes and extraordinary or mysterious events, usually set in a distant time or place." I wouldn't worry too much about the story needing a rewrite. Far too many writers get partway through the story and then start over, never to actually finish. I'd rather see this story continued and eventually finished *then* given a rewrite if you deem it necessary.
Ghibli Ninja chapter 16 . 8/13/2013
Firstly, take note that I don't really want to be mean or anything and these are my thoughts on how your story is going and what you can improve on.

Ok, this was put down as a romance, but it seems more just like a boxing story. Sure, there are some emotional scenes here and there, but they are few and far in between. The relationship between Cloud and Tifa was frankly not developed at all. We know that Tifa has a crush on Cloud, but when and how did she start to develop real feelings for him? Same goes for Cloud. In one chapter, it seems like he's pretty much indifferent to her, and in the next, he is already contemplating asking her out for dinner. That seems like a pretty big jump to me, seeing as all you gave for an explanation were two sentences on how they got more comfortable around each other during the course of 3 months. In the matter of Zack and Aerith, I didn't even know they were together until I saw him call her "Babe" in like Chapter 9 or 10.
Yes, the build-up to the fights and the actual fighting scenes are pretty damn cool... but when you put this down as a Romance, the boxing should take a back seat :(

Another thing I noticed is that most of the time, I don't know who's saying what during a conversation. I mean, I can read the words, but I don't know who's actually saying them until I've re-read it over again. That's something I hope you'll continue to work on as a writer.

Overall, this is a good plot you've got here, with detailed backgrounds for most of the characters. It's the relationships and interactions between these characters that you need to work on. Although you do explain their friendships and bonds, I feel that it would be more powerful to just prove it through their interactions and conversations with each other. Finally, though I do like an action scene here and there, I just don't think something tagged as Romance should be drawing out a fight scene for over three chapters, and then giving the romantic relationships one paragraph :X
Again, these are merely my opinions and thoughts on how you can become a better author. I sincerely hope that you continue to this story, because it has a genuinely good plot :D
Aki no Ryu chapter 16 . 7/26/2013
LoL, you should say 'fiancee' instead of 'girlfriend' since they are engaged. Oopsies, Zack. Looking forward to the next update!
Aki no Ryu chapter 14 . 7/26/2013
Wow! That was so thrilling! I'm not into boxing so thank you so much for the very clear glossary. I really liked Cloud's fighting style. Just wow. Great job! This is my favorite chapter so far.
Aki no Ryu chapter 13 . 7/26/2013
Whoa, intense much! That's some flurry of blows, Cloud! Oorah!In this type of fight, are there scorers? Or is the decision made solely by the ref?
Aki no Ryu chapter 12 . 7/26/2013
Oh shoot. Zack's father shouldn't have told Cloud about Jessie before the fight... Uh oh... Great description of the fight, by the way. I was sitting on the edge of my seat! Why didn't the crowd yell and complain when Kadaj threw those elbows and cheap shots?
Aki no Ryu chapter 11 . 7/26/2013
Dudundundun! drumroll. Where's Denzel when Tifa's at work? Is he staying with Tifa's dad?

I get confused by the breakup in some of the spoken lines. Initially I thought it was Tifa who had asked Cloud out until Barret said 'it's about time.' Also, I think it was rather abrupt that he's suddenly asking her out when they've hardly said two words to each other from the previous chapters. Or any indication that they've been spending more time with each other. Is Cloud doing it as a thank you for Tifa taking care of Denzel or is he considering starting a relationship with her? If it's the latter, isn't it a bit too soon considering he just found out that his former fiancee is dead and he has a daughter that's missing? Does Tifa know?

Good fighter names, by the way!
Aki no Ryu chapter 10 . 7/26/2013
I guess Cloud asking Tifa to watch Denzel is the jump start you mentioned? I like the scene with Mr. Valentine welcoming Denz. I think Lucretia's arguments are faulty. Also, it would be unprofessional for Vincent to go after Yuffie as she's his employee, regardless of age difference.
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