Reviews for Birth of a Devil
Monster King chapter 8 . 8/14
Great story I really liked it a shame that it looks like you gave up on the story.
kat1017 chapter 1 . 5/21
both the Senju and the Uzumaki clans are decendants of Ashura who was the second and youngest son of the Rikudo Sennin thus Naruto is a direct decendant of him, just as much as anyone who is of either the Senju or Uchia clans are.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/18/2016
Oh please tell is not kakashi
draco7347 chapter 8 . 7/18/2015
please start a new chapter i hate suspense
Ballazan chapter 8 . 3/25/2015
Please update this story soon!
Neo-Devil chapter 3 . 11/8/2014
for Armor,when he is older, give Naruto the Armor of the God Emperor of Mankind(Warhammer 40k)
nich2710 chapter 6 . 9/26/2014
Hakureisaiga-Remind me to kill Ogre next time I see him. Seriously, my favorite character besides Law, King gets killed by that bastard.

I really hate to say it, but ogre did kill king.
The one currently in the game is called king 2 and was a kid at the orphanage the original king took care of. Basically he is the successor of king 1
La Kill chapter 1 . 6/17/2014
Authors note in the flow of the story! INSTANT FAIL!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/1/2014
Funny that Sarutobi seems to imply that Naruto is not labeled a missing-nin because he promises to return. It's not like he would anyway, because he is a civilian. The "nin" in "missing-nin" means ninja, so obviously no civilian can ever be a missing-nin.
WeberCode chapter 8 . 1/25/2014
sequel, please
acetwolf94 chapter 8 . 12/22/2013
Akuma-Heika chapter 2 . 12/20/2013
Only silver haired chunin known is Mizuki.

In Tekken they do not scream out move names…

How about making the jewel a third eye?

Why would he need to train in those styles?

Your Naruto is learning the styles faster than possible.

Technically he cannot be an indirect descendent. If there is a line connecting them genetically he is directly descended. If he has the Uzumaki vitality that means he has Senju blood.

Can he turn into a Devil Jin form? Or maybe the Complete Devil Jin form ( win in Tekken 4 or 5 he absorbs his grandfather’s DG)? That one was a good look.

How can we see the mortal characters but not the immortal ones? Their bones would be worm shit after all the millennia.

I thought he didn’t want to be known as Namikaze so why is he taking the name?

I am impressed not I am impressive.

Earth is strong against water. Lightning is strong against Earth. Pure Water is a very bad conductor of electricity.

The chakra invades his body so disrupting her would serve little purpose if memory serves.
Doctor Psychosis chapter 8 . 12/20/2013
i like this story i do hope you continue it.
MAZOKU KING chapter 8 . 12/20/2013
Shikamaru gunslinger
Me chapter 1 . 12/20/2013
Nice pic... prologue? I'll see where this goes
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