Reviews for CLUE!
CheshireKitKat chapter 2 . 5/6/2014
FlyingCatFish chapter 2 . 2/9/2012
are you continuing this ? please say da !
ivmysterynumbers chapter 2 . 7/14/2011
Continue please! Who's Prof. Plum? I wanna read more!
lirisse chapter 2 . 7/5/2011
Kay dearest, you haven't updated in forever but I like it, so please do so. It's a good idea with what looks like good casting. So please?
dragonofdarknedflame chapter 2 . 7/15/2010
Interesting, cant ait to see how this goes.
PharaohsDarkness chapter 2 . 7/14/2010
Clue/Hetalia, sounds awsome! I love that movie. can't wait for next chapters! (contune?)
saltwater songs chapter 2 . 6/17/2010
Huh. Interestinggg. I'm really curious to see where this is going! Please, PLEASE do update soon! This sounds like it'll be really good. :)
RuggedIndividual chapter 2 . 2/21/2010
Oh, this is so awesome! I hope the next chapter comes soon! 3
high improbability chapter 2 . 2/21/2010
Awesome. Mrs. White will be awesome, I am sure. :D And Colonel Mustard will be kickass. And I really can't wait to check out Mrs. Peacock!

And as for Ms Scarlet, I'm wavering between girl!Lovino and Taiwan. :o I'm leaning towards Lovi, though. XD

hawkstorm chapter 2 . 1/18/2010
Holy freaking cow: yes! I don't know why no one has thought to do this before, but it is so brilliant and I wholeheartedly commend you for starting this wonderful story.

I've always loved Clue, both game and movie. (The original board game, I've never tried those new DVD type ones.) And now I can't get creepy Belarus/White out of my head!

I would love to read the rest of the story. It's perfect.
IceSnowAndGlamour chapter 2 . 12/20/2009
Hm! Sounds interesting, Mrs Peacock will be fabulous, heehee :)

Wonder who the killer will be...Keep working, this is a good idea.
BloodstainedPierrot chapter 2 . 12/18/2009
This looks awesome! Ms. Scarlett is fem!Romano, isn't she? He's the only kinda rude/cold person I can think of with an idiot hair. Toris is so polite, he's cute! I can't really find anything wrong with this, so I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Horntastic chapter 1 . 12/15/2009
Ooh, this looks cool~

*grabs popcorn and a convenient couch*

Who's invited? What are their secrets? I do hope time will tell~