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John.MorrisonDX chapter 5 . 3/11/2011
Hi this is a nice story and will you update soon?
akanami94 chapter 5 . 3/2/2010
Guest chapter 5 . 1/17/2010
*Gasp!* She called me awesome! *faints* hahaha jk jk love you girl and your welcome!

I like Capri, she seems like a real sweetheart, actually concerned about the hilarious awkwardness! :P (and her name is really pretty!)

OH NO! the boys are gone... where oh where can they be... hehe damn im tired lol

FINALLY WE LEARN! lol jk jk since i already knew haha

aw poor john... your going to make me cry! you suck!

MIKE CAN USE HIS BRAIN! wow that wasn't supposed to sound mean... but more like a wow, he actually put 2 and 2 together... haha i'm just gonna stop now... :P

the bandana... the one he almost killed Izzy over because he though she lost it... and he actually tore it up... aw I 3 miz... he's slowly becoming one of my favorites... :D

oh no... not the chest, its almost never a good sign... god i love how i know what you were planning and everything and i'm still crying like a baby over it! your good girl! :D

lights? are there aliens? lmao! i can't stop thinking about mikes little freak out on Area 51... hehe

i am so glad you used the cactus rose... it is so pretty and johns little bit of thinking almost made me cry at how sweet it was... girl you are brilliant! :D

omg i kinda thought you might be actually killing him off even though i know you couldn't... your really good :D

bright lights! :D


aw i 3 mizzy! they are so adorable!

poor cailin! :'(

aw cailin and mike already have a cute almost brotherly/sisterly relationship! LOVE IT! :D

i don't like miz sad... he cant make me laugh and giggle... :P

hehe i love hearing my expertise lol :P but i am loving Izzy trying to be all calm and smart about it! poor mike is over emotional... i mean i get it, but he should really calm down! :P

YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D (just like u made me love mizzy!)

aw. so this starts out kinda sad... :(

aw mike is all sweet! :D:D:D

YES! 3 the cuteness of mizzy shall reign! :D:D:D

so they like totally kissed and i like totally danced around the room :D

"Mike sighed as he held Izzy close, resting his cheek on her hair. He truly did love her, and a great weight seemed to have been lifted from his shoulders now that she knew. And though he was still incredibly worried about John, he knew that waiting for any news, regardless of what it would be, would be more bearable with her." omg i love this so sweet! :D

aw even though hes all sickly, he still lets her know hes okay... omg this chapter has me all teary eyed... :D

aw ben is cute! so is the image of cailin all cuddled up like that! :D

Girl youi have done it again! :D

Lotsa Love!


x0allisonqt0x chapter 5 . 1/17/2010
Aww I LOVE Mike and Izzy together nowD

Ugh stupid snake! (

I hope John's okay!
Evildarkwolf chapter 5 . 1/17/2010
Wohhtt! He made it! And now Miz has Lizzy. Cant belive she was the one who said it first. I thought he would. lol. Grate chapter! Loved it! Please update soon. I cant what. :)
Expect-the-Unexpected75 chapter 5 . 1/17/2010
Interesting chapter! Well worth staying up for...even though I fell asleep, lol...

Will John make it? Now you've got me curious!

