Reviews for Crossing Chronos
Reclusive Dork chapter 2 . 6/20/2012
Can I give you a Character to replace Lynx-who honestly pretty much Sucks in my opinion?

His name is Shindou. He's 20. He has long, spiky black hair, Cold, calculating Silver eyes(that actually hide a warm, caring interior), and a Black scar running across his left eye-even though he covers it with hair-and a Skull mask. He wears a Skull eclipse punk shirt, black pants, and a tattered Black cloak that flows when there is no wind and simply Screams 'Watch yourself, I'm dangerous'. His Weapons range from Mask Shields, to throwing Knives(Ranged), To Scythes.

Shindou Commands Shadow Element and Summoning magic, but cannot use other elements. Instead he can summon powerful creatures to fight beside.

His First Mask shield is called the Blind Guardian, and it is Mostly Black with white wood where the eyes should be.

His first Knifes are called Raven Knives, and are shaped like a raven's wing slightly curled outward.

His First Scythe is called Roaring Scar, and has a simple black handle and yellow Blade with what looks like a bloody scar running down the metal.

His second is called Swift Darkness, and Is Entirely Black save for a Silver edge on the blade, and is very lightly built.

His third Scythe is called Cornered Hawk, and has a blade shaped and colored like a Peregrine falcon's Wing on each end of the White handle, forming an upside-down L.

Shindou's fourth Scythe is called Greedy Knight, and has a rather Large Golden Blade, and a Rather thin silver handle.

His Final Scythe is Known as Reaper's Call, And has a bloody blade seemingly made of Bone with a terrifying Skull hanging off the handle, an edge so sharp it can cut an Air molecule, and a Blood red handle with a Demon Claw at the end.
kitsunekuruoshii chapter 2 . 1/26/2010
... nice start more soon plz