Reviews for FateBlack Reflection
IamHereAndNow chapter 20 . 2/8
Too many characters and no plot progression.

Literally nothing happens for 20 chapters straight aside from the retelling of the canon almost word-for-word and a few meaningless fight scenes that lead absolutely nowhere.

Hell, even the characters themselves admit in the text that they’re bored as hell! How is the reader supposed to be engaged in that case? The main cast have literally been doing nothing but patrolling like a bunch of ordinary run-of-the-mill Soul Reapers for several chapters straight! Apparently just to give the opponents time to set up things without derailing the canon. Might’ve as well called this story ‘The Daily Life of an Average Soul Reaper’.

Then the main cast suddenly and inexplicably gets nerfed into oblivion just to stretch this meaningless slog even further because the author doesn’t know when enough is enough and it’s time to rush for the ending.

2/5. Grammar and prose are decent, so it’s not completely garbage, but unfortunately there’s no progress.
LoneWolfAndCub chapter 7 . 1/28
You got people crying about scaling ans feats. Feel free to go back to reddit. Time to kick back, relax and drink in the awesome fuck yeah. If the immovable object (Berserker) and the unstoppable force (Ichigo) are gonna scrap.

The only winner would be the crowd.
Binge Reader chapter 3 . 11/30/2023
Nah nah nah. WTF is wrong with the power scaling? Only a few servants can even match the power of a Bala. Even EA's might is dwarfed by the damage a Menos Grande's Cero. Why do you make it as if these servants can wipe the floor with Ichigo and co? Ludicrous!
Binge Reader chapter 2 . 11/30/2023
Ain't no way a fucking servant can best Ichigo who can cleave a mountain with a casual swing. Ludicrous! Mind the power levels, you dimwit!
aitor.rosell.torralba chapter 24 . 11/30/2023
If I am being honest this is a good story, its writing is good except for some minor stuff and it is very engaging, the characters are not two dimensional and it is high quality overall. The only real problem with the writing is realistically that the author is having too many protagonist, with this I mean that too many time is spent on the pov of secondary characters while at the same time having too many secondary characters. For example it would not be that much of a problem with having that much focus on saber, rin, cool emiya and idiot emiya if the author decided to only give a limelight comparable to the protagonist to that group and made them interact with the main group in more instersting ways. The problem is that it is not only on them that the author spends too many words but on others, this also is not a problem, but the author should have compressed the interacting into fewer words if they wished to follow that many secondary characters. For example, the level of detail, words and time that the author gives to caster would have been the fine amount for all other secondary characters, glimpses to what they are doing from time to time but without too much detail. This is really the problem, the author decided to have many groups of secondary characters and gave many of them the same limelight as if there was only a single group of secondary characters. Again, all the interactions in this are true to character more or less, very engaging in the fun sense and good quality at the narrative level, but just the sheer quantity made it drag on a little too much.
But as I say the writting is not really the main problem here, even with the problem of dragging and too many focus on different characters the story was still very engaging and high quality in its writting to it is forgiveable.
There is also no problem in this having diverged from bleach cannon because this was written before the last arc of bleach, so it is normal if discoveries made there are not taken into account here, it is wise to read this story with the idea that Old Man Zangetsu is really ichigo's zangetsu and the inner hollow is just that, mainly because at the time this was written, that was the apparent case to the author of this fic and they were not future tellers to predict otherwise. That is not a problem, just imagine it as an alternate universe of bleach were TYBW never happened and the twists are not real.
A thing that is really problematic tho is the power scaling, it is all over the place, Rukia is portrayed too weak, Chad too strong and Ichigo too strong and too weak at the same time. Let me explain, it doesn't make any sense how he was able to overwelm berseker with a half assed getsuga tensho in shikai and then in bankai he struggled against saber. Either he should have wiped the floor with saber or he should have been forced to use bankai with berseker. I am a beliver that when doing crossovers it is okay to ignore feats and scale the characters however one pleases, it would be okay to many shikai ichigo wipe saber with excalibur and it would be okay for saber without excalibur to beat bankai ichigo, that is not really a problem, the problem is the internal consistency withing the fic and withing characters of the same universe. You can't have shikai ichigo at half wipe berseker and bankai ichigo at full barely content against saber. It just doesn't make sense, also you can't have rukia be at unseated oficer lever when she beated an espada, okay a low ranking one, but all espada are captain level, which in bleach means that she is at the weakest a strong vicecaptain and at the strongest a weak captain in terms of strenght. her strength was downplayed too much compared to other bleach characters.
Other problem is how little Orihime existed in this fic, she barely was a background character, a 1 to tatsuki and tatsuki was a tertiary character who was part of the story of that enforcer girl at most. Orihime is busted and her powers are the more hax/conceptual based of the main crew, she was ideal to pit against the conceptual bullshit of noble phantasms.
A last pet peeve is the interacton of ichigo group with emiya... It was bullshit, Ichigo and Emiya are like perfect to pit against each other at an idealistic level, Emiya is a deconstruction of the shonen protagonist protector personality while Ichigo is the prime example of that type of shonen protagonist with him having no other desires than protect no hokage, no fighting strong guys, no treasure, none, he just wants his loved ones to be safe and will protect but he rather nothing happens, this is a perfect foil to Emiya "I wish to be a hero of justice" because he likes the idea, even if liking that idea means that he wishes for trouble to happens so he can be a hero. They are the same character type of oposites. Ichigo is what Emiya wants to be but can't because the mere act of wishing to be that disqualifies you. But instead of focusing on interacting with that, with their ideas of justice and protection clashing. All their interactions are based on missunderstanding and unneded escalation of conflict. Missunderstandings are okay when used once. But here they happened too many times and it was lame, instead of the clash of ideologies we had a clash of fools, and for a clash of fools I rahter you bring Zaraki and pit him against berseker.

