Reviews for Totally Ice Age Mystery Much?
CrossoverMike chapter 4 . 1/9/2010
Hey everyone. Its me again. Hopefully I'll have time to get the next chapter up this week, and if you like you can keep giving me some ideas. Since I can't think of any for the moment. As for Roshan and Fast Tony. I won't be putting them in. Sorry if your disappointed. However There will be a Ice Age Character from the first ice age movie that will have a small brief appearance you know as a cameo. I won't tell so you'll all have to find out once it gets there. Anyway

Please leave a review whoever read this.
Admiral Dodus chapter 4 . 1/7/2010
Can't wait for the next chapter. I hope the humans meet the Ice Age characters.

Here are some good ideas:


Manfred: What? Why are you growling, Mrs. Rex? Let me guess. It's my fault.


Manfred: Oh. It's your stomach.


Manfred: Mine too.

Ellie: And mine.

Peaches: Me too.

Sid: I'm hungry.

Diego: Me too.

Crash/Eddie: Us too.

Buck: Well, I think we should find food fast before we turn cannibal.

Ellie: Mammoths and possums don't eat meat.

Buck: Oh. Sorry. I've just spent so much time underground that I forgot a lot about mammoth-behaviour.

(a group of dogs are eating)

Dog 1: Did you hear the news?

Dog 2: Yes. Quite shocking. A dinosaur still alive. What's it called again?

Dog 3: Suchomimus, similar to the Spinosaur from Jurassic Park 3.

(the Ice Age animals appear with food that they were forced to take in any way you choose)

Dog 1: Hello. New around?

Ellie: Yes.

(they begin to eat)

Manfred: What happened to the forest around?

Dog 1: Forest? Well, humans destroyed it to make this city.

(they look at eachother)

Manfred: Humans. Nothing but destructive, bloodthirsty killers.

Dog 3: You look like three mammoths, a ground-sloth, a sabre-toothed cat, and some .

Dog 4: Nonsense. Everyone knows that mammoths, ground-sloths, sabre-toothed tigers, and are extinct.

Manfred: What? You're lying.

Dog 4: No. The humans slaughtered them.

Manfred: No!

Manfred: The humans wiped out the rest of our kind?

Ellie: Manny, revenge won't...

Manfred: I know. But what can we do? They destroyed much of our world?

Buck: And Rudy might be out there. Imagine how worse it can get. Most aren't as tough as the bigger dinosaurs.

There should be a scene of Rudy hunting people. It would not only show how dangerous he is, but also be a good way to get Jerry's attention. It can begin with a reference to Jurassic Park involving ripples.
PuccaFanGirl chapter 1 . 1/6/2010
Aw! What a cute ScratxScratte Moment there! Can't wait to read the rest!

Major Simius chapter 4 . 1/5/2010
I have a good idea.

Buck or Manfred can tell the tale to the humans how they got frozen. It can involve a climatic battle with Rudy on the surface... either to save Roshan's tribe or the animals. Either way, it can involve Manfred making a courageous, suicidal avalanche to defeat Rudy. The family get frozen too when trying to save Manfred. You can even explain why Momma and her children were there too.

I hope the heroes get to meet the human-heroes. I wonder how they'll be able to communicate.

As for Roshan and Fast Tony returning, I thing pachysam meant that they would thaw out too. Roshan can be an adolescent involved with Jerry's branch that helps animals, and would be happy to aid his prehistoric friends to adapt to the modern world and defeat Rudy.
pachysam chapter 4 . 1/4/2010
Rudy's free? Bad news for the city.

I liked the Ice Age character's reaction to the traffic, especially Manfred's complaints and Diego being unable to hear anything.

I can't wait for the humans to meet them.

It can be either if Sam saves Peaches and one of the babies, or if Ellie saves Alex.

It would be funny if Clover thought that Diego and the were gonna eat them, and accidently offended Momma by calling her a 'mindless beast'.

Here are some funny ideas:

Sid: What's this?

Someone: A rocking chair.

(Sid and the Possums go on it and rock)

Sid: Wow! This is good.

(the kids grin and jump)


(the chair falls over)

(Momma Rex reacts)

Ellie: Are you alright?

Sid: Yeah.

Clover: Those kids are so...

(Momma growls threateningly)

(seeing the lights)

Sid: Fire! AH!

Diego: A human-attack!

Manfred: Flee. I'll fight them off.

(he sucks up water to put out the fire, then squirts... only for the water to hit the window)

Manfred: WHAT!

