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Maydn chapter 9 . 5/23/2010
This chapter had some more interesting developments! I liked especially Alexander's thoughts about wanting to understand Hephaistion: he was so very obsessed about it, and how you worded was so intense, it felt like there was quite some sexual innuendo too (might have been only my pervy mind being over-perceptive though ;))... Anyway, I liked how you did that and in the end, Alexander wasn't so stupid about the "mysterious beloved" anymore, but rather in denial and that was pretty believable to me.

That evening when Alex was still so rattled by his discovery and trying to come to term with his own feelings/desires was made even more dramatic with the fact that Hephaistion didn't write another letter. Crazy how doing 'nothing' can create such suspense! xD

I really want to know what happened to Hephaistion... and of course how Alexander will make things right. :) Looking forward to the conclusion!
Mistress of Nightmares chapter 9 . 5/22/2010
I can't wait for the conclusion! I have to agree with everyone about the cliffhangers. lol
Norrsken chapter 9 . 5/22/2010
Dear moon,

Yes, I agree with Sandy. You are a master of cliffhangers - and triangulations, too. Poor Alexander, he is madly jealous of the Beloved that Hephaestion addresses his love letters to, not realizing that it is he himself! :) It is very naughty and wrong of him to read the letters secretely, and when he is revealed things go quite awry. Now I am looking much forward to the Conclusion!

All the best wishes,

/ NorthernLight
classyblue chapter 9 . 5/22/2010
You are a master at cliff!

I just what to shake them both and lock them both in a room together.

Hurry please...taps foot and crosses arms!

Norrsken chapter 8 . 5/21/2010
Dear moon,

My apologies for late R&R. So happy to see this update. You give us an endearing telling of adolescent feelings and turmoils. The *triangulation* is complicated. Poor Andromacus. He cannot come first for Hephaestion, and Alexander still cannot give in to his wishes. It took him some time to find the secret letters. No wonder he will be late for the first lesson...

All the best wishes and looking much forward to the update and the conclusion,

/ NorthernLight
pearls1990 chapter 3 . 5/20/2010
Its my day off and I am sick, (ugh) and I'm flipping through the channels and lo and behold..."Alexander" is on. I feel like such a newbie for saying this, but what a great movie! ANd the tension and friendship between the two is delicious. Which brings me to your beautiful story. I have, unfortunately, only made it to chapter 3, but I plan on reading more soon! Your writing is amazing and you bring the characters to life!
SikanderLeto chapter 8 . 5/19/2010
Hello – me again ;D I can’t stop reading. It was so dramatical!

“And now, to add to my misery, all my hopes with Andromachus have come to nothing!”

WHICH HOPES? O_O There are no hopes – there mustn’t be any hopes! X_x

“But when I closed my eyes I realised I was imagining it was you I was kissing, and I felt confused.”

Ha! Right so! Isn’t that the ultimate proof, that there is just one place in Hephaistions heart, the place only Alexander can fill? Well, I am philosophizing...

“"I don't think he feels nothing… maybe he's just scared of what he feels!"”

Yes! So it is! Adromachus has completely point out the problem of this whole story O_O Andromachus, I like you! xD And he is understanding! Well – I have to admit I hated him first, because he was between Alexander and Hephaistion – he was a potential enemy òo but now every is alright! ... I hope at least ÖÖ

“He refused to touch himself, even when desire left him exhausted and desperate for release.“

Maaah – I am a little bit unromantic now and just say: go to Hephaistion and you haven’t to do it yourself! xD I mean, he WANTS to do it, his body wants at least – can’t he rely on his body? :(

“Timidly he had reached out and touched Hephaestion's lips with his fingers, then with his own lips.“

Arrrw, that’s so cute, that’s so cute! *_* 3 *giggling*

“A gentle twitch from Hephaestion, the beginning of a response, drove Alexander rapidly back to his bed and to his tormented dreams.”

Well, that isn’t cute. That’s mean ÒO Alexander, just DO is, for heaven’s sake!

“Once again Alexander's eyes strayed to the trunk by Hephaestion's bed.”

