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Jamie Graham chapter 1 . 8/21/2013
I'm sorry to say that as much as I loved the other two stories, I didn't care for the unbelievability of this one. I know we all want 'happy endings' to happen to Basch and Vaan but the truth is that Basch's choice would have torn them apart, and that should also be point out this is all Basch's choice.

His brother, Larsa, and Ashe may have all contributed to the decision but the final choice was Basch's; it shows that ultimately he doesn't/didn't care about Vaan even half as much as he professed. I know the kingdoms peace and Larsa needed him but as the same time they didn't, if that makes any sense.

Larsa may have needed guidance but he's also been pampered his whole life, perhaps he should finally gain enough maturity to be the ruler he liked to pretend he already was. That war took everything from Basch but he (Basch) is the one to chose to let it take Vaan. If he had truly cared about him he would have stayed, because despite Penelo's optimism there is no way a 'friendship' would ever develop between 'Gabranth' and Vaan; nobody would believe that Vaan would forgive his brothers murderer let alone look upon him with anything but scorn.

Penelo may try and compare her situation with Larsa to Vaan's and Basch's/Gabranth's but there are huge differences starting with the fact that Larsa didn't kill anyone that Penelo loved, and an emperor can bring in a 'mistress' even from a lower class with little cause for concern so she gets to be with him when she wants, the person that 'Gabranth' is doesn't have that luxury because Everyone knows that he's not attached to anyone but his loyalty to Larsa.

Also, more unforgivable is that not only did Basch not tell Vaan what was happening but he honestly seemed to expect Vaan to react positively to having to experience Gabranth, even if in name only. Why he though he would get support for being so duplicitous in his deception is beyond me but it shows a selfishness that was only exceeded by the real Gabranth (because the reason for his behavior was nothing but selfish).

All-in-all, I can honest say that while I do normally like "happily-ever-afters" I also like realism where it counts, and yes you can have both, but this story with the rationalization that they (Penelo, Basch, and Vaan) give aren't realistic in the least so they were a detriment.

I could see Penelo telling Vaan all that she did and could even see Vaan talking with her the way he did but I also see him not going to Basch because (as an orphan who has lived the life he has) he knows that sometime dreams are only dreams and they can't come true. That just because someone claims they love doesn't mean that they truly care about you and that just because you love them that you can keep giving up yourself to see them happy; and that is what would happen if Vaan stayed with 'Gabranth', he would have a hard time separating Basch from Gabranth and then he would slowly lose who he (Vaan) was.

Ultimately, I think that if Basch truly cared about him he wouldn't have started anything with Vaan to being with because he knew that Vaan would always come second place in his priorities; whether those priorities would have been with Ashe or with Larsa he knew he was always going to place others above Vaan when it came to true dedication and, as such, should have never played with his (Vaan's) feelings. Leading him on with such hope as an orphan always dreams of was crueler than what Gabranth did.

And make no mistakes when I say that Basch chose to place Vaan in second place because it was a choice, he had the option; Basch may have been a solider, a leader, a loyal retainer to the crown but he was not a slave, he could have chose to serve where he could and stayed with Vaan but he chose instead to become someone else and tie himself to someone he didn't even owe fealty to and in doing so he willingly chose to leave Vaan behind.

His (Basch's) very priorities show you that he didn't actually love Vaan; he may have cared for him, he may have lusted after him, he may have felt guilty about Reks and he may have enjoyed the 'intimacy' between them but he most certainly didn't love him. As trite as it sounds love real is as simple as placing another person above yourself; from Basch's actions you can tell he loved his brother but in that same token you can also tell that he didn't love Vaan, and all the caring and guilt in the world isn't going to change that. If he had 'loved' Vaan he would have found a real way of staying with him, not given him lies, dreams, hopes, and flights of fancy.

Basch could have chose not to make that promise and in doing so found a way to stay with Vaan, his 'love', but he didn't, he chose to throw him away knowing that an orphan shown even the slightest positive feeling would cling to the person who showed it to them. He (Basch) bound Vaan to him with his actions but the least he could have done was be honest about it; don't go claiming that you love someone when you don't and don't go making it seem like you'll be there for them (he's not even going to be in the same region as Vaan) and don't keep them bound to you (especially while you're were the face of his brother's murderer).

As you can see, for me, despite the potential this story could have had (Basch could have made better choices, even with his promise), it ultimately fell flat. Not even because Basch did choose 'duty' to a foreign master over someone he claimed to love but because the outcome itself was just too unrealistic; Vaan can hope all he wants the the simple truth is that Basch decided that he (Vaan) wasn't worth it in the end. Basch chose an lifetime of service (and that role is for life) as a murderer (Gabranth killed not just Reks but also the King) to someone who was/is barely an acquaintance, 80 years down the road 'Gabranth' may retire but more realistically everyone who knows him (or of him) knows that he will always be by Larsa's side and Vaan has no place there.

Yes, I sound harsh but just remember these are only my opinion and I hope that don't make you dislike me too much; rant aside I do love the pairing and I absolutely loved the first two stories in this 'series' of stories but I just really disliked the outcome of those stories, they left such a feeling of hope for the two of them and this one just destroyed that (because, despite the hopefulness that you've left them with, I still can't help but see that they won't be together now).

I do apologize not only for the rant but for the length; mostly I wanted to explain my reasoning for my thoughts/opinions, and that kind of leads to more point and thus more explanations (hence the extra length). Ultimately, as they are just my thoughts and opinions feel free to ignore them. Honestly, I'm glad that you wrote any of them because I agree with you they (as a pair) need more love and stories, even now after so few even think of the game and its characters anymore; thanks for doing so (writing them) and for sharing them with us.
Anonymous Angel chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
I just have to say... WoW! And so adorable! :) You have a wonderful way with words so yeah... Love it! *smile*

I also love BaschxVaan and there's not a whole lot of fics out there! O.o I need to write my own lol.

But once again, lovely stories and i enjoyed them! I shall definitely read somemore of your fics cuz i love the way you write. X3

Anyways, cya! *wave*

Anonymous Angel
marhi'smate chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
Loved it! Really this will be the way I imagine the ending every time I play it from now on, in fact I'm gonna go play it right now lol. Thanks for taking the time to write and share. 3
Redundant Goddess chapter 1 . 1/9/2010
Good Heavens, I've just realised I've enjoyed this fic many times and yet I have not reviewed it! How awful of me!

However, I'm doing so now and I have to say I loved it. I enjoyed the dynamics of the story and how Basch and Vaan's relationship had changed according to the end of the game and the difficulties they faced. Very well thought out.

Not only that but the tenderness that underlines the two is wonderful and you really feel for both of them. I'm glad it ended on a happy note.

Fantasically written and a superb read. Thank you very much for such a wonderful group of one shots, this one in particular.

Peace and Pies

R.G. x
Katreda chapter 1 . 12/17/2009
Aw, I think I'll start reading slashes. Cette série s'est terminée sur une bonne note, enfin. J'avais peur que ça termine là pour les deux!
GrimCharmer chapter 1 . 12/15/2009
thats it! im playing the game and finishing it this fic motivated me to do so hehehe gotta go finish the game hehehe

thanks _
Iyrll chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
Yay! Another job well done, as always, i hope you continue to write more of Basch/Vann you do such a good job with the pair and really do it justice,Good luck with your other works!