Diana: That's a window.

Sam: And no humans are attacking.

Sid: Really? Don't they even want to eat us?

Sam: No. In fact, humans haven't eaten mammoths, sabre-toothed cats or ground-sloths since their apparent extinction. Besides, the 'fire' is actually the lights of the city.

(she lectures on electricity)

Sid: Oh, phew.

Manfred: You could've told us before.

(reacting to the crumpets or bread-slices)

Manfred: This is what you eat? It's flat. Did any woolly rhinos step on them?

Sam: No. That's how they're made. Put them in the toaster.

Sid: Okay.

(he puts a crumpet or bread-slice in)

(he gets hurt by the toaster in any way)

Buck: Look out! It's attacking.

Manfred: I'll sort it out.

(he charges, trumpeting)

Clover: Wait!


(Manfred does something that makes different machines 'attack')

Buck: Take cover! We're at war. The machines are revolting.

Diego: I know.

Manfred: In other words, Buck meant that they are rebelling.

Ellie: Can't we discuss this?

Buck: They don't appear to be in a peaceful mode.

(they fight the machines, until...)

Sam: Stop it!

Manfred: But they... attacked us.

Sam: Not on purpose. They're not alive. They can't think or feel.

(she lectures again)

Manfred: Back in our time, we were much better off without those machines!

(seeing some Brachiosaurs or some mammoths on TV)

Ellie: Oh, no. That thing has eaten them!

Manfred: We must free them!

(he trumpets and prepares to charge)

Martin: NO! That's a TV. It doesn't eat. The (Brachiosaurs or mammoths) aren't real. They're made by machines called computers.

(after seeing some bad damage to the museum)

Sam: What happened?

(Buck finds any evidence you choose)

Buck: It's the work of Rudy.

Manfred: That diabolical dinosaur. He must be stopped at once.

Martin or Diana: Call the police.

(they meet a policeman who tells the story in terror)

Manfred: It's our fault.

Jerry: No. You didn't free him.

(Manfred explains any reason you choose)

(checking a book of prehistory)

Sam: So, Rudy's a Suchomimus, a cousin of the Spinosaur.

Buck: At least he isn't as big as the sauropods.

(Ellie sees a Brachiosaur)

Ellie: I remember that. One of those saved us.

Sam: A Brachiosaur.

(Manfred points at an Ankylosaur)

Manfred: That was the beast that the Brachiosaur saved us from.

Sam: An Ankylosaur. It's a herbivore with bony armour and a tail-club.

Manfred: Why did it attack us?

(Buck suggests a reason)

(Crash recognises others)

Crash: Those are the ones that Buck saved us from.

Sam: They're herbivores... Pachycephalosaur, a head-butter. Kentrosaur, a relative of the famous Stegosaur. Iguanodon, a famous herbivore.

Diego: And those?

(he points at a Guanlong)

Diego: They attacked us when Ellie was about to give birth.

Sam: Guanlong. A carnivore.

Diego: I know it's a carnivore.

Sid: Isn't that the thing that Buck used?

Sam: A Pteranodon, one of many flying reptiles called pterosaurs.

Sam: And look. You. . The most famous of all dinosaurs.

(the react)

Sam: And look.

(she reveals pages with mammoths, ground-sloths, and sabre-toothed cats)

Sam: That's you. Woolly mammoth, the most famous of all extinct elephants. Ground-Sloth, another of the most amazing beasts in the Ice-Age. Smilodon, the most famous of all extinct cats.

Buck: Where are the weasels?

Eddie: And the possums?

Sam: Not in here. They're in books of animals you are most likely to see in modern times. Weasels are notorious for their sneaky nature, especially in the Wind in the Willows. And possums are known for being the only marsupials in the Americas.

Clover: Like kangaroos? Where are the pouches?

Crash: We're males, not females.

(Manfred watches something on elephants and enjoys it... until it comes to something about humans hunting elephants)

Manfred: Barbarians! Don't they know that they're not the only beings with feelings?

(horrified at the discovery of what humans did like pollution, deforestation, and war)

Manfred: How can the humans be so savage and selfish? As if they weren't bad before, hunting us. Now, they're destroying Earth! They're insane.

Ellie: If it's a comfort to you, Sam mentioned how some are fighting to save the world from this.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/4/2010
Oh boy that's so not good, I wonder how they'll handle this situation. Also could work on you Mortal Kombat vs Horror Killers story it's sounds really interesting.
pachysam chapter 3 . 1/3/2010
Hurrah! The heroes of Ice Age have returned!

