Reviews for When Worlds Collide book 1: Elemental Bakugan War
ahmedzafar.malik chapter 1 . 2/19
WoW cool but what about dan
Aubrie1234 chapter 7 . 1/11
Will you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEAAAASSSEEE, put out another chapter?!
Aubrie1234 chapter 2 . 1/3
It was GREAT! I hope that Hydranoid gets pared up with Paul! Both of them can be nasty at times.
Kurosaki Yukia chapter 7 . 8/23/2013
This story is GREAT! Please update! Please continue! Please! Please! Please! •(̯)•
Star Holder Commander chapter 7 . 5/28/2013
CONTINUE THIS PLEASE! WOW! What a great chapter. Can't wait to see Tigrerra (Tanya) get paired with someone.
Star Holder Commander chapter 2 . 5/23/2013
I have just started reading this but it is very good.
psychicshipping chapter 6 . 12/13/2012
Max! Because there are a lot of parallels between Max and Marucho (sp?). That, and without a cool head to guide him, what will prayas do? Barryprayas lots of hyperactive trouble.
Guest chapter 6 . 10/29/2012
This story is epic!
Please continue it's so good
Guest chapter 6 . 9/14/2012
I think Max should be Preyas's partner,because i think they make a great team.
Night Rain chapter 6 . 9/5/2012
I think Barry should be Preyas's partner.
Pachimew chapter 6 . 8/21/2012
Who cares about partners, I have a much more pressing question: WHERE-IS-DAN-KUSO?!
kitty cat chapter 6 . 8/20/2012
Max should be preyas' partner
Guest chapter 5 . 7/20/2012
Hurry up! Please! I cant live without your stories!
Guest chapter 3 . 7/20/2012
It should be Gary, cuz hes so trustworthy and yet so devious at the same time!
RedRangerBelt chapter 5 . 3/6/2011
Was Ash dreaming about another Bakugan? Is Max going to have a Bakugan partner? What kind of pokemon is Leona going to catch? Who all is going to have a Bakugan partner?
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