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YokaiAngel chapter 18 . 11/23
Star Pittsburgh chapter 2 . 11/22
Does anyone have a copy of the original version of this fic? Ah please *_* thank you for this ff, scarlet. Sorry to hear about what happened. I hope you get back on track and not let what happened discourage you. You are a brilliant writer - my thoughts before, still the same as now. Keep it up.
Star Pittsburgh chapter 1 . 11/22
I have read this years ago (that time when I still needed to wait for updates on this fic haha). I was very impressed. Today, I remembered this ff and tried to recall the author since I can't remember the title (author was related to red something... scarlet...that is how much I like this fic). Googled this fic, found it, and decided to read it again. There was something odd as a read it though haha I thought I was just imaging (the lacking) things when I read this. Even though you cut off parts of it, it's still a great piece of work. I tried to look for a link to the original version, but so far I haven't found any.
Me again chapter 5 . 11/12
Tried a few more chaps but i couldn't get into it personally. Has bit of a rapey vibe to it n i dont think thats my thing and as you said in your info before it is choppy and very.. how should i say this? not flowy like a river?. Idk ;;
Guest chapter 2 . 11/11
Hmm.. it's not really pulling me in so far... I'll give it a few more chapsters though.
KyoREQUIEM chapter 1 . 11/12
I just noticed, why are there so many rude and disheartening comments for this fic?
And they're all relatively recent...
AND, the people who wrote them either now have deleted accounts or have names that are hella suspicious.

Honestly, I don't understand what's so bad about this fic. People say "it's not descriptive" and "it's boring", but I've seriously read fics that were 100 times worse than this one.
Whatever's going on with the edited parts aside, this author actually took the time to write this story...
No author, EVER, will feel perfectly fine reading rude comments about them.
At least try to make the comments sound like respectful criticism... -_-
Guest chapter 18 . 10/2
..why is this rated M?
Guest chapter 18 . 9/27
...pretty mediocre writing tbqh. hopefull youll have learnt from this failure if u plan on making more ficz
Lmao chapter 1 . 9/26
You kept this pile of trash up for two reasons, one of which is the love for it? What's the other: you need to feed your ego because it has a few reviews? GTFO. If you thought it was shit now that you had to take out the lemon, why fucking mention it at all? Drama because you think some loser stole your writing? Get outta here man. Rework it or delete this trashpile. Why you gonna go bitch about someone using your work when it sucks anyway omg get a life.
AmareJun chapter 4 . 9/24
I spent a lot of my teenage years loving the KaZe pairing, and I read pretty much all of the fanfics on this site - among others. I hadn't read any for quite a few years now, but I decided to rekindle a longing for the pair. I remember your story quite vividly - or so I thought - and I remeber it being among one of my favourites - and so I took to finding it.

I'm disheartened to say I am very disappointed. I suppose in growing up, and learning how to properly form descriptive and interesting plots, paragraphs and writings, I have realized yours is... very subpar.

It's not good. I will suppose it's all bound to my love for the pair, and accepting anything that I could read at the time that fit my "idea" of how I wanted each character to act.

You are weak at description, pacing and emotion. Your sentences lack depth, you do not articulate much in long paragraphs, and you never set a feeling in any scene - it all feels dull, and lifeless. I stupidy hoped your story was as good as I was telling myself it was from my teenage memories - this is a weak story, and that it so very disappointing.

And I will add: you blame your lack of life in your story on the "thieves" that you claim stole your work, but I can clearly see there was nothing close to life ever if your story was ripped open and is this bad from a few erotic scenes. You are simply looking for someone to blame because your fanfic was a lackluster PWP and now it's just nothing. The thieves should have found a better piece of work to take from.
LuanRina chapter 1 . 9/8
OMFG I just realized something. . .I don't have the initial chapters 16-18 saved O_O Dammit! Dx Could you please, please share the full version of those chapters with me somehow? TT-TT I know it may be asking a lot and perhaps it sounds as an odd or suspicious request, but I swear I'm only asking because I love this story and I want to have it in my collection forever and I simply can't live without your beautiful lemons! Dx

Truly hope you can do it somehow. . .*sighs* And really sorry for bothering you with this, dearest OTZ
LuanRina chapter 1 . 9/8
Oh. . .Oh my freaking God O_O Scarlet, dear, your story was STOLEN?! O_O And you had to cut some CRUCIAL and so wonderful parts of your beautiful masterpiece because of that?! Because of those disgusting, shameless thieves?! Goddammit! Dx I HATE THEM! Dx

I'm so sorry that happened to you! Dx Now I'm really glad I have your story saved on my laptop as one of my most favorite fics just in case something happened to your fic here. But still. . .dammit. WTF?! Why should you and your amazing story suffer because of some douchebags!? Dx It's just. . .so unfair and terrible *sobs*

Thank you for not deleting it altogether though. It's one of the diamonds of the KaZe fandom here, it would have been a great loss for it if it disappeared.

Looking forward to all your updates! Thank you for all your wonderful stories! *hugs*
LuanRina chapter 18 . 9/9
Somehow it turns out I haven't left a review for this last chapter yet O_O How the hell did THAT happen!? O_O

Awwww, I just love this happy and fluffy and beautiful ending! I'm so glad Zero-chan finally admitted it and that they worked through it and made up *nods*

Muhhaha xD And Kaname-sama is just as insatiable as ever x3 Hope he will have some mercy on his adorable little Zero-chan at least sometimes and won't keep tiring his beloved out too much ;D

Pfft, and those fangirls. . .Really, they're is a limit to how delusional one can get xD Kaname-sama was right to call their delusions 'something so impossible' *nods* And he is also right that it's so adorable that Zero-chan got jealous over it! x3

Ahhaha xD And that little omake was really funny too! Totally laughed my ass off here xD Do feel sorry for Aidou though. Poor thing just can never get some rest from getting slapped around xD

Anyway, thank you once again for bestowing this amazing story (as well as all your other stories) upon us. And again, I'm really sorry it got stolen and you had to edit it because of some douchebags TT-TT

Looking forward to all your next updates! :D
MyLiloITAChIassasin chapter 1 . 9/6
Guest chapter 2 . 8/30
Sigh. Weak writing. Try being more descriptive, your writing is dull.
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