Can't wait for the human's reactions, especially the spies.

Rudy not important? I wonder what Manfred will say when he discovers him free.

I wonder how they got frozen, and why the dinosaurs were on the surface.

I can't wait.
CrossoverMike chapter 3 . 1/3/2010
Once again thanks for the ideas. Anyway. Here will be things that will be in my story.

Yes I will take the ideas as I did say but not all of them. Here will be things I'll include.

Martin and Sid quickly becomes fast friends which leads to Java getting jealous.

And other things.
Mr. Pan chapter 2 . 1/3/2010
Nice story.

I can't wait for the awakening of the Ice Age characters.

Here are some good quotes you might like:

Sid: Uh... hello. Where are we?

(the animal of your choice doesn't talk)

Sid: Uh... hello.

(Buck checks and does something that reveals that it's not a real one)

Buck: It's not real. No blood. It doesn't even respond to my knife. It's a fake.

Jimmy: We've gotta stop Rudy. If it's as hostile as (Buck or Manny) said, it could be quite bad if he wreaked havoc on the city and starts to devour innocent people.

Peaches: Here.

(she gives Sam her pen)

Sam: Thank you, Peaches.

(getting a headache from a traffic-jam)

Manfred: I can't stand this!

Clover: I'm so scared.

Ellie: True courage comes from facing your fears. Even mammoths, sabre-toothed cats and dinosaurs get scared.

Manfred: You eat dogs? Disgusting.

Sam: Hot dogs aren't dogs.

Manfred: Oh.

Diana: They're sausages, made from pigs.

Manfred: Still disgusting.

Alex: Well, apart from the vegetarian ones.

Manfred: Good... though who would name food after their pets?

Sid: What are these?

Martin: Chips.

(Manfred tries some and smiles)

Manfred: I think I've found a part of your culture that I like. What are chips?

Diana: Potatoes cut up.

(during Rudy's attack)

Japanese Man: This is why I left Tokyo.

(during Rudy's attack)

Soldier: This is ridiculous. We're supposed to be soldiers, not dino-hunters.
Mulan 2 chapter 2 . 1/1/2010
Nice story so far.

I can't wait for when the Spies meet the Ice Age characters when they thaw out.

Here are some quotes you might like:

Clover: Ellie, stop treating us like kids.

Sam: Let's see.

(she checks a book of prehistoric animals and reads facts about the animals as they look for a way to help them)

Clover: What's that?

Sam: I don't know.

(she checks the book)

Sam: It's not in here.

Manfred: It's a Scrat, one of the unluckiest mammals on Earth.

Sam: It looks like a relative of squirrels and rats.

Manfred: How can one be alive? I thought they would become extinct because of their clumsiness and their bean-sized brains. Then again, it must've been frozen like we were.

Alex: Peaches? How cute.

Ellie: Well, I got the idea from Manny's idea for a code-word when I was about to give birth. Like peaches, Peaches is sweet and fuzzy.

Alex: Yes.
CrossoverMike chapter 2 . 12/31/2009
I mean Ice Age Animals.

Also they've been frozen for 20,0 years. So the otehr ice age characters like Fast Tony, and roshan would of died of old age. But as I said. Thanks for the ideas.
CrossoverMike chapter 1 . 12/31/2009
Thanks for the ideas dude. But in my story remember in chapter 2 how they said that dinosaurs are still alive in this hollow earth and that some ice age characters are alive in some unexplored areas on earth. Plus At the end Rudy will be brought to the hollow earth to live peacefully and the Ice age Characters decide to live in Beverly Hills to be friends with the Martin Mystery Characters and Totally Spies Characters.

I will take some of your ideas but not all of them. Thanks anyway.
pachysam chapter 2 . 12/31/2009
Here are some good quotes:

Dumb Burgler: Ops.

Burgler-Leader: Let's sell them for money. People will pay to see them.

(he tries to take Peaches... only to get clobbered by her parents)

Ellie: Talk to the trunk.

(she can say it if Sam tries to tell her not to help fight Rudy)

Clover: EK! Help! They're zombies!

(Ellie does something to calm her down and convince her that they're not zombies)

Sam: Fascinating. You live.

Diana: No way.

Martin: Hey. Java made it. Why not them?


Ellie: Buck!

Buck: The name's Buck. Short for Buckminster. Long for Buh.

Jerry: I thought mammoths, sabre-toothed cats, ground-sloths and dinosaurs were extinct.

