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Vampire Reader chapter 10 . 1/9/2013
I know Philip thought Heph was a possibility, but that was cheeky of him to flirt with the boy in front of Alex, knowing how Alex felt about him even before he knew it was finally physical.
Did you like Bagoas at all? FFH was fine, but The Persian Boy was the most sensuous book I ever read. Thank you for this story. I'm very glad I got to read it.
Vampire Reader chapter 9 . 1/9/2013
The more I read Renault, the more I'm thinking this is all right. I used to think like Alexander and stupid old Aristotle. This has to have a happy ending. Did you read The Charioteer? I just read it again for the first time in a very long time, and understood more of it. Look up, if you haven't, the MaryRenaultfanfic site on Live Journal . com. The fan fics are wonderful, as is yours. Did you post this there too? If you want feedback, you would have plenty.
Vampire Reader chapter 8 . 1/9/2013
Brilliant. It has to be resolved now. How cherished Al must feel. Sorry for posting like a fan girl to a story 4 years old.
Vampire Reader chapter 7 . 1/9/2013
Wow, for the emotion and very beautiful for the style. Aphrodite is not Zeus' daughter. I like short chapters. I can read it all in one sitting. I know this is old and you are onto other things, but I am really enjoying this. Both boys have a lot to discuss once they open up to each other.
Vampire Reader chapter 6 . 1/9/2013
So what is your professional name? Please list your published books so I can buy them. Very good.
Vampire Reader chapter 5 . 1/9/2013
At the time, Alex was a little backward in that part of his life. You do know the other 'boys' in the school were actually young men, right? Other boys of 11 or 12 were far behind A in intelligence and maturity, except for sex. H was only allowed in because A was nuts about him. They were the same age. I do enjoy how you are presenting this though.
Vampire Reader chapter 4 . 1/9/2013
I enjoy your writing very much. You do not allow coarseness into it, as many might have done. Heph was careful not to be rejected, but it was quite a struggle. BTW, I read the last chapter first and I read the books. Last night - 1/8/13 - History International TV showed Ancients Behaving Badly. I checked after Ganghis Khan and there was Alexander. I disliked the things they accused him of. Did you see it? From your spelling, I think you are in England. Do you get History International?
Vampire Reader chapter 3 . 1/9/2013
Your writing is very perceptive. I felt a little sorry for Heph in FFH. I never thought becoming an older lover was such a formal thing. I am thinking of Last of the Wine, Alexis and Lysis. Did you read that? Mary never went into details with any of her descriptions. I suppose that is old-fashioned by today's standards, and so was Alexander's feeling that physical love was wrong. I did understand Mary to say he was warm, not hot, when it came to love, which is why he was such a good fit with Bagoas, but I liked Heph too, and hoped they worked things out in a mutually satisfactory way. Aristotle was too Platonic in his thinking. Bet I know who gave him those ideas.
Vampire Reader chapter 2 . 1/9/2013
Dear Moon71, I just discovered this and sorry it took me so long. I LOVE Mary Renault and once wrote her to ask why she was not more forthcoming in her explanations. I confessed I did not understand some of the things she wrote, but I was much younger at the time. She wrote back that being explicit would have turned her off. She probably thought we had enough imagination to fill in the blanks. I finally do, but I am really enjoying your version of FFH. Did you read Bagoas in The Persian Boy? Did you write fanfic about his relationship with Alexander too? I would like to see it if you did. Please keep writing. Your style is very readable and realistic. Have you read Jo Graham's Stealing Fire? It has Bagoas, Heph, Ptolemy and Alex in a way no one's ever done him before. I think you would like it. All best wishes, VR
Tionsbabe chapter 10 . 2/13/2011
This was absolutely WONDERFUL. Loved so many things about it - the culmination of their feelings, Alexander being afraid of wanting Hephaestion too much, Alexander being the one to initiate 'Round 2'. I especially loved the last interaction with Phillip and Hephaestion, and Phillip slapping Alexander on the back so hard he almost fell off his horse. "Race the old man if you can find the energy." Ha ha! !
Tionsbabe chapter 6 . 2/13/2011
Fave chapter so far. Really, REALLY loved the conversation that Alexander overheard. 'I wouldn't scream for help if Hephaestion climbed into my bed.' Agreed!
Tionsbabe chapter 2 . 2/13/2011
"Lovers in their hearts and souls." *Snorts* and smacks Alexander upside the head. Loving the angst here. In all seriousness, Alexander's concerns are very well portrayed here and I can empathize with him. On the other hand, I totally get where Hephaestion wants to take their friendship. Can't wait to see them come to an agreement.
Reznov chapter 1 . 11/27/2010
Young Love, well on the plus side, they wont get each other pregnant. Epicness, pure Epicness.
pearls1990 chapter 10 . 7/1/2010
I apologize for taking so long to finish reading your fan-fiction! I wish I wouldn't have taken so long! This is beautiful! You write so clear and precise, it's terribly refreshing. You've caught the angst and fire between these two so well. I'm tempted to write my own with these two; I'm just afraid I won't be accurate. Anyway, this is beautiful! Never stop writing!
SikanderLeto chapter 10 . 6/17/2010
Oh my god, the final chapter – ALREADY the final chapter ): What am I to do the next weeks? :o I hope, there will be soon more fanfictions :D I can’t wait to read them!

“"It's sad to think that we've been at odds since the spring…"”

Oh dear! For so long time? That’s horrible O_O And they still shared a room all the time? Oh no... They surely suffered a lot, my poor Baby_Boys! ûu

“"Or Heracles wanted Iolaus?" Alexander suggested gently, crouching beside him and taking Hephaestion's hand in his own.“

Oh, that’s a good start. They don’t bark or yell to each other – my hopes a rising! xD

“[...]Hephaestion, you see how lust controls him… if I really am his son, what if I become like him? Think about it, Hephaestion… what if I begin treating you the way he's treated some of his lovers…?"“

Ha, no, if that’s the problem, you’re simply the son of Zeus. Well, bad example... he, too, has a lot of love affairs and – yes, very bad example. We could just hope, he has not this genes! xD

“As he spoke, Hephaestion leaned forward and kissed him.”

And a sigh of true, real happiness is hearing. *_* AT LAST! After 10 chapters they finally understand each other! Thanks god, thanks to all muses, thank you! xD Oh my god, I am happy! 3

“[...]"let's go to our room…"”

Oho! *harrumph* Well, I won’t say anything more than: yeah, he understand his body and his feelings at last! x)

“[...]but if being the son of an ordinary mortal means I can give in to feelings like this… and share… what we've just shared… then I'm happy just to be Alexander, son of Philip."“

*_* Oh dear, how cute, how charming, how wonderful he says this! 3 Alexander and Hephaistion, for now, for ever! :D

“[...]if you haven't had enough of me yet… if you'd like to share some more…"”

WOHO! What the hell? O_O My, my, Alexander! Firstly a little, shy boy, who not even WANT to do such things and now -? xDD That’s great *rofl*

And the end *_* The end with Philipp was great! :D I love it! Someone has mad a man of Hephaistion – yeah e_,e after such a hard and dramatically story O_O uhu, I love it 3

It’s the best Happy End I every could imagine for this story :D And I love Happy Ends. I need them, I am a childish, immature girl towards the topic “Alexander and Hephaistion” _

I really hope there will be a lot of other stories! :D I love your style of writing and your ideas.

May the muses be with you :D And thank you very much for this wonderful, romantic, fantastic story!


Sarah :D
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