Update soon...please?
purplelygoodnes chapter 5 . 1/17/2010
Ok first things first… AW! TEDDY BEAR HUGS! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D *giggle fits* now that that’s out of the way… lol. oo I called capris hidden implication! :D lets see if Graelam can catch it :)haha ben still reminds me of miz w/ the overprotective part lol. hehe teddy bear hugs :D (lol ur probably going 2 be seeing that A LOT in this review ;)) oh and I don’t think that Capri should feel bad about the one bed thing. They can handle it there men… well one of them is… haha im so mean… aw *giggle* teddy bear hugs (lol don’t say I didn’t warn u hehe ;)) aw poor john :’( u just keep hurting him ( r u going 2 hurt him in EVERY story u write that has him in it? if u r that’s mean and I might as well just bring the crossbow 2 school on tues lol. *shakes head* miz and ur silly ideas… :P aw! Poor john! That’s so sad! w/ the cactus rose thing and all and the whole thing about cailin! Aw! Stupid miz :P and ur stupid ideas w/ ur stupid interruptingness! :P I just wanna… wanna… *starts up chainsaw and swings it around* gr ( like I said on twitter im coming 2 get u on tues… aww miz is happy 2 hear my voice hehe im not angry at him anymore hehe lol …but I should have punched him for being stupid *hump* …aw teddy bear hugs :D lol. oo and teddy bear hug before the teddy bear hug! Yay! Lol. hehe I shocked him :D hehe yoshi: no thank u lol! haha miz grabbed me! Haha! I don’t know y I find that so funny but I do! ;) and this is suppose 2 be sad! Lol but I think this is like the 15th time ive read this part lol :D hmm I wonder y ;) lol. hehe when I placed my hand on him it reminded me of when he grabbed me lol! I still cant stop laughing haha! Aw we fought :( but confession time! :D lol! yes miz ur an asshole that made me cry but u no what? Ur MY asshole! Lol! hehe I love how we claim the hehe :D hehe I love these 2 lines: "I know I can be an asshole sometimes... Okay, more than sometimes.” And "Well, I do," he told her. "Get used to it, because that's the way it is." Lol! I still cant believe that we kissed before u 2 did lol. if it weren’t for that interruption… lol! hehe TEDDY BEAR HUGS! :D aw sweet cailin/jonh moment… even though hes unconscious… lol. aw thats so cute and ben is so nice :) on question though where did miz and I go? Lol although I have a few ideas of where we might have gone hehe ;)
purplelygoodnes chapter 4 . 1/15/2010
Hehe I get mad at miz for trying 2 protect me and then get scared and grab onto him lol. hehe silly miz not noticing what hes doing lol. thats probably y hes always getting into trouble hehe! Damiens a jerk :P punching john like that ( hehe I like how I stay right behind miz though ;) lol. and I love the line where he says: "If you only listen to me once, I want it to be now.” He cares for me and he doesnt even no it lol. this part “the tag team partners locked arms and rushed forward, taking the larger man down by forcing their arms to his throat” reminded me of red rover lol. wow they make one kickass tag team! :D well isnt that a horrible thought for me 2 have? ;) lol. yay my first heart attack 2 the miz! Is it bad 2 hope that I give him more? Lol! :D oo u and john r left alone for a bit at the restaurant ;) lol and of course miz ruins it hehe. ew Melina :P haha. Wow miz and his smart ideas lol. bens got a fiancé? I like how I didn’t no that lol. hahaha! “their eyes widening with fear” wow I could not stop laughing at that 2 save my life! Hehe how john tuned out miz reminded me of that article at Walgreens where john talks about how all miz is do is talk lol. 2 bad u didn’t make them lose the bed and then have them fight over the bathtube that would have been hilarious! :D haha! Yay purple flowers! :D but bad miz no kicking the purple flowers *kick shin* :P and of course there would be a snake in the purple flowers that he just happened 2 kick. He is just soo accident prone :P OMG! If I didnt no more of the story that would be totally evil! Well its still totally evil but still! Omg! Poor guys :( but I still love the cliffhangers! I really like this chapter! But poor john and miz :P u just keep putting them in these bad situations lol. but besides from the evilness at the end it’s a funny charpter :D I really like it and I cant wait for the next one which u said wouldn’t take 2 long! So u better not be lying or else ill have 2 go look for my next victim lol!
Expect-the-Unexpected75 chapter 4 . 1/15/2010
Ow! I don't like snakes!

I Do like this chapter, though.
Evildarkwolf chapter 4 . 1/15/2010
Yes, you are evil. Who got bit? Loved the fight they had. Ohh this is getting good! More! Fast?
Ana of Rohan chapter 4 . 1/14/2010
RAMBLING REVIEW GO! (though i can't top the last review i sent you :P)

No problem! I love helping! Love you too girl!

LMAO! haha oh izzy... how do I love you, let me count the ways?

aw mike was all sweet again! :D (thinking there maybe more than 1 on this review!)

gr Damien... i really like your name, but your a meany :P

oh john's all macho! :D

aw mike's nervous... :P

i EXTREMELY dislike Damien, how can he hit such a beautiful face... *humph!*

*gasp!* trouble in paradise? the boys are fighting... NO! haha jk jk

aw he gave her his bandana... I 3 mizzy! :D

izzy cares izzy cares! I feel like dancing around the room... lol maybe too much ibuprofen? haha

oh the hair is going up, he means business... and sexiness of course... oh the vampire-ish picture just popped into my head... hehe sorry. :P

why must you make bad guys sound so damn hot? m :D

hahaha omg can you make me love miz anymore? holy crap... :P

the man does effing parkour, can he not freaking tell that dirt hurts? hehe that rhymed...

dude you write really good fight scenes! :D

oh "never cross us again..." :P freaking asshole...

hehe Cailin was so checking out John out ;) hehe

LMAO! Izzy you are amazing! I need to -hug- her... :D

aw mike was kind of an ass... but it was in a cute/endearing i wanna slap you kind of way :D

*gasp!* how dare u hurt mizzy! (oh man i sound like purplelygoodnes :P haha)

"Oh, and just because I'm doing this doesn't mean I hate you any less." haha best line! Just Sayin' ;)

Izzy is so mean :P poor mike... hehe he had a heart attack like jomo... ;) haha another shameless plug (though more subtle no?)