Yes. Yes – do it. A few steps. A few letters. And after it you would be happy – happier than now Ö_O Come on, the first ‘letter’ you even read! Plase! T_T

“Alexander sat bolt upright, his hand pressed to his brow where the kiss still tingled. A good-bye kiss? Was Hephaestion about to run away?“

O_O No! Grah, you drive me crazy! xD That MUSTN’T be! T_T That would be TOO mean, a torment for my heart and Alexanders heart and Hephaistions heart – that would be SO MUCH hearts! Please :o

“With trembling hands Alexander unknotted the string and spread the bundle of letters smooth across his knee. And began to read.“

Hah, yeah! He reads the letters! That’s good. That’s VERY good. Everything will be alright. Yes, it will – that’s my mantra for now. And even if Hephaistion runs away, there will be still Bukephalos (well, that’s the German spelling, I always forgot the English one! xD Bu..cephalus?) And Bukephalos would reach him in a quite short time, wouldn’t he?

So that’s my big, huge, large hope for the next chapter xD

Did I unterstand right? There are just 2 chapters left? Well – one with a huge, tearful reconciliation and after it both will AT LEAST get their sex, to say it slangily and – again – unromanticly. :D xD

Might my wishes come true! xD

Greetings from Germany :D

SikanderLeto chapter 7 . 5/19/2010
Hello, Hello! :D

“Even sleeping with women in the same tent didn't come between them!“

Yes, it didn’t – maybe Hephaistion should tell this fact Alexander :o Perhaps his two heros could change Alexanders mind!

“I will pray to them! Pray for them to open your eyes and mind and heart to me, to all the secrets of my love I long to share with you…“

Uhm, that’s so sad! T_T Hephaistion just wants to hold Alexander close, wants to know that he is truly loved by him – graaah, sometimes I want to kick Alexander ÔO He is so – so! I can’t find any matching word!

“A moment later they had disappeared into the woodlands.”

O_O What do they do, what do they do? *scream* Hephaistion, you CAN’T – I repeat: you CAN’T! – do it! Not with him, not now! What about Alexander? :o That’s mean, that’s sad, that’s so – dramatic!

But deep in my heart I hope – and I hope, I do also KNOW – that Hephaistion didn’t do anything with him. No. You won’t be so mean, will you? :D

“"Alexander! Oh, my sweet little Alexander!" Hellanike threw her arms about him and smothered him in kisses, sitting him down at her table and rapidly producing sweet wine and honey-cakes.“

LOL! xDD That’s EXACTLY like I imagine Lanike! A maternally woman, who ALWAYS pampers Alexander. And it’s so cute, that she sits him at her table, beacuse in my imagination Alexander still a small, young boy – well, he won’t be ever tall, even when he is older xD

And it’s so cute that SHE is the person he turned to after his escape from Mieza. I think, he his the perfect person for his needs now. And I like her! xD

“[...]to tell him he had found his Patroklos at last. How wrong had he been?”

No, you aren’t wrong x_x Hephaistion is Patroklos :o For God’s sake, sometimes I wish I could bind this two guys together until they speak out on their problems òo

“Alexander could feel his own face burning now; tears were stinging mercilessly at the back of his eyes and choking up his throat.“

No, no, no! T_T My poor Baby_Boy!

“"I don't want to grow up!" Alexander spluttered […]“

Arrw! :o He’s a little bit like Peter Pan, isn’t he? xD Wanting to live in his Neverland with Hephaistion :o

“[...] the great oaf thought it would be the funniest prank to snatch you out of your cradle and hide you in the stables… as quiet as a thief in the night he was; I was napping right beside you and I didn't hear at thing! He'd even kept you quiet – so he bragged to me later – by coating his fingers in honey and letting you suck them!"”

