Reviews for Riddle Me This
thanx4readingnowcommentplz chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
Italy, quick! GIVE HIM A HUG!
azaneti chapter 1 . 5/23/2010

This is a really sad story, even more because there are a lot of people who are probably in the same position, loving someone of the same sex, but having been taught that it is wrong and evil to do so. It is heartbreaking.

And with the way Germany was towards homosexuals during WWII, I am surprised no- one else has use him as an example.

Very well done!
KayosHybrid chapter 1 . 12/28/2009
Ok this right here completely broke my heart. :C ...Oh Germany. What a dark and real spin on the pairing. Germany feeling ashamed, filthy...? How awful. It's not like you can hug it better, or make a pairing out of this. I wouldn't want it any longer either, this little moment captures that possible facet of him perfectly. :c /3
ShinigamiApples chapter 1 . 12/22/2009
oh yeah, you know it

i went there


germany! :D

he's such a bishie (that the right word, yeah?)


i can't believe it!

how could germany think such horrible, dirty, disgusting things?


i mean, just the thought of him.. EW!

that disgusts me so!

you make me want to cry!


and in case you got the wrong end of the stick here, allow me to -


weird ringtone

where's it coming from?


-clings to germany-




now i;m actually freaked out

if someone opens the door right now

i'm going to jump a mile into the air

and shit myself


all jokes aside

i'm terified

and in case the scary voice from my childhood nightmares comes to kill me, i must quickly explain!

- its absolutly FILTHY that germany should ever think that he was disgusting! D: he's the most frickin awesome thing since pasta! it disgusts me to think that he could think he was disgusting! D:

oh my dear god

it was just my dad

& his new phone

holy mother of jesus...

that was terror

pure terror

i understand now why the life of a serial reviewer is so twisted

you end up jumping at shadows


but yeah, i loved this!

its so short and... ARGH!

germany x italy is just the cutest thing since germany!


its good, but its HORRIBLE how germany thinks of himself that way!



its not bad that he touches himself in the shower while thinking of italy

after all, the rest of the hetalia crew do too!

especially france :O