Reviews for Without Sasuke
Psionic108 chapter 1 . 8/27
Good start!

I liked the fact that Sakura's mother is not like how she is portrayed in most of the stories. Keep up the good work :)
YuriPetrov chapter 43 . 8/23
Well i found this fic for a pure coincidence searching for narusaku fics, and i loved it, i really want u to continue writing and updating it pls pls
MGStarFire chapter 30 . 8/16
you allowed sasuke to live three times now it's kind of getting anoying you have the akatsuki and orochimaru as plot material why do you keep using sasuke
MGStarFire chapter 23 . 8/16
ok this time konoha prepared so much more than in kanon and yet it ended even worse than in kanon i'm really dissapointed
MGStarFire chapter 22 . 8/16
i relly hope the hokage doesn't die
gadman85 chapter 28 . 8/11
I know I still have a lot to go, but really for a fic called "Without Sasuke" there is way too much Sasuke. I hope this gets better letter on in the story. I am not here for Sasuke's story. I am here for Naruto and Sakura's story. Apart from that it is a good story so far.
dai sennin kurosaki d naruto chapter 43 . 8/9
i don't think that akatsuki even combined w/ teamwork could do more than kill a few thousand before they're finally killed.
spiritwolf35 chapter 43 . 8/8
Wow now that was a twist now I cant wait till you update again and I am still waiting to found out when it is explained the relationship between Rin,Kakashi and Sakuras mother that and what has Haku been up to since he helped stop the invasion so please update soon
essex2 chapter 43 . 8/7
Nice to see an update after all this time. Interesting to see Pein and Itachi figure out Tobi's endgame.
Dominus1 chapter 9 . 8/2
Haku's the third member. I'm calling it now.
Pointer3109 chapter 39 . 7/31
2 kage bunshin into the village and the whole ambush is up in smoke. Which is what they should have done.
Duedate chapter 1 . 7/29
I know it's a way to keep Naruto getting OP quickly but that "It'll destroy your mind with over use" check for the kage bunshin bullshit is just that bullshit if Kurama can heal Naruto from a chidori to the chest it should be able to heal him from the mental stress created from overuse
Pointer3109 chapter 17 . 7/28
I'm pretty sure not being in the 'ring' at the start of the fight is grounds or a DQ, so Kankuro was screwed anyways.
The jonins would have figured out his trick in short order, assuming it worked on them to begin with. It likely never fooled the Hokage at all.
Synthetic Paradise chapter 1 . 7/26
Holy shit this story actually got updated. I read it years ago then stopped after the story wasn't updated for months. Now it's back on. Damn. I'll start from the beginning. I'll enjoy, and follow. Although my opinion things have changed since then, so I might have some opinions on this.
Guest chapter 3 . 7/24
Why do you bad authors always say "The only option is for Naruto to create a whole new fighting style!" when there are hundreds of legitimate styles out there that would suite him fine? Giving him known styles would cover cheating hax eyes style as well. Just because he can see it doesn't mean he can do it or beat it. How do you think real people kick each others asses in real life? A doesn't automatically beat B in every fight!
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