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MikasaAckergirl chapter 30 . 10/30/2019
I... am... *takes a shot of grape juice* mad. It was... a dream? It was so perfect, wonderful, amazing. But it was a dream? Why would you do this to meeeeeeee! *cough* Annnnyyyyyywhhhhhoooo I love the way you write, it’s soo cool, lots o details. Can’t wait to finish!
vampygurl402 chapter 34 . 10/2/2018
Good fic!
Please do more in future!
Copper Inkwell chapter 1 . 9/30/2017
Enjoyed the fic, made me tear up a bit
I'm homeworkthe chapter 23 . 8/28/2017
I am going afterthepppppppp
nepentheosileus chapter 34 . 7/18/2016
I'm not even remotely upset with this ending, honestly. It was beautiful in its own way and leaves a lot to the imagination. The relationship between Dash and Danny that you portrayed in 34 chapters was outstanding, blissfully confusing, disgustingly wonderful, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I realise that you're probably - what - in your twenties now. Twenty two as an estimate. But either way, I'm still going to leave this review. You mentioned in an earlier chapter that you wanted people to give feedback even after 2012 if we survived the Apocalypse, and, well, it's 2016 and I'm still here!
Meander chapter 34 . 6/27/2016
-Tucker was a good friend which was so cute.
-Grammar and spelling was pretty on point

-Awkwardly written verging on poorly written. Just some things that were said and the way sentences were put together.
-Why is it that Danny is still in love with Dash even though he's literally getting beat by him? Why are you promoting abusive relationships?
-Turning Sam into a villain just for drama. I'm pretty sure that Sam who is as unorthodox as they come would be against homosexuality.
-Paulina made one threat and never did anything
-Everyone was out of character to a certain extent.
-Extremely unsatisfying and confusing ending considering that there's no way Sam would be cool with Dash and Danny being friends. Cause she'd always think he were gay.
-Not to mention is Dash even aware that they are broken up? Were they even together?
-Why did it even matter that they were assigned to be partners? Danny Fenton and Dash still didn't get along. It was Phantom and Dash that did.
-It really just, going back to Sam, I'm sure there could be ways that you could make her into a bad guy but turning her homophobic was a poor choice.
-I'm sure there's other things but I'm just gonna have to let them go.
Kisaki Sakura chapter 34 . 5/17/2016
The idea was nice and I really love the pairing. Even if I find it somehow unbelievable that Sam would be so hateful.
I like the development of Dash and the hopeful ending. Your writing of Tucker and Jazz was exceptionally well.
Your writing was good, except for a few chaps in the middle to the end where it became rather messy and it was hard to understand the flow of the story (e.g. the dream that wasn't, the whole chapter schizophrenia, where the switch between Danny and Sam wasn't to be distinguished)

It is good to experiment with writing, it is necessary for growth ...
LoveMuffins chapter 34 . 4/18/2016
This fic was no is one of the most beautiful and amazing story on this website and I can not believe it took me this long to find this masterpiece .
dannyshutyerface chapter 34 . 9/28/2015
I need to break everything. To peel apart the layers of this world and every world beyond it. Because I need this show, this fanfiction, to be real. And I need to find it in the twisted reality that can be found SOMEWHERE in this damned universe.
kingchad chapter 11 . 5/4/2015
*whispers* hello yes I think the word U are looking for is bisexual
Like I love the story so far but being bi myself it's super cringy to see a character who could be bi in a situation like "I've liked girls, but theres a hot dude so I'm gay now"
5dshadesofgay chapter 34 . 5/3/2015
I still don't know why Sam was so... ooc and crazy. But this ending was more satisfying than the previous chapter.
it would be cool of there was a sequel in which they were both in college and actually friends and some way or another they ended up back together (Danny as a human) and then Danny could finally tell Dash that he was Phantom. And as a subplot Sam realizing she was so crazy homophobic bc she herself was gay, her parents had just squashed their beliefs on her. (Which is actually something that happened to me irl. My high school arch-enemy was crazy homophobic and I just recently learned he came out of the closet [best day of my life tbh])
however it is your story to do as you please, and aside from the Sam bashing, I really liked it. It's just bothering me that Dash NEVER FOUND OUT DANNY WAS DANNY PHANTOM lol
I'm a tad tempted to write a fic of my own but I don't do well writing outside my main Fandom (also like all my stuff is unfinished and unpublished oops that's why there'there's only one story on this account (I abandoned my old account bc when I wrote that stuff I had no idea how sensitive my subjects were and how I used them inappropriately so i was just like bYE).

Nice story though. I really did enjoy it.
5dshadesofgay chapter 33 . 5/3/2015
I don't understand what just happened? like, I just don't understand what Sam's reason for all this was. There was no actual, tangible reason for her drama, which contradicted itself in the end? I'm very confused and not at all satisfied.
5dshadesofgay chapter 29 . 5/3/2015
okay now that I've calmed down, the next chapter awaits me~
5dshadesofgay chapter 27 . 5/3/2015
That was a little confusing . There was no break between Tucker talking with Danny and then hanging out with Sam so it confused me a bit.
Also I got excited at the diary but the entry wasn't really what I was hoping would be there.
well, onto the next chapter! It seems like we'really building up for the climax.
5dshadesofgay chapter 25 . 5/2/2015
I was expecting something different from this chapter.
still hoping Sam realizes she's gay and that'that's why she's been so crazy about all this, or something like that. I really don't want this to end up as one of those anti-Sam fics.
I said I was gonna stay up all night to finish reading but I accidentally fell asleep oops
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