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blasterblaster1221 chapter 63 . 10/31/2016
i would like your permission to release a trainz model of your character candy
blasterblaster1221 chapter 1 . 10/29/2016
I wanted to ask permission to release a trainz model of your character candy
Guest chapter 2 . 12/11/2014
Deleted Scenes
Originally, This one was going to be the opening scene. But after rereading it I went, "Dang! I've got to redo it!" Because the beginning said, "Once, a long time ago, there were three little engines who lived in their own little shed on their own little railway. Of the three of them, Duke was the oldest and wisest." So I had incoparate Falcon and Stuart, not Just Duke.
This was going to be the scene of where Fredrick Meets Smudger. But it was impossible to do. This is the reason why it was removed.
I was originally going to draw out the "Smudger Takes A Spill" scene, but then I went "Bother! There's already a scene of it." Then an idea came to me. I thought, "Maybe I could use it." So I talked with someone who used it for his cover of the book. So I thank him for that.
This one was going to originally gonna be what Smudger would look like as a pump, but it was too hard. When I scanned it, it was WAY too bright. So I drew this. I thought, "That's how Smudger should look as a pump."
In total, there are only four deleted scenes.
Book 12 Gone chapter 6 . 12/11/2014
Candy's Crash
One night, Candy was waiting with some trucks. She was happy Smudger was not there to bother her. Soon, all the trucks were full and she set off. But she didn't know that due to her rudeness to the new little green engine on the line, Smudger, SMudger had put gunpowder in her smokebox. Candy didn't know yet. Soon she was feeling the pain. "Come on Candy." said her driver. "Just a few more miles and you will have a good rest." But Candy was worried. "I can't do it, driver." The little yellow steamer replied. "We must try, Candy." engorged the driver. "The Little Controller is counting on us." But then it happened. Candy exploded! The burst caused a crack in her smokebox. "CANDY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Shouted the driver. But Candy didn't say anything. Edward Mann and Lewis arrived to their shock. "Oh Candy." said Edward Mann sadly. "Tell me it isn't so." "What's happened?" asked Lewis. "Nothing, Lewis." responed Edward Mann. "Please take the trucks to the coaling plant." So Lewis did so. Soon Lewis raced away towards the sheds at the coaling plant. When he arrived, Smudger told everything. So Smudger was forgiven for what he had done. Candy did not survive the accident. The burst caused a crack in her smokebox. It killed her. So the railway was left without a Number 6.
The End
Stanley's Trip
Stanley, an Engine who had shared the same story as Smudger had been sent to the Little Railway. He enjoyed the ride on his ship, but presently grew lonely. Then, another engine was bought on board. He was a Big Blue B12 Holden. "My name's Stanley." said Stanley. "My name is 98462." said The Blue Tender Engine. "I don't have a real name yet." Stanley was surprised. "Oh my." he said. Just then, the Representative walked in and told the other engines what other railways they would be sold to. Soon, one week later, Stanley said goodbye to 98462. Soon, he was picked up by one of the engines and he was taken to his new home. Stanley told the other engine, Who was Edward Mann about his old line. Edward Mann was surprised at the tale. "You need to get used to this line." He said. "I know." Said Stanley. And he fell happily asleep.
The End
Stanley, The New Number 6
Ever since Candy's accident, Stanley was going to be the new number 6. The engines waited at the sheds. Smudger was the last to come. Stanley arrived a few minutes later. That night, Smudger told Stanley what he did and what happened to Candy. Stanley was shocked. "My!" he said. Smudger and Stanley stood in a siding. The next morning, Smudger and Stanley were double heading to the station with some passengers. Soon, they arrived at the station. Then they saw Candy on the line. Candy rushed towards Smudger and pushed him off the track. Then Candy disappeared. Smudger was put back on the tracks. At the sheds, they were safe. "Phew." They said.
