Reviews for The Definition of a Friend
Spikey44 chapter 1 . 6/15/2011
Hi there. I realise you wrote this one-shot awhile ago but I just had to review and thank you. I love Team Seven (Naruto,Sakura, Kakashi...even Sai) but the character that drew me into the manga was Sasuke. And I hate how, when the 'truth' of the Uchiha massacre was revealed everyone hated on Sasuke for hating Konoha.

If I'd found out the government of my home conspired to blame my entire family for the actions of one ex-clan member long presumed dead, then had them ghettoised before essentially blackmailing my brother into butchering the lot of them before proceeding to throw said brother to the wolves, (After which one of the conspirators harvested eyeballs from my dead relatives to further his own bids for power while the Hokage did nothing to stop such a dangerous man from conspiring against him, even though that was the whole justification for wiping out the Uchiha) I think I'd want that entire village to burn too.

Like you I don't excuse Sasuke for being rabidly psychotic, as he is clearly insane and dangerous, probably beyond salvation, but emotionally I don't think his reaction is either stupid or unrealistic. I think a lot of people if they discovered a government conspired to murder their family would not be thinking about quietly returning to said village and serving that government. I know I wouldn't.

(Though he should really stop hating on Naruto and his friends because Naruto sure isn't deserving of that hate.)

I really wish that Kakashi had said the things he said in your fic in the actual manga, but alas Kishimoto seems to want all Uchiha to be hated. Except Itachi who is apparently now a saint for murdering his entire family on the say so of a weak figurehead and a powerhungry egomaniac - oh well! At least I'll always have your fic!

Sorry for the rant and thanks for writing this!
NEVERMORE DARKNESS chapter 1 . 2/19/2010
loved it!
TimesARiver chapter 1 . 1/21/2010
I've been brousing the site, looking for an interesting story, or even a story that has the POTENTIAL to be interesting, and have been bitterly disapointed. Then I stumbled on this.

All I can say is you better continue this. You made fantastic points, everyone's reactions were spot on for what was going on. In fact, it almost seemed like something I'd read in the manga.

Nothing was overdramatic, with is a huge plus, and everyone seemed to be in character, though with one chapter its hard to tell.

Anyway, I'll be watching this.

Update soon!
IUSEDTOBECRAZY chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
No, they got exactly what was coming to them for the most part. Traitors should be killed for their treason. Itachi, despite what some people are now claiming, was an evil man.(I'm busy ranting at this point) Anyone who would murder his entire clan down to the last man, woman, and child is lower than scum. (Sasuke being the exception, obviously) Those responsible should have been executed. Simple. As for Sasuke, I understand he's important as the antagonist, but as far as I'm concerned his head should have come off at the waterfall all those chapters ago. I swear, that kid is best example of a smart/stupid person I have ever seen. Madara explains what happened and he still just blindly follows along, the cocky little arrogant googly-eyed treasonous bastard.

Alright, rant aside your story isn't too bad. Wow, that was informative huh?
DragonGod926 chapter 1 . 12/15/2009
I really don't believe can or should return to Konoha. If he did, he'd face prejudice on a scale that makes Naruto's childhood seem normal. He's better off on his own with Karin traveling the world.
Sarah1281 chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
I know what you mean. With all the insanity that has been the manga for...quite some time, really, you almost have to write fanfics just as a form of therapy. :p

I really liked this chapter. Kakashi just prove himself amazing. I loved the whole 'you were the only one with any sense' line. Sakura and Sasuke really have a lot to answer for when the moniker of 'the sensible one' passes to Naruto. Also, I can't wait to see what happens when Sakura finds out that Kakashi would be willing to go to war over Sasuke. It would be like:

Naruto: Sakura, what the hell are you doing?

Sakura: Sorry, Naruto, I didn't want you to find out this way...or at all...but I must do this to prevent another war!

Naruto: Yeah, it's a little late for that. Madara just started one and did I mention that if Sasuke dies over the Hachibi incident, Konoha's going to war? Damned if you do...

Did Gaara mention that the Hachibi's fine? The Raikage should be more willing to listen about Sasuke since his brother's fine. Anc come to think of it, Sasuke's reaction to finding out Kakashi would go to war for him would be interesting, to. His family was killed to prevent a war and now Konoha is risking one for his sake. A nice bit of irony, there.

