Reviews for Mating Season
winnie chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
then he realize he could eat salmon... wow! absolutely fantastic! keep it up!
AngelEyes87 chapter 1 . 1/22/2010
lol, awesome oneshot :) I don't consider this as crappy as it's still pretty good. Writing good humour can be hard at times, but take it from me, it's worth it in the end XD

Aww, I love your charactersation of Kuma - he's rather sweet and cuddly in this one. And yeah, I wouldn't doubt it if Heihachi had an army of servants and all that. lol, of course some people are gonna be scared of him. It's not everyday you get to see a highly respected man such as Heihachi have a pet bear around :P I don't know why but I can imagine Heihachi first having Kuma when he was a cub and then raised him himself. Spring is the season for love anyway, hehe! 'Joy swarmed him. Look for love, indeed. He had his eyes set on a particular bear who lived in the same area as he did, and today, he was going to woo her fur off.' - lol, awesome line there :P

Damn, with the way that Kuma is praising himself for his appearance, he's like the furry version of Lee Chaolan XD I do like his version of what the 'ideal' bear should be for him as it's quite sweet and you really do get a glimspe into his character, well mostly his head. Aww, poor Kuma - looks like he is losing interest in finding Panda then when he's having no luck at the start whatsoever. I feel kinda bad for him at the moment...'Hoping to up his excitement a little, he lumbered into down and came across a small fish store. Grinning, he immediately entered, despite the screaming, confused people, and pushed past all of those waiting in line. Not one to challenge a bear, of all things, the shop owner asked, “Um… W-w-what would you like…?”' - lol, such a perfect image this was! I wouldn't have been surprised if the shop keeper called in for the zoo to capture Kuma :P Good use of the Mishima highschool - it reminds me of Tekken 3 somewhat. 'Her fur indeed glistened in the sunlight like he remembered, but he certainly did not recall her having black and white fur as opposed to brown' - Well duh lol, silly Kuma! Btw, I loved the description of Panda and Xiao too. Man, looks like there is a misunderstanding when Kuma is trying to woo her by trying to get her to accept the gifts - she doesn't seem at impressed by the looks of it, lol!

'“First of all, my name is Panda, which therefore makes me a panda,” she hissed, “I’m not a bear like you. If you had bothered to pay attention, you’d see that my fur is entirely different from yours! I like bamboo. I hate salmon! Roses are my least favourite flower! I don’t like stalkers, and I have no interest in having someone special in my life!” - Epic pwnage! GO PANDA! XD And to top it all off, I loved it when Panda attacks Kuma like that - it made me smile.

Aww well, he has a lot to learn in order to please a woman that's for sure but with a little practice he can go a long way perhaps ;) And it was clever of him at the ending as well!
Lacuna The Lost chapter 1 . 1/6/2010
LOL! I loved it! It was cute and funny!

Some men just don't get it, do they? 'No' doesn not mean 'yes' or 'maybe'! Ah well... Least the poor guy got to enjoy the salmon...
15thburningfiddle chapter 1 . 1/5/2010
Love's labours lost. Poor Kuma..but wait, he has a fish!

Pandas are actually , closely related.

Thordisx chapter 1 . 12/26/2009
Hm...please nothing you write is crappy. I see why you had fun writing this one lmao. I had chuckles here and there. NICE oneshot:-D
AmberAnodyne chapter 1 . 12/21/2009
I am ready for the lulz!

“…he was going to woo her fur off”- *snickersnicker* Bald Panda…

“Needless to say, in a non-narcissistic way, if he were a homosexual bear, he’d be all over himself.”- I freakin’ love this as much as I did when you sent the snippet. BEAR CLONE YAOI!

“Grinning, he immediately entered, despite the screaming, confused people…”- I would most definitely be one of those screaming, confused people. XD

“I like bamboo. I hate salmon! Roses are my least favourite flower! I don’t like stalkers, and I have no interest in having someone special in my life!”- You go girl-bear! *snapsnap*

“There’s just no pleasing women.”- No. No there’s not, silly bear.

Poor Kuma, all he wants is a little love. At least he got a nice dinner! :D

Also, for some reason his luck with romance reminds me of Paul. I do not know why…
TeaC0sy chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
The 'checks' remind me of my own very sha-hitty cliche "humour" (ahem) fic. I'm pondering to take that down, I really hate it to be honest XD meh, on with the review~

~Needless to say, in a non-narcissistic way, if he were a homosexual bear, he’d be all over himself. - Lol I still love this line to bits XD

And a big LOLWUT at the ending! :D
Danko Kaji chapter 1 . 12/18/2009
That was hilarious! XDXDXDXDXDXD

Oh, God, I would've thought the same thing in the end. "My fish! My fish! I'm not gonna waste some decently good meat!" XDXDXD

And, yeah, what the hell pleases women? XP I don't understand them, either. :p

Cool, silly one-shot. Nice job.