Manfred: What? Mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers can't go extinct.

Clover: They did.

Ellie: We thought the same about the dinosaurs before Sid revealed the fact by taking Momma's eggs.

Diana: I'm sorry, but you're the only ones left.

Sid: I'm the last sloth.

Sam: Ground-sloth.

Crash: Are we...?

Sam: No. Possums still exist. So do weasels.

Buck: I knew it. I still smelt weasel somewhere... and ferret and stoat too.

Manfred: I can't believe it. We've been frozen for 17,0 years, only to thaw out in a world ruled by humans.

(he does something to show how sad he is that the animal-world is ruined)

Alex: Poor guy. Maybe a hug will help.

Ellie: Let me.

(Ellie comforts Manfred in any way you choose)

Jerry: We'll provide sanctuary for you.

(the dino-kids dance to 'Walk the Dinosaur')

Alex: How cute.

Clover: Yeah... until they eat us.

Ellie: How did you fight those thugs?

Sam: Martial arts. Useful for battle without weapons.

Manfred: Finally. Humans tend to act against nature and make un-natural tools that they don't need.

Ellie: Clover. True beauty comes from within. Take Momma.

Clover: It's ugly.

Ellie: Not within. She even saved Sid from Rudy. Manny also loved me mainly for my beauty within.

Alex: No surprise. You're so nice.

Ellie: It's a mammoth-trait.

Buck: Rudy is the most dreaded dinosaur in the Dinosaur-World, feared by all but the biggest and bravest. It was him who gave me this.

Clover: EW!

Sam: He ruined your eye?

Buck: Yes. And I have his tooth as a knife.

Manfred: Oh, no. I was hoping that Rudy wouldn't make it in the ice. Whatever next. The sea-monsters and Soto coming back from the dead?

Clover: I am so not going near that freak.

Sam: We must. If he's as dangerous as Manfred and Buck said, he'll destroy the city to get to his enemies. Innocent lives will be lost.

Manfred: NOT IF I CAN HELP IT! Defiant to nature or not, even they deserve to live.

Manfred: I want to say... thank you. You were not so bad... for humans.

Sam: No problem, Manfred.

I wonder what happened to get them frozen. An accident caused by a fight with Rudy?

It would also be good if the Spies got prehistoric-themed gadgets to help against Rudy.
pachysam chapter 2 . 12/31/2009
Cool story.

Good idea to stick the heroes with the dinosaurs in ice.

Can't wait for the thaw and the meeting.

You got Rudy's species right. A lot think he's a Baryonyx. Baryonyxes mainly eat fish, and have large thumb-claws for catching any.

Here are good ideas:

1. Roshan would return as a teenager and somehow understand the animals. It would be good if he reunited with Manfred, Diego and Sid. It would also be good if he met Ellie, Peaches and Buck. And it would be cool if he met dinosaurs and even confronted Rudy.

2. Fast Tony would also appear and make un-successful attempts to sell. I hope he freaks out at Momma and Rudy.

3. The humans would somehow understand the animals.

4. Manfred would complain about traffic and noises like 'these humans have become more insane than before'... and call one a road-hog for almost hitting Peaches.

5. Other dinosaurs would appear including the Brachiosaur that the heroes slid down, the Pteranodon that helped to save Sid, and the Triceratops-family. It would be good if they aided.

6. Sid would be devastasted at the fact that he's the last ground-sloth.

7. Buck would msitake the vehicles for beasts and attack... much to the mammoth's embarressment.

8. Rudy can swallow a clock like the crocodile from Peter Pan.

9. Momma's kids would do mischief.

10. Rudy would do references to monster-films.

11. Momma and Rudy fighting would be like a monster-film.

12. Manfred and Ellie would encourage zoo animals to aid in battling Rudy.

13. The heroes would struggle to find refuge.

14. Ellie would act as a sensible mom, breaking up a quarrel between Clover and Alex.

15. Manfred would show less interest in humanity's 'defiance to nature'... apart from safari-parks to help animals.

16. Clover would find Rudy ugly and say 'even Momma Rex is lovlier than you'.

17. Alex would like Peaches and the -kids.

18. Sam would understand the feelings of the prehistoric animals being stranded in a strange world of chaos... even crazy Buck.
David chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
Wow! An ICE AGE 3, Totally Spies, Martin Mystery crossover!

That's so cool!

I can't wait to read about them teaming up to fight Rudy in The other chapters!

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