Candy, The Ghost of The Railway
At the sheds, The engines were making a plan to destroy the ghost. "There's nothing you could have done." said Stanley. Smudger was till guilty. But something strange happened. Soon the plan was done. That night, the two engines waited for Candy. Soon they heard a loud shrill whistle. It was Candy who was rushing along the tracks. She raced along to destroy both Smudger and Stanley. Smudger and Stanley soon got prepared. Candy stopped. Then she went away. The bomb in the coaling plant shed was not good. Candy tricked Edward Mann into going in there. "Ha." she chuckled. "There's a bomb!" shouted Smudger. Edward Mann quickly got out. "Blast! Thanks for failing my plans." said Candy. Smudger let off a loud whistle. He charged at Candy and Candy was thrown away and was never seen again. So form that day on, she was never ever seen again.
The End
RIP Candy chapter 6 . 12/11/2014
Book 12, Chapter 1
One day, Candy was coupled up to some trucks. She had been so rude, Smudger had put gunpowder in her smokebox. Candy didn't know yet. Soon, she steamed away. Candy had a splendid run. The moon was full, and the signals were down. "Ha." said Candy. "Good thing Smudger can't bother me." But it did not take long before she felt a strange presence. "I must keep going. I must keep going." she said. But then, it happened. Candy's smokebox made a loud burst which caused a crack in it! Candy was killed. It left now answers to what really happened. Soon, Edward Mann arrived. He was shocked when he saw that only the trucks remained. "Candy! Are you alright?" He asked. But Candy didn't answer. Edward Mann took the trucks back to the yard, where The Small Controller was waiting. "Hello Edward Mann." He said. "I didn't expect the trucks to be taken back here." "What is wrong?" asked Edward Mann. "Best hurry to the sheds as quickly as you can." said The Small Controller. "They are not far." Edward Mann steamed to the sheds as fast as he could. Takao was there on the other line, the bigger tracks. "I want to see her." Edward Mann said to Takao. "It's too late." said Takao. "It's never too la-" Began Edward Mann, but Takao hushed him. "Edward Mann! Don't you see why it's quiet. The burst was too large. It caused a crack in Candy's smokebox!" "Takao!" said Edward Mann. "I'm so sorry." said Takao. Edward Mann puffed away to rest. It was a really terrible accident. When Smudger told Edward Mann everything, he was forgiven for doing so. So Candy was never seen again.
The End
Candy's RIP chapter 1 . 12/11/2014
Smudger gets tired of Candy's rudness, so he puts gunpowder in Candy's smokebox, so when Candy goes over the bridge, she explodes, killing herself and her crew. When Edward Mann arrives to clean up the mess, he sees Candy next to the accident site. But all Candy does, she backs away then disappears. When Smudger explains everything, he is forgiven for it. But now Candy is a ghost. It happened in 2012. Smudger arrived here in 2010. Now Candy is never seen again. She was built in 1948. She arrived on the Railway in 2006.
RIP Candy 1948-2012
LGS chapter 44 . 6/11/2014
LOL, Engines named Ryu and Raiden?
It's Train Fighter and Mortal Lokomotion, respectively!
Ryu: HaCHOOken! (Wheeshouken, whatever). XD
Scrax chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
I really loved this series, i have read through it several times by this point. You were one of the main inspirations for me to start writing in the first place. This may have actually been the first fanfic i ever read now that i think about it.
SteamingGilmorePotterLover98 chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
it is detailed and really makes me want to go to Japan and the Little, Big and Post Railways please write more
Guest chapter 27 . 10/20/2012
unknown chapter 9 . 10/16/2012
Guest chapter 1 . 6/28/2012
If you guys want to use my characters to post, type the station name "Knapford Quarry", and view the site a little, and then comment on which engine you like and why. Thank you very much. You can also post your answers on this site too.
Tesla2251 chapter 6 . 1/5/2012
I LOVE THIS WHOLE SERIES! Would it be okay if I used it for a model series when I get to it? I'd like to make these into videos if you allow me to.
XiaolinMamodo chapter 1 . 11/9/2010
more good stories, but too many chapters!
LeonPianta chapter 63 . 10/19/2010
Wolf- the most epic name for a mute engine EVAR! *shot*

This story was kind of hard to read due to the structure of the paragraphing and such (ie putting speech of multiple characters in the same chunk), but I really respect all the work you've put into the stories and the characters. I love this, and wish to be seeing more in the near future!
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