Reviews for Giving Up the Ghosts
Vana chapter 51 . 7/22/2017
AMAZING STORY...! nothing else
Wolf'sVine chapter 37 . 9/20/2016
I probably shouldn't review cuz it's been a long time since you've finished this fic... but I felt I had to right now. Uh, first off... no, I wasn't really surprised that it wasn't Gozaburo that Kaiba fought... though I was almost convinced it was. Honestly, I think I'm expecting something more like an epic struggle and emotional exhaustion between Kaiba and that rat-bastard... cuz the hard way is Kaiba's way and... well, odd as it sounds, this wasn't hard enough. I just adore Yami! Seriously, he's always been a character I've admired and respected a heck of a lot... but reading this just makes him feel more... real? Like a person whose more than a sacrifice and/or savior for the world. He's so direct and confident and flawed and just... phenomenal! I like how he looked Kaiba in the eye and told him his reasons for why he fell in love with him. That couldn't have been easy, but it's just the sort of gutsy thing he'd do. Thanks for writing this masterpiece... though it's years later that I'm reading this.
Thea chapter 51 . 1/2/2016
I love this story! thank you for writing it!
Hirami chapter 50 . 11/10/2015
Ohhh and I remembered one more thing. I really liked your Isono. 3
Hell yes for a person who does everything for the Kaiba Brothers and is one of the few they trust...

(can't review twice on the same chapter, haha. Ok, ffnet :9)
Hirami chapter 51 . 11/8/2015
I can't believe I'm through, aww... D: First thing: I LOVE long FanFictions. When I know the Author is great (and you are) then I'm looking forward to stories not ending anytime soon. 3
I loved this story a lot. Ok, the scenes with Gozaburo aside because I hate him and was annoyed when I had to read his shit, but it was necessary. (and obviously preferring the Yami/Seto parts over anyone of the other characters)
I really like your way writing Yamis and Setos interactions. This story felt very balanced between feelings and action, so it wasn't too much talking about the past and feeling bad, but a good amount of action mixed in between. *cough* YES I also mean the Yami on Seto action. And vice versa. Pff. :p
So yeah, I'm a bit sad this ended because I think there are interesting things to continue here. Yami in his new body, Yami and Yugi gaining a piece of Industrial Illusion... Okay okay I admit, I wanna see (read) Yami in a business suit derping through Kaiba Corporation, making up new rules and annoying the hell out of Seto when his Secretaries obey his stupid ideas :DD
But I guess Yami was too much serious mode here anyway. So, nevermind. :P

Only 1 of your FanFictions left to read... Aaaaack what am I doing with life after that xX'
Hirami chapter 48 . 11/7/2015
aww 3 I'm glad Bakura got his happy ending and finally met his family again.
Hirami chapter 43 . 11/3/2015
omfg... Seto giving Mokuba the sex Speech.. and then just saying he and Yami are fucking XD oh Seto... *facepalm* I wonder what poor Mokuba thinks about relationships, haha
Hirami chapter 22 . 10/28/2015
aww.. the amount of SetoYami fluff is awesome . those clueless lovebirds completely drawn to each other but not realizing what's happening..too cute. hope to read more of that 3
Hirami chapter 3 . 10/23/2015
asdafg kill gozaburo to revive him and just fkin kill him again... that bastard _"
Hergan chapter 51 . 6/12/2015
You are a powerful storyteller. Every time I read something you write I come away with a new understanding that I didn't have before hand. I really enjoy reading your works. I really like your mini essays about storytelling at the beginning of your chapters. And I hope that I'm able to somewhat take to heart that the past doesn't predicate the future, and that change is possible in my own life too.

As always, thank you for sharing!
G-chan7 chapter 51 . 4/2/2015
It took me a few days to read the whole thing, but it was so worth it! Both the characterization and the story itself were wonderful; I haven't found many fanfictions this good in this fandom. Great job!
Nachzes Black-Rider chapter 51 . 3/13/2015
This story was truly beautiful. I am awed, inspired, and humbled by the sheer length of it (and the length of time it took to write!). I loved reading it, and eagerly await the next instalment of "Return to Romance" for my next dose of Nenya85 crack.
BooksAreForLife chapter 51 . 10/23/2014
In a way I regret reading this story because now there's an empty hole in my heart...but on the bright side, that means that the story had enough (make that a huge amount) impact on me to make me feel this way. Hahaha, I won and lost this game. Anyway, I absolutely-positively encourage anyone who is intimidated by the amount of chapters this story has, to read it. By the time you're done, you'll wish there was more. All in all, I loved this story. It was extremely well thought-out and wonderfully written, though there were a few spelling mistakes that can be easily fixed. I do hope you continue writing such captivating stories!
cuddlykids chapter 51 . 2/11/2014
You just... I finally got myself to read this and can I just say, my feels what are you doing with them. The characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! have always been so deep and complex, and as usual, you've handled them brilliantly. I love how you explore them so well. I especially like your version of Yami. Everyone more or less seems to get Kaiba but Yami is always different. In any case, I also really enjoyed the interactions, between characters who never did get a chance to meet. Or at least get a chance to say much to each other.

And sorry, I'm dead tired because I spent the last few (several, this was long) hours blitzing through this. Am I making any sense anymore asldkfjalskdjf I'm swaying in my seat okay I think I'll find a bed now _
l.h.o.o.q chapter 51 . 2/3/2014
I cannot believe I missed the ending to this. Nenya, I... this will sound funny, but every time I would see an update from you, even if I didn't always leave a review, I got very happy. Kaiba is one of the toughest people to write, it my opinion. Making his character MOVE is difficult. Giving Yugi's friends their just due, I (sigh.) There's a reason, aside from it including my favorite pairing in the show, that I was always happy to see an update on this one. Congratulations, love. And thank you for everything.
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