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dawnieangel76 chapter 19 . 4/18/2012
Wow...there are really no words for how I feel about this story. All I know is that it is simply amazing, and as addictive as its predecessor was.

I don't know if you're still around, but if you are, I do hope this fic will be finished someday. I'd just love to know how it ends.

Dawn :-)
MyChemical30 chapter 3 . 6/29/2010
OMG its so sad im already crying
NeroAnne chapter 19 . 6/26/2010
Awe...Mike and Jeff aren't as close as they used to sad.

:( The call to John! So angsty!

Awe...poor boys...

Ewe...poor Matt. That sounds like it seriously sucks...

0_0 It's making him see things!

THAT IS CREEPY. I wouldn't wanna picture Jeff doing that!

0_0 Wooow. It went back to how it started all!

*reads on*

He didn't ruin Jeff's life..

Nononono! You can't kill Matt!

Not good!

-_- Ian is so mean.

XP! You make Jeff sound so stupid, XD.


HEY! I know you're not gonna...-_- jeez..


I want the pictures...XD..

Uh oh..more angst..


NeroAnne chapter 18 . 6/10/2010
Lost your footnotes, babe? XD!


Yeah, he'd better not like Shannon that way. -_- He belongs to MATT.

Cuz Shannon is a baby, XD!

Yay! Paintings!

Jeff is always harrassed, XD! If it's not the beauty, it's his age! XD!

Awe, XD! He and Shanny are adorable!

Jeff is like Shannon's mom...XD!

XD! Funny, since Shannon has more muscle, that outfit sounds so weird on him, XD!


*reads on*

Poor Matteh, :(

Matt misses Jeff! Give him to Matt!

Awe...that's so heartbreaking!

X3! Cena has such a weird middle nam. Felix. XD! Ewe. Sounds like a cat, X3!

Ooh, it sounds pretty!

LMAO! The bear violated! XD!

Awe! SO ROMANTIC! It's adorable!

XD! it does sound like a good song, XD!

*reads on*


XD! He made it! AWE!

Thirteen hours?




NeroAnne chapter 17 . 5/19/2010
Awe...poor Jeff. He's so torn.

Jeff is still defending Matt...he's so sweet.

-_- Who the hell would be stupid enough to leave Shannon? How retarded is that?

Awe! Shan/Jeff kiss! SO CUTE!

Hehe, XD! Jeff turned it around on Matt! XD!

0_0 Oooh, Matt is yelling. NOT GOOD.

*reads on*

Matt is rude as hell, XP! But I love it.


XD! The baby! AWE!

Oh yeah, that hurt his feelings, XD!

Monique just stares at him! XD! That HAS to be a bit unnerving.

Awe, Matt's journal! XD!

He wants to be fixed...that's so cute.

Matt can be the meanest fuck on earth, XD! But he rocks at it.

*reads on*

Jeff misses his Matty...poor baby. Awe! OMG! So angsty! xD! I love it!

0_0...So poetic! XD!

Woooow. Matt is so tweaked...XD! Makes for awesome fiction!

That's so cool!

NeroAnne chapter 16 . 3/11/2010
The cat is DEAD? :( AWE..poor kitty.

o_o the cat screamed at him?

Jeff isn't dead! YAY! X3! Hardy kiss! So cute!

The clock strikes six...m...

The voices are bothering Matt again! Not good!

:( Poor Matty...HE knows what true fear is! He's LIVED it! He needs hugs, kisses and LUFF.

I love Matt's wrote it so awesomely! XD! The EMOTION...WAS...THERE!

*Reads on*

XD! Matt owns Jeffeh, XD! I loves.

Yeah, Matt's got some OCD, XD!

XP! I love it, XD! Matt is treating Jeff like his baby! COVERED and all!

...AND HE DID HIS HAIR! OMG! YES! I love that! 3!

So cute. I dunno, I LIKE Matt treating Jeff like a child, XD!

Awe...Jeff's so understandable.

Matt needs to EAT, man!

*reads on*

Heh, XD! Matt did his hair, too! XD!


Ewe, chemistry...XD! You drag your hell into the stories! XD! Poor boys!

EMO! XD! Emo Matt!

Awe...Adam follows him!

Poor Jeff...he's so confazzled.

...OH SHIT! Matt heard all that! OH, THE ANGST! it's just...AH.

It's all so sad and heartbreaking! YOU are angst, child...XD!


Way too good...


I LOVE YOU TOO, by the way, XD!

NeroAnne chapter 15 . 2/20/2010
0_0 XD! The baby has been born!

Melanie? I like it, XD!

...Cute baby, XD!

Monique, XD! Haha, XD!


I like the walls...I truly do.

Awe, that's cute! Matt is Jeff's inspiration!

*Reads on*

KISS! "Can I have a cookie, too?" XD!AWE!