But again, it was not badly written, the quality of the words is very good, the problems are forgiveable with how good the sentence to sentence writting was, the problems were more in the overall structure and overall narrative, but phrase to phrase the quality is top notch for fanfiction.
DBoblivion chapter 11 . 9/27/2023
Oh my God

Is that Balisarda!
Kumengg chapter 14 . 9/24/2023
Whoever wrote this deserves too have their hands broken so they can't write anymore more of this type of filth. The other comments help reinforce this thought.
JensenDaniels32 chapter 13 . 7/16/2023
Boring! The only conflicts in this chapter didn't even involve the Bleach characters. Who the hell cares about the Fate-on-Fate battles?!
Hazardousflame chapter 3 . 6/5/2023
Tbh I really wanted this to be good, but I don’t know what I was expecting, bleach is in my rope 5 favorite Anime and Fate is my favorite franchise/Anime so I got kinda peeved at the things you got wrong, first and foremost servants do not hunt people to gain mana, they only do that in very specific circumstances and not all servants can do it, it’s not a normal thing servants do. I haven’t read up to the “Emiya wank” as I’ve seen but yeah, The fate/stay version of Emiya is not nearly powerful enough to fight any of these guys even in a 1v1, The bleach verse is much stronger that people seem to think.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/23/2022
djmegamouth chapter 23 . 8/25/2022
Archers issues naturally causing more problems then ever need to happen.
djmegamouth chapter 13 . 8/20/2022
So she's learned to try to make her own psuedo vizard. What a dangerous thing to do dragging out someone's inner hollow like that. If she's not careful she may end up inducing soul death in him, or I suspect herself.
JamesBlafking chapter 24 . 8/12/2022
Que buena historia!, Lastima que a pasado tanto tiempo...
Jose4Andres7 chapter 24 . 7/5/2022
Will you conitnue with the story?
ArtoriasTheRock chapter 20 . 6/21/2022
Dropping this fic here, I tried my best to suffer through since my last comment but it's clear Zangetsu (The actual one not Old Man) os being messed with by All the World's Evils, who is hella contained within the grail and can't do a damn thing unless a wish is made, and it doesn't control spirits. Also Zangetsu has one goal, protect Ichigo, it is its fundamental purpose and he is single minded in that pursuit, and was able to ignore Muramasa and his hypnosis Bull crap. For this to seemingly be the reason Ichigo has his power limited is dumb, because Old Man is a Quincy spirit who could just pull in ambient energy and BOOM no more issues, or they could combine as Tensa Zangetsu.

Hell if Old Man was able to ignore the greater part of his Soul in the Quincy King, being in Bankai with all of Ichigos power in one being, all the instict and all his will, All The World Evils would have 0 effect. This is yet another B.S. nerf to Bleach to make Heroic spirits relative to post Aizen Bleach characters.

This comes from left field after Ichigo was losing to an anti fortress noble fantasm.

Fortress City

even if you wanted to say that Excalibur has more "authority" as the crystallization of humanity's hope, that cool and all.

Zanpaktou are created by a member of Zero squad who's bones have the Soul Kings power.

What has more Authority, humanity's hope, or the lynchpin of Soul Society, The Human World, and Hueco Mundo?
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