I'm glad Kakahsi got the whole 'the Massacre was Konoha's fault' thing out in the open finally. There really is no reason to keep it a secret. There may have been SLIGHT cause not to tell people when Danzo was Hokage, but now that they're firing him, why not make it more open? Not to say there should be a general anouncement, but the key people can know. After all, if Kakashi hadn't stopped Naruto from telling Sakura about Itachi, she probably wouldn't be out to get herself killed/kill Sasuke.

I think that there are a lot of extenuating circumstances as far as Sasuke is concerned and they should be taken into account, but Sasuke has still consistently proven incapable of making a good decision. He could have gained power just fine in Konoha (his jealousy should have pointed out that gaining power in Konoha was working out just fine for Naruto), his gathering of Hebi proves he didn't need to 'go it alone', deciding to spit on Itachi's sacrifice the minute he decided he loved him again, deciding 'refused to choose between you and Konoha' meant that he was more important than Konoha as a whole, deciding all of Konoha had to die for the actions of a few people...I mean, if he decided he wanted to kill the elders and Danzo, that would make sense and might even be justified but EVERYONE? It's not like they even knew and there was a lot of evidence to support that they all pretty much loved him before he left. And joining an organization whose main goal involves murdering his best friend? Not to mention going after the perfectly innocent and not-involved Hachibi? I love Sasuke, but he makes it REALLY difficult to sometimes. And why doesn't he act the slightest bit upset that Madara admitted that while Itachi killed the Uchiha for peace he did it for the hell of it?

I can't wait to see what happens next in this. chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
Haha, this was awesome!

I have but one problem with it however-Naruto needs to be the Seventh, not the Sixth!

The number 7 I believe is just much more symbolic for Naruto (hah, he IS Team 7 after all-why not have it in more ways than one?)-and no offence to the number 6, it just doesn't have quite the amount of impact 7 does, LOL.

Anyway, yes, I loved it!

Kakashi's comfort and faith in regards to Naruto had me squealing on the inside-Kakashi's so effing awesome!-they were really touching scenes and I while fangirling I couldn't help but get a little teary as well, especially from the "Naruto is the most amazing and surprising shinobi I have ever known," part-so touching! Aw!

Yeah, Konoha really does have a lot to say for themselves about everything-given that it was Konoha's Uchiha (even if said Uchiha was renegade) that began the organisation, Konoha is loosely at fault for not taking out Madara in the first place. -sigh-

And yes, Sasuke's defection is Konoha's own fault as well. They should have cared for Sasuke more-maybe found some way to stop Sasuke from finding out about Itachi, even. Why couldn't Itachi have just lied about the massacre? Or while killing the clan have himself under a henge? Sasuke wouldn't have HAD to have known it was Itachi otherwise! And blah blah if Kishi wanted to go for the "You Uchiha brought this on yourselves," garbage. "You get what you deserve at the hands of your own golden boy so look into the eyes of your beloved Sharingan as you are wiped out". But yeah, even if Sasuke's a complete asstard (like the rest of his clan outside Obito and Itachi), I still can't help but love him and think of the annoying little boy from Part 1 who thought he was top dog, LOL. I hope Sasuke IS saved by Naruto, but I'm not so sure it's going to happen, to be honest. I have in mind a sadder end to Team 7.

But still, hopefully PimpKage wont be too nasty to Kakashi at the next KageKon (haha, I blame Gabzillaz on deviantart for all those nicknames!)-he's too sexy to die! ...Or be bruised.


I really do hope she engages Sasuke and confronts him about everything. (And gets her ass handed to her. Only for Naruto to save her at the critical moment and the REAL Team 7 confrontation begins!) She really needs to let him go... I just want to know who she truly cares for dammit-Kishi is freaking KILLING me with the shipping wars!

And then that Sai!

As much as I love that boy he's a goddamn TROLL! Pick a ship already and stick with it, dammit! LOL.

Ughh, while I know I should be caring more about the general storyline I can't help but act like a complete girl and worry about the pairings, haha. It's quite sad. I mean, there's a WAR taking place now-how can that NOT be exciting!

But gosh, these chapters all have me soo riled up as well-it's rather exciting!

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes next (the opening chapter really was quite great!), so until then!