CAILINJOHNSO ADORABLE! almost as cute as that other awesome jomo pairing ;) lol i am so tired... please forgive me :P

Why is it that John is the only guy who can actually admit feelings in our stories? like really? Just Sayin ;)

MIZ IS MEAN! ruining such a cute little moment!

i like john/miz brotherly moments! they make me happy :D

MizplansshouldNEVEReverhappen just sayin' he's a trouble maker...

"You know you're my best friend and all..." Mike said. "But this is pushing it." okay you were on the ball with awesome lines in this chapter! :D

Awkward turtle. 'nuff said.

John and Mike remind me of pinky and the Brain... lol felt that was necessary.

haha "Oh, yeah. A cactus in the desert," you are seriously witty in this one i am so in love with it!

i hate em fighting... makes me sad... :(

*gasp!* even though i know who gets bit, i am still scared and nervous! you are evil, you brilliant woman you! :D

dude you made this crappy day so much better!

I love you! you rock my socks...




ps. have fun!
Shell chapter 3 . 1/2/2010
Great job so far!

Stumbled onto this last wk!

Looking forward to more!
x0allisonqt0x chapter 3 . 12/27/2009
Haha okay, well first off all this chapter was great!

Second, Mike really cracked me up in this chapter! I love when the mayor couldn't pronounce his name xD.

I can't wait for an update, so we can see what these dudes want from them lol
Ana of Rohan chapter 3 . 12/27/2009
chapter 2 and 3 rambling review go! hehe

okay! so this is the second time I've read chapter 2! its amazing!

aw poor john, i don't like to see him hurt :P

hehe area 51... aliens... :) oh that lovable dork!

lmao! mike jumping to conclusions... poor "girl" lmao!

lmao! i love the "Assholes most wanted" line... perfection... hehe

i LOVE that you used the name Damien! its a favorite name of mine for guys and it totally gives that domineering evil sense... :)

i love izzy/mike! they are seriously hilarious! :D:D:D:D

aw Cailin and John are adorable... hehe can't wait to see how that blossoms :)

i love that he still tries to pay. i love how sweet you write him, reminds me of "Forever and a Day" (yes i couldn't resist the shameless plug :P)

haha i like how izzy asks about Mike... ;) i hear love birds... who may end up killing each other... :D lmao!

oh frustrated mike... but its all HIS fault! :P hehe

~chapter 3~

hehehehehe mike and throwing pebbles. wow... is he a little kid? lmao!

hehe mike and his smartass comments... hehe tomatoes...

oh looks like Cailin has a temper... hm :) lol

oh cailin likes john! hehe lingering hands... lmao! maybe i am just reading WAY to into this...

eep! damien scares me... :( i don't like mean guys... thus regal.. knox... ect! hehe lmao!

wait familiar? oh this can't be good, but now that i have actually watched Cars, i totally see where this is going... without your own little twists of course...

hehe mike's false bravado... :P

aw mike had feelings! :) and john getting protective over cailin. this chapter is making me aw a lot! :P

LMAO! haha the judge is way too funny! love it! hehe never thought mizanin could be such a difficult name...

I want to slap miz... he should have just kept his dang mouth shut, but at least he's hilarious... :D:D:D

aw you just made me fall in love with john all over again... :) he is the most amazing man EVER! hehe

haha and Izzy is my new favorite OC (next to Kaiya of course) i love her wit... hehe

INNOCENT! :D:D:D yes! haha i am still overly hyper!

aw, most definitely love john :) hes all gentle and sweet... :)

haha john asked out izzy for mike... hehe oh man this could be trouble ;)

hahahaha awkward silence much... :D too funny.

oh why did you have to end it with a scary cliffy... :P u suck brat! lol can't wait to see whats next!

Lotsa love chica!


Evildarkwolf chapter 3 . 12/26/2009
Marry Chirstmas to you too. :) Man Mike shure does have a big mouth. Love it thoue. This was yet another grate chapter. But I need to know what happens next! You left a cliffy. love it! Please update soon! :) You know you want to.
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