Reviews for Without Sasuke
Shoytahn chapter 2 . 11h
Sasuke holding onto the idiot ball for dear life. Also, Naruto and Sakura seem way more competent than normal.
Shoytahn chapter 1 . 13h
You are not subtle. I guess the title says it all.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/16
Characters are cartoonish.
Sebine chapter 45 . 7/31
your writing has vastly improved, as has your grasp of the English language

also Itachi you bastard xD
Kurama38 chapter 45 . 7/30
Wow I am so glad you updated this story. Now here's hoping and praying the next update will be soon.
thedarkpokemaster chapter 45 . 7/29
Damn been a while since I last saw this but it was worth the wait it seems something very interesting will happen next chapter.
magedustin chapter 9 . 7/29
U was hoping haku would join them
vexilehd chapter 35 . 7/27
You literally ruined this fic with the way you approached the time-skip. Its starts off boring and confusing then the whole useless chase and fight with sakura, and really... why would sakura have to go back before Naruto why not just wait. Suck you fucked this great story up to the point where it’s physically hard to read.
Aqua Rules chapter 45 . 7/25
Dang what an intense scene! Loved the way you made the interaction between Itachi and Sakura intense and yet also playful. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 7/23
Sorry, but why would I continue reading more chapters if I don't like the first one? My issue is the excess drama telling us how everyone feels about how great a burden Naruto has. Beyond being ridiculously overdone, if so many people felt that way then Naruto would not have been so ignored growing up. I realize it is quite possible you get better later, but the first chapter is all most of us will read to test your fic.
vexilehd chapter 2 . 7/22
I know I’m 9 years late but i see you’ve updated very recent. So far this fic is amazing it has canon details with your own extremely creative AU input. Keep up the good work (if fic isn’t already finished barely on ch2)
D72 chapter 31 . 7/22
I suppose that Tsunade clocking in is as good a point to cut off a show, but I actually enjoyed the "filler" episodes.
D72 chapter 30 . 7/22
Three options Sakura could have gone with.

1. Punch his eyes out. Don't need eyes to be used as breeding stock.
2. Cut his hands off. No more hand signs!
3. Cut his feet off. See how far he gets after that.

Or 4. No plan survives enemy contact. Kill him, it was unavoidable. Sakura went for the capture, but he zagged instead of zigged, snapped his own neck. So sad.

He's survived too often it's time for the story to be without sasuke.

Oh, nice job on having the rasengan actually kill instead of being a spiny dodge ball.
D72 chapter 29 . 7/22
Huh, you didn't have sack-o do his weirdo crap. Just as well. When you swap Naruto for Kiba, you get ULTRA DEMON CANCER for sack-o. I've read it before, not pretty.
D72 chapter 28 . 7/22
Huh, didn't have Jiraiya promise to kill her if she helped Orochimaru. That was one of Jiraiya's most badass scenes.

Favorite is the filler where Jiraiya and Naruto use Rasengan as a frickin boat motor, neatly lampshading the sheer hell naruto went through to learn it.

Best scene ever though was when naruto had to henge as the princess and ino kept smacking the crap out of him for being himself.
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