LOL! xDDD *rofl* No! Oh my god! Cleitos – no! xDDD I think, Alexander will NEVER EVER forget this. But that’s a good way to tease Cleitos later ;D

Lanike is the best amah ever! :D She so simply managed Alexander to forget his sadness! 3

“Sitting down on his own bed, Alexander stared for a very long time at the trunk's wooden frame, at its heavy lid, at the brass lock that Hephaestion had forgotten to fasten.“

Ö_Ö My god! DO IT! ONWARD! Go to this *** trunk an pick the letter out! Read it! And understand FINALLY what Hephaistion really feels! X_x That’s far too much for my poor, immature heart :o And for Alexanders certainly too!

A sad, but a wonderful and sometimes very funny chapter :D

I really love this whole story! *_* 3

Tsukikaze chapter 8 . 5/18/2010
Hello there :D

Ok, here's the thing: last week, for the first time since LAST SUMMER (I know, I'm a bad person xD I'll blame the school! Pathetic I know... :D) I decided to visit just for fun to check out if there's some good new ficks to read... And what did I find! *evil laughter* THIS! My gods, your story is GREAT, and now I'm asking myself: Why did I ever stop reading all these great stories? :D Luckily it's my summer holiday now, so I can read and enjoy your great work as much as I want, when ever I want, with whom I ever want... (I think you got my point xD) So please, don't disappoint me, and keep up the great work ::D pretty please and puppy eyes *-* But hey, I know you will :D Cant wait for your next update...

~Elina :)
Maydn chapter 8 . 5/18/2010
I'm really happy to see that you continued this lovely tale!

As before, your style is great and it's a pleasure to read. Even though not much is actually 'happening' it's still interesting to see how you delve deeper into their thoughts. And Alexander's erotic fantasies were quite amusing! ;)

However, I'm not completely convinced that he would /really/ believe that the "beloved" in Hephaistion's letter would be someone else. It's a bit of a cliché twist and from the way they have been close to each other and everything, I find it a bit hard to see him think that way. Maybe it would be more believable if e.g. Alex had seen Heph with someone else before...? (Maybe though, I'm just forgetting something like that happened. ;))

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the conclusion! :)
Troilus chapter 8 . 5/18/2010
I really do hope, he will not run away again !

The description of all of the self-made sorrows and feelings is phantastic !
delos13 chapter 8 . 5/16/2010
It was do lovely to read next chapter at last but made me sad to know that only 2 chapters are left. I will be waiting very impatiently to read them.

Now we know that Alexander at last got to read those letters from Hephaistion. Will it happen so that the letters make Alexander see what otherwise he couldn't?

I know I repeat myself and it really not qualifies as a review but I really like this story. I can also completely buy into the realness of Alexander's feelings that physical love is below the love of the soul but I guess, though it directly now said here, we have Aristotle to blame? If really something like that have happened it only shows the strength of Alexander character, and also the fact that some strenghs of our character can really work to our disadvantage!
Maydn chapter 7 . 4/28/2010
Very enjoyable approach to show the development of their relationship... :)

I think the form with the letter per chapter works really well even though I wonder why Hephaistion would write those in the first place (but I'm guessing there'll be more about them soon... ;)).

Your characterization for Alexander is very interesting; I'm particularly fond of his glorification of 'love' and his views and impressions on sex, that he knows and feels desire but looks down on giving into it. One has to pity Hephaistion for all the signals his beloved is sending and denying... But I can somehow really see Alexander ticking like that, you've written his point of view so convincing.

I think my favorite chapter so far was the one where Alexander was eavesdropping on the two guys talking about Hephaistion. That was really entertaining, and was also such a good way to compare the 'common view' on love and sex to how young Alexander perceives it.

So I'm definitely looking forward to more of this, it seems the jealousy-misunderstanding could be cleared at last...? I'll have to wait patiently. :D
Sushoo chapter 7 . 4/24/2010
I loved Alexander in this chapter! I'm very excited to hear you have a new computer, I hope to see regular updates now (Ha!), because waiting for a new chapter for such a long time is agony! I adore this story (and all your others as well.
System1988 chapter 7 . 4/18/2010
When (in my first review) I stated that I would like for this story never to stop and for the chapters to delay as much as possible to get posted I did not mean that much!

Anyway this chapter was superb as always and I hope to read the next one soon- i can't wait!
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