*Reads on*

Always so cute with those two!

Nice name, XD!

Awe, poor Randeh..

It is so like Matt to think of a damn dog, XD!

XD! LMAO! "He'll be fine. He has a dog." XDD! LMAO!

Randy is so adorble, XD!

Shit metal music. Very humble, Matt. XD!

*reads on*

Hahah, nice lyrics, XD!

Poor Jeff was so into it that he forgot his part! XD! Hah!

3! Haha and he keeps forgetting it!

Hey, hey, hey! XD! Lay off Matty, Jeff! XD!


Jeff hugs his daddeh, X3!

Awe...poor Jeff.

0_0 holy shiz...


GAAH! Why would you end it that way? I want more!



Love you!
NeroAnne chapter 14 . 2/18/2010 we go! XD! Suspense! XD!

0_0 oh wow..that already sounds sad...

Jeff turned to drugs...sad but true, :(

Matt had it way too fucked up. Not only is he tainted forever, but now he's got brusies and cuts!

Little Cody! The baby of everything...awe..

I like that little quote, XD! It's nice to read at every turn.

SO TRUE! The best dreams...are dreams that could never be.

"I’m a piece of shit a horror movie on repeat. Awesome." LMAO. That was quule, XD!

*Reads on*

He's the reason for Matt not having the light!

Matty needs to be okay! He is love!

A LIST of medication...OMG.

Damn doctors..never giving a straight answerr...

Matt thinks he's not perfect? Blasphemy. Gil should know WHY, he did it! He must be punished.

Chris is so awesome...

Matt's not his brother...nor Gil's son. That is a huge heartache. Who'd wanna lose Matt?

True, true, they have to get everyone to tell them Matt's alive and well..

XD! He is the best! CHRISSY! XD! I love it.

*Reads on*

XP! Hey, Jeff's just showing he loves his brother!

John and Mike! YAY!

Hehe, "I know you." XD! AWE.

LMAO! Mike bitch-slapped him!

Poor John. I love how he's wanting to know if Mike's alright, though, XD! He loves him.

Why does everyone hate hospital food? XD! I kinda like it, XD!

Sheesh, John sure is a tough one.

0_0 OMG...I don't know what to say to THAT. They were so lovely together..

Man...somehow, maybe Mike did deserve it..I mean, clearly John didn't want to talk about it and he got tired..

*reads on*

Chris has eyes only for Adam! That's so sweet!


They are so sweet! XD!


Yeah right, XD! No one can shoot Adam,XD!


They're all having a pretty rough time...awe, they really just need someone to hug them.

Moonstone! XD!

NO! They can't leave each other, there's been too much heartache already!


Demented is fun! XD!

Adam better not break him! That'd hurt!

Awe...poor Chrissy.

*reads on*



YUM, Ted...

The cute.

At least Ted didn't go apeshit over it..

Wow. Nice thought of poetry there.

:( Awe...poor Jeff.

Do all of them have a sad life? XD! You Queen of Angst, you!

Jeff knows...

*reads on*

OMG it is IAN. *dyez*

I love it. He's so hot.

0_0 sheesh! He's gonna kill Jeff!



Very WELL worth the wait, angel! XD!
NeroAnne chapter 13 . 2/11/2010
OMG, I so wish I could review this the way I'm used to but I have the biggest project to do!

Man..this looked like a fun chapter to monologue for, too! -_-! ugh, now I'm upset.

Anyway, sweetheart, AMAZING CHAPTER.

I can't tell you how much I adored the ending. Ian and Matt kissing! It's like the best thing in the world!

And awe! Adam's memories! Those were so sweet and yet so sad...he's remembering his poor Chrissy!

And of course, Mr. Jericho is the biggest ass hole in the world.

Hehe, "No, it was a slap to my face." DAMN. Jeff is steamed!

Poor Jeffy! He's so scared without his Matty!

John and Randy is always amazing to read also!

I loved it so much!

3 you!
NeroAnne chapter 12 . 2/9/2010
0_0 Jeff's tone of voice is scaring the hell outta me. Poor guy. That's a lot to take in, really.

Awe...Matt better NOT kill himself! THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER! TOGETHER IN DEATH, WOAH WOAH. *sighs* Too much HIM.

Matt's too yum to die..he and Jeff need each other. I want them to live!

He doesn't! Matt is so young and he's LOVE!

That's true...Matt has so much darkness.

*Reads on*


That damn shape shifter...Matt's never gonna be worthless!

...Something isn't gonna go right...I can feel it! XD! You're gonna go all angst on us!

Yay! Jeff told his dad!

Chris really misses's so unfair how they can be so serperated.

Awe..who needs a female? XD! Get Adam!

So sad...

I KNEW IT! There's the spoonful of angst!

