Reviews for Namely Narrators
Gyakutenno Megami1 chapter 1 . 6/27/2003
Mr. Arnold Weasley? Couldja find a particular new arrival for me? Long black hair, looks like he went without food for awhile and just recently started having normal meals. Name's Sirius Black.
The Raven Dark Angel chapter 1 . 1/6/2003
LOL, that was really cute and I loved it totally. If you don't mind, maybe i could try to be your beta or something... :) Keep on writing, I'm really getting into this!
Lady Game chapter 1 . 9/23/2002
Hahahaha i just read the three reviews u got and well, that last (or should i say first?) one was a bit of a shocker. Someone takes her JK too seriously! But anyway, hahahahaha funny story (notice my laughter? Or maybe it's just sugar again... OK, look away now...).

Hey I like James and Lily - I'm about to write a fic on them, even though there's no hint of what they were like in the books, all the opinion i've got about them is just from reading fanfics...

OK u don't need to know this right now - just good story and post the next chapter because look - i mananged to write a review for you, and it counts for quadruple because 1) it's me and 2) It's mama long.

OK nice story hahahahahahahahaha bye!


ps. go see my biography...
fran3 chapter 1 . 8/5/2002
hey. i was just reading equasar's latest chapter of TWICHB and saw your lovely rambling reviews of said story, so i thought to myself, fran, why not check out Blue Yeti's stuff, as they write such amusing and valid reviews. except i didn't really think it in words, since most of my thoughts are in weird split second image/general impressions projections. i'm not sure if most people think in language but i rarely do. it's quite an interesting thing, but totally irrelevant so now i'll change the subject.

right. i read your biography and you know what, i think you're pretty much spot on. i'm going to talk about this now, so you have to dredge through all my crap before finding out whether i liked your story or not. so, your views on ships. i too am a D/H shipper (but i'm one of the ones who writes it really lamely - i hate my D/H stories, except the one i'm writing which is good on account of it having a plot. i write humour better anyway so if my serious stuff is *totally* rubbish i can always claim it's parody.

okay i'm going way off tangent again now. so, hey what about harry/cho? i've always thought that was the most believable for canon, seeing as harry has never expressed romantic interest in ANY of the characters except cho. sure, it'd take a while to happen, what with cedric popping his clogs, but everyone's view that cho is a slut is way off. it's just jealousy. as for ginny/harry being believable: no way! ginny's like a teenybopper boyband fan. harry's way out of her league for at least a few years, until she gets over her comical and chronic shyness. harry/hermione: again, there's no hint of romance except a) harry's realisation that she was pretty (yule ball) and b) her kissing him on the cheek. a huge obstacle stands in the way of anything happening though, let's call it obstacle c) ron/hermione.

the ONLY couples that are (at the moment) possible in canon are: hagrid/madame maxime and ron/hermione. there are NO others. everyone is destined to grow into old spinsters. except of course seamus, who'll become a slut and shag every man and woman ten times over.

okay, rant over. now, your story. hehehe. i thought it was brilliant - so funny, totally my kind of thing. if you want, read my story "doing things by half" - it's random in a similar way.

your rant about james and lily was hilarious! and i love harry being contradictory and getting all het up. i hope you continue to write - you have a talent for comedies.

nice one!

- fran
oracle2001 chapter 1 . 4/10/2002
hey i've just read your review for a discworld fic and I figured you're really annoyed at not getting reviews, and i feel exactly the same cos I don't get them either, but don't stop writing cos if you enjoy it then that's every reason to continue. The people reading fanfictions aren't always the best judges of what is a good story.
Matilda chapter 1 . 1/21/2002
Um... how can I say this constructively... I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, so I read it twice, and it still made a minimal amount of sense. Very confusing. Perhaps for this reason I didn't find it very humorous, either. Also, your disclaimer is offensive. How dare you refer to anything Ms. Rowling does as "stupid."