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Vanilla Owls chapter 29 . 12h
You know, I've read this story over the last three years and every time it makes me cry so much! I'm pretty sure this is the only fanfiction that's ever been able to do that, too (and I've been reading fanfiction for forever haha). You have a really wonderful talent and I hope that you keep using it!

I'm an astrology fan, but I've only been into that for about a year now (so the last time I read this I didn't pay much attention). But Erin is an Aries! That cracked me up, when she made the "baaa" noise XD And you know, there's something that kills me, regarding you and your stories and astrology (and what I'm about to say is totally, completely irrelevant to a review but I'm going to say it anyway). This ENTIRE TIME I've been reading this story this time around-as well as from what I've read of the sequel-I've routinely kept thinking that you're ascending sign is Gemini. I've been totally, completely convinced of it. AND I WAS RIGHT. fdjksla yay me! I'm almost never right haha

Hmm . . . out of curiosity, have you ever fiddled around with what Erin's full horoscope would be like (or at least her moon and rising signs)?

Okay, back to being on topiiic~

I've always thought it was brilliant that you used the girl wearing the orange outfit (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about-for the Yotsuba group) as Erin. I've always thought it was a really clever move on your part. I'm sure I'm not the only one, either. Over all I love her character. There are times where she can be frustrating as all get-out, and I don't always agree with everything she believes, but seriously. I'm Team Erin, or something haha

Wellp, I think pretty soon I'm going to be re-reading (and catching up) to the sequel! I tried to read it a long time ago, but you-know-what got in my way (i.e., life).

While, I sure do ramble a lot . . . sorry about that haha
TheNeverEndingOne chapter 10 . 8/14
Haha! This is great, I laughed so hard! And I actually facepalmed (repeatedly) when she sneezed! You, my friend, are an incredibly talented writer! It's just clever enough, just funny enough, it's just...amazing!
Poodie chapter 29 . 7/10
I must say (as this is the actual final chapter) I am in love with your writing style, your chapters are awesomely long, and enduring :D this as I said last time, has been a ride, and I've cried more over this fic than I have for my own real life problems honestly, I need to find out how you got it so intense. Despite myself, I loved every chapter of this story :')

Risking your life and doing something that could easily rob you of your life are two entirely different things. ~ L
Poodie chapter 28 . 7/10
Good bye L, I love you.
This story made me cry whatless. I can't tell you (ha look at that, I'm picking up some of Erin's speech habits) this has been a ride, with arguably more downs than ups, but who can say that we weren't cut out for this cracked up PS of yours? :')
Poodie chapter 27 . 7/10
Oh my gosh I'll cry forever! Poor Erin! She is so broken without him! And she loves him! I'll cry over this forever! Where's the fricken death eraser when you fricken need it!
Poodie chapter 26 . 7/10
Omlll I'm crying! L is going to die! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! DX
Poodie chapter 25 . 7/10
Cue music! Omllllll yesssss L! But Wateri :'( I'm so in love with this fic right now! :D
Poodie chapter 24 . 7/9
Oh fudge! I'm bawling! This was so intense, I understand Elin, and I agree, but I'm soooo in love with the ElinxL moment in the bed, I blushed like crazy! I so ship them!
Poodie chapter 23 . 7/9
Omlll, Elin has NOOOOOOOOO IDEA how lucky she is in my mind, I would love for Ryuzaki *cough* L *cough* to climb in a bed with me and show interest in my mood XD
Poodie chapter 22 . 7/8
Every time Elin says PS I laugh stupidly hard! XD
Poodie chapter 21 . 7/8
You must hate me for how long I've been taking to review, I sooooo love Elin XD she is my inspiration for a character I created, the character is supposed to be the SANE one of the group!
Noshy boy chapter 1 . 5/23
i like it
Poodie chapter 20 . 3/13
Omg, I haven't reviewed this in forever, I'm so sorry, I got side tracked
Your response: Nigga for two years?
Lol, I couldn't help myself, but any who
As usual, this chapter was great (no surprise there) I'm so so sorry for not reviewing for quite some time, I loved this chapter, moving onto the next when I regain internet! X)
HebrewShira chapter 1 . 12/27/2015
I kept scrounging for a loophole. November fifth but the year was unspecified, he would live right? And yet I know he is dead. people leave you halfway through the woods and youre alone and in the dark and lost. And nothing can bring them back. This is how the world ends not with a bang but with a whimper.
1Laure-Lo chapter 1 . 12/21/2015
I'm re-reading SOTC because it is literally the best Death Note fanfiction I have ever read. Erin is my favorite OC of all time. Probably because I relate to her the most, and because she's simply too awesome for words. I really hope you continue with the sequel!
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