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RogueAlly chapter 25 . 12/2
I’m going to review and follow this on the off chance that you’ll finish it after a four-year gap. I know it’s not likely, but I would read more if you wrote it.
Debbie Hicks chapter 25 . 11/18
tBella's pov
Bittentoo hardest was Ruby who was a Vampire from the Phoenix coven made me differen venom made me dangerous then we were both faster strong as Mooses were with bitten best the guard found us were so hungiest it was en ergy you broke rules of killing our kind Executedby Felix who beaten with force then Blood splattered then Turned us/them into then screams of us/them Killed destroyed then left to die then too late myself had Jedi powers grabbed something her brother surrendered went with them then brought here the on e is a Hunter kills demons death Killed Bones skulls then were dying buried us with them then it was too late blown freelyAlice found my b led up corpse was dying with blood then brought me failing then reported she's dead who Bella Colt then Changedthem with her were turned were chained with m yself with them with both then with him DESTROYED! Thenbrought them then myself was dead again twice but was resurrectedagain but unable to die the gods an d goddesses turne True Vampire hunter with her with them crashed with both each both had died twice Alice she heals very alien but more Extraterrestrial they killed Ruby granted her powers toc urse her with telekiniesis but is a mental shield then Broken with them but turned me into a Shadowhunter by mistake so they never died or changede then had stopped aging the seeds frozen burst freely fully grown with him Alice yoo hoo man your stations I Want the Volturi dead b y Law of the United Federation of Planets of orders of Starfleet Command i am a Turn ed hunter of Artemis am I Her priestess of Diana yes then in time hunted animals gome too fast gained superstrength and speed and more enhanced toned muscles but eyesight im proved hearing was more sharper but suddenly too late were as all of them m y pone with me suddenly shattered from here BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Blaring into fire gloeing so their phon es glowing yeling then a alien transformation was a spiritual event then caused me to trill like Xena warrior princeess then it really happened posed Guaerded by Betazed the planet of telepathy the soldier of the mind Allow me to SCORCH YOU SUPER SAILOR BETAZED IS HERE NEGATRASH! Alice had a vision oh my god you don't die no the angel's tears plopped but turned m e into a saolor guardian of my planet searched for it it's Betazed I'm Betazoid myself felt it from him was telepathic from my brain healing echoing more sorrowfully but grieving Do you remember I Taught you Imzadi can you still sense my Thoughts oh my god she's telepathic Ruby turned you a alien begged mercy then died gave her katra you never b e human heal but recovered quickly she is Betazoid news of m y resurrection so theirs were not hum ans anymore now healed had mourned in the Vulcan way buried the corpse then was Singing so melodic but in a alien dialect of the Vulcans fluent by force was the Vulcan funeral dirge thenmyself cried in tears for sacrfice go forth to the hall of Ancient thought be reborn as a human again seek Surak's words Live long and Prosper ppeace and long life myself with Ocmapan pointed ears and friimer upswept eyebrowa was with Captain Solok Strom found her singing in a voice she nows grieves for her had wore a Starfleet dress uniform is in sorrow dresses heir hair in a double loop with bangs never grew back she is Both species oh my god she is not human T'Sai I Grieve with thee you are Daughter of the Fifth house have riches wealth but you need help that who Really a true Daughter of the Fifth hous of Betazed was a very rich but more wealthy woman then hired a Hunter for a valet guns clothes an d a newest car to travel Momma mia a Used Cruise American RV Myself felt sensed emotion s Carlisle tested m y brain you are telepathic Mother is dead I Am alone myself sobbing Imzadi then beloved you are hurting he began to meld with m e your mind to m y mind your thoughts to my thoughts your life to my life our minds one and whole then suddebly your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts your life to my life our minds on e and whole let us join then a sudden energy of a pure white light suddenly Colliding then soul joined as a mated couple with them n ow suddenly Were one the seer knew what are you touch telepathic oh m y god Rose she was born this way with who Pointed ears upwept eyebrows she had fallen in love with her long term mate is her Imzadi by the time she will be bound I Am Bonded to my husband you look from the planet Vulcan with telepathic powers thennews of us/them it was built from NSA WITH Roomsfor us first gathered from my home then theirs made look more homey then a dash of all but it caused us to be a couple then Nuked frrely but brought here killed reported these on es are dead they will not return from here then killed from here now humans forced kids to follow thennuked then it really happened merged with ours shattered then caused it to merge with the each both with Bobby's then blown then destroyed then came too late a reborn RV Bigger stronger oh man Bella I Grieve with thee yikes you look like Deanna Troi of Betazed Ow she's telepathic by emotions no freaking hey you she needs to meditate in her dress uniform she's all Starfleet but Federation we enlisted.
TwilightLover chapter 21 . 10/31
Hope Bella just doesn't welcome the Cullen members back with open arms and hearts, after what they put her through and what she went through, they just come back and pretend that nothing happened, Nuh make them work for it especially Edward!
top story chapter 8 . 10/22
Oh this is so amazingly friggin awesome!
Luvs2Read chapter 25 . 10/21
Maybe you could have Bella save Harry? Or give him enough time for the Clearwater family (Leah i always felt bad with everything she went through) to get closer? Just hate for Billy to lose his only other friend since Charlie died, On an up note I hope he likes his new wheelchair and it'll help him
Luvs2Read chapter 8 . 10/18
Best Story Ever!
top story chapter 24 . 10/16
I do hope when the Cullens return she gives them a piece of her mind and fire
Guest43 chapter 25 . 10/7
Oh man this is so amazing, please continue with this story I want to read what's ahead more chapters!
Guest43 chapter 10 . 10/7
Love this Bella she's totally awesome and hardcore, she's way better then the original one, Love this story too!
TheWayTheFeatherFalls chapter 25 . 7/12


And I totally agree with you about Sherlock. Omgggggg Benedict Cumberbatch yes pleaseeeeee
top story chapter 25 . 5/20
She took vampires well but what about werewolves?
top story chapter 3 . 5/9
Firefly9715 chapter 25 . 12/28/2016
Are you ever gonna pick this up again?
Vinegar and Roses chapter 25 . 7/8/2016
What happened to this ):
Guest chapter 12 . 6/29/2016
I love this Bella. The Bella from the book and story I want to smack fro being stupid. And the whole laughing when Edward showed her him in the sunlight, I actually did the same thing when I saw the movie. I was think glitter, really. I laughed too. Because there's nothing dangerous then a "fangless glittering vampire" lol. I like that she tough and able to handle herself and I love love love her come backs she is so Sarcastic and knows how to shock everyone around her. Love it.
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