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Gubefan1980 chapter 13 . 6/27/2016
Well, it's been almost six years sin e you wrote that you were almost finished with tthe next chapter, so I guess I'll assume any number of things, you lost interest, RL got in the way, you lost your mojo, or something somewhere happened. I guess I'll check back in a year. Or six, or not. This was an excellent chapter, and sometimes when authors leave work unfinished I just make up my own HEA but since you indicate angst, apparently with no intention of them ever getting them together, ill just leave on this somewhat upbeat note of them at least being friend. Puzzled about Carlisle and Aro but whatever. Development of characters and story is very good, tragedy of their relationship so sad. Can't help wondering about the whole "substandard" regarding Esme had anything to do with his disgraceful behavior in high school but whatever. I guess good luck in your life. As I said maybe I'll check in at some future date. Or maybe not. I remember what chapter I left so if I check back I'll know where to go if a new chapter pops up. After six years I'm not holding my breath.
Gubefan1980 chapter 12 . 6/27/2016
Mike is such a,creep, he couldn't even man up and look at the tapes, he was so sure Edward took the money. Not much else to say, this has apparently been abandoned so I'll read the last chapter, it's well written interesting relationship, well really non relationship,, what he did was beyond horrible, but her accusation was beyond cruel.
Gubefan1980 chapter 10 . 6/27/2016
I forget how this ends, but IMHO, Bella hasn't forgiven him and she never will, she thinks he has a hair phobia, which is why she started letting her hair down, she thinks she's tauting him bullying his supposed phobia. It wouldn't surprise me if she lures him into her bed, just so she has the pleasure of pulling the rug out from under him. That is beyond bitchy. Just flat out cruel.
Gubefan1980 chapter 7 . 6/27/2016
Funny I don't remember any more than this chapter Actually don't even recall the last part. Good job.
Gubefan1980 chapter 4 . 6/27/2016
He's still a bit of a divk, jealous because she got a job, "nice to have fits" seriously Edward? And crossing off the list, this isn't about you and your list, asshole, it may take a year, it may take five, it may never happen. What a self-centered jerk
Guest chapter 3 . 6/27/2016
I read this a while ago, terrible things people do when they are drunks. One thing I want to mention, people in 12 step programs aren't supposed to enter into new relationships as jasper did. Edward wants to apologize, but he needs to wipe the smile off his face when he talks to Bella
Sleepinthegarden chapter 13 . 4/24/2016
Fantastic story. I really want more chapters but this hasn't been updated in 6 years so I don't really think that's going to happen. I just wanted to let you know this story is wonderful and I would really like to know the ending.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/1/2016
We still miss you
Youat2intheMorning chapter 13 . 3/18/2016
is this it?! I JUST WISH SOME OF MY BULLIES WOULD MAN UP LIKE EDWARD! bunch of assholes! (pardon) I love this story, so detailed, a TOTALLY different Bella! Love it!
Guest chapter 13 . 2/2/2016
Soooo I'm guessing no more updates?
Atwiggs chapter 1 . 1/29/2016
Excellent so far!
jayspeanut chapter 13 . 12/26/2015
This is a really good story with such well written, raw, human characters. Typically I don't read WIP, because of the risk of never seeing the final ending, but I started this story without realizing it was a WIP, and once I started reading I just wasn't able to stop. I know how RL gets in the way of stories, or how writer's block can bring a story to a screeching halt, but I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed what is already written. I would love to see how the remainder of the story unfolds, but until you update it again I will keep you on alert and just use my imagination to visualize the HEA I hope for these two wounded souls. You have an uncanny way of creating a vivid picture of the scenes you present, and I will hold out hope that someday you might find the time, inclination, and opportunity to give these characters their closure. Thank you for writing such a compelling story.
Guest chapter 2 . 11/21/2015 many years passed...
Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2015
Wow...a veryyy diffrent start...lets see where this goes...
Guest chapter 13 . 11/7/2015
I truly have no idea of what happened to you in
the last 5 years since you posted this last
chapter, and I know this is not anyone's right to
require to know. I assure you that I am definely
not here to offend you or complain about the gap
in the postings. My only interest here is to remind
you that there are still some people who expect
to hear about this story. I am one of these.

Thank you. Have a great life. Hope you find
anything inside you to finish this one here. xo
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