Damn, Gil! Why can't he just be happy?

Poor he's blaming himself even more!

xxVioletxxRosexx chapter 12 . 2/9/2010
He hurts himself in his sleep? :( Poor Matt...POOR JEFF!

Next chappy...please? XD
NeroAnne chapter 11 . 1/29/2010
Yesh, I didz, XD!


Grr. Phil's dad is a punk...LE GASP! Hardy? As in Papa Hardy? Uh ohs..

Teh demonz...

Phil slut...he just called Phil a slut...oh HELL no!

...YESH! Brothers kissing and yumming! XP!

XP! LMAO! "We aren't doing anything, bitch," XD! I love Matt when he's like that.

Poor PHIL! Jeff must be like, "No"

*reads on*

Jeff's gonna go in the sewers?

...Uh oh...Phil's slipping...

Lookit Matt all hot, XP!

Awe, Mikey smoked since Jeff went bye bye...poor baby.

They're gonna go visit thier sad.

0_0! NOO, don't make me cry!

Poor Mike! He misses his pops so much!

*Reads on*

Poor Jeffeh...his mom could have helped...

AWE! It doesn't!

0_0 oh siznit! It's freaking Gil!

Mr. Brooks needs die first!

GAH! What did he do?

OMG...shap shifters..

Seriousy, why?

...Ruby could NOT have hated Matt...dammit. That's not right.

Poor Matteh in the hospital.

Oh, that's a good idea.

...! OMG, what a ending! XD! WHY! XD! I wanna read more! XD!
xxVioletxxRosexx chapter 11 . 1/28/2010

HOW COULD YOU LEAVE IT OFF THERE? I loved it by the way. XD


Next chappy?


NeroAnne chapter 10 . 1/20/2010
Ouch, that must have been uncomfortable.

0_0 what the hell! Poor Matt!

He's bipolar..the poor yummy man.

No..he's not insane! He is love! Jeff won't leave Matt, he just got him back!

This is so sad! Jeff doesn't want to let go but Matt is so sure he's gonna flip on him! NO! I don't want! HE LOVES HIM!

Jeff's hurting cuz Matty no want to continue the sad!

*reads on*

Matt won't hurt Jeff...he loves him too much and we all know it!

Awe...but...SQUEE! "Cupcake" XD! WOOT!

So true! Jeff knows what it's like to be unwanted! It's all so sad! They shouldn't have to be treated like this!

You are fucking KILLER at writing those awesome paragraphs or words! They rock so hard! The emoion in them is like...WOW!

*reads on*

Matt is so wrong! So broken...the BOTH of them! I love them so damn much!

Nothing to forgive..but Matt can't accept some weird way, I can see why he feels as if he is a danger to Jeff...but that's still so damn sad.

TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM BACK, MATT! Imma hurt you! XD! Fuck, they're so angsty and so cute!

Awe! Jeff's little love spiel! XD!

Haha, XD! Rabbits say love? XD! CUTE!

*Reads on*


Mr. Bourne is not cool! Everyones parents in this fic are just NOT cool!

Awe..John must feel bad.

No way! He can't just grab onto Mike like that! It's not allowed!

CODY! XD! And Evie! XD!

Smoking, XP! I can't see Mike smoking for some reason.

...:( Mike needs a love of love hug! I will gives it to him!

*Reads on*

...OMFG! You're gonna make Phil's dad rape Phil?, that is sick. I can't believe he actually killed Phil's mom...

and now he's raping him!

..What the hell, man? How can someone even DO that to their son?

So heartbreaking...but so perfectly written!
NeroAnne chapter 9 . 1/16/2010
Awe, Randy ish licking ice cream, X3!

And Phil is shy, XP! SO like him.

XP! Hah! Randy eats ice cream the same way I do! Woot!

Awe...poor John. How IS he going to do that?

...Who the hell is that?

No one controls him! XD! Randy is so hilarious at times. XD!

Phil isn't a coward...XP!

*reads on*

...Ookay. SO Phil knows them.

Oh shiznit..

0_0 he KILLED her?

Poor Philly...

No, he needs to get his strength back. The poor boo.

Wow...Phil gets really emotional. Poor guy.

*reads on*

Ewe...two hours non-stop? That can't be healthy..

Smoking...? That's what caused the throwing up? Wha?

Poor Matteh. At least Jeffeh believes him. It is weird though..

Poor Matt..must be hard not knowing what the hell is wrong with you.

Oh no...Matt's down!

Bipolar? Holy hell!

*reads on*

Awe...that dear family.

His father would intimidate me too...the way he talks maybe.

...OMG..John must feel so bad. He's going to kill his dad..


What the hell? He's seriously doing that now?

That is so not right..

NOPE! XD! Jeff's alive! XD!

Yay...maybe this will bring a bit of love? XD!
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