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Lunar-Apollo chapter 35 . 8/24/2011
AWWW YAAAAY Ray and Kai/Nami get together :D happy faceeee Tys for updating. NOW JUST FINSIH LOL. BE THE FIRST AND VERY SUCCESSFUL FINISHED MENDOL STORY! Gooo~
2100 chapter 35 . 8/24/2011
I see what you did there with Kuu's rant about the fanfics... haha

The Ryouga/Riku scene was quite nice and it was a happy thing to see their relationship heal. As with the actual show, it's great that Ryouga comes to the realisation that he likes men rather than just go for Asahi the girl.

Oh my goodness... Candy spoke! XD AND I CARE THAT THE OC SPOKE! I love their crew. ;w;

Love how their camaraderie vanished when their respective 'partners' are brought up. What happened to "Bros before hos? The small Myao and Erena appearance was nice too.

"I don't have to conform to your gender expectations!" I lol'd at that one.

Ahhh! I knew the twin tower pair couldn't be EBOL. Sayaka would've looked kickass in combat armour though but oh well. Totally made up for by the fact that Otabe... er... I mean, Yui gets to be in this and she is a GENIUS.

Aaaaand, Ray finally gets Kai. Hard to believe there's just one chapter left but I'll be looking forward to it!
hungryforcookies chapter 35 . 8/24/2011
Excuse me while I cry out of happiness.
melonpan48 chapter 34 . 8/23/2011
So I found this fic the other day when I was looking for subs to rewatch Mendol again and oh man, I'm glad I found it. I totally agree that the drama could have been so much more and I secretly wish that your fic was the drama's script haha. That would be so legit and awesome.

There's just so much I could say about this fic that I don't even know what to say xD Long story short, I love your writing and I love this story. One thing I can for sure say, is that you did an amazing job. While reading I felt various things(I don't know how else to put it lol). Like I truly understood the characters. If you can relay emotions to the readers from the character's perspective like that, that's amazing. You're doing a great job as a writer.

Just some things I enjoyed throughout the story haha: Mariko the Troll and Kuu xD (really quite amusing), Kai and Ray's relationship development (omg I cannot wait to see what happens next with them), KOJIYUU or RikYuu lololl Yuko was just downright hilarious(you wrote her really good, I could just imagine the real Yuko doing those things) and the ngaww Riku/Asahi x Yuko moments were adorable, as was the Atsuko and Kai/Nami moments, annnnd the TomoTomo ones too(I loveeee Chiyuu haha she's so cute). All in all, ERRTHANG was great haha. Ohmaigawd and I can't forget Miho and Erena, so freakin adorableeee especially Ray and Miho, dat was cute. I think the whole get-together/unexpected party at Asahi's house was osam, great addition to the story. That was probably one of my fave parts haha.

Anywayssss, sorry for the long ass comment lol and I'm definitely looking forward to the next update c:
Lunar-Apollo chapter 34 . 8/22/2011
Graaaghagh D: I hate cliffys. I hate them. X-X I stayed up from 11pm-5am and I was hoping for an end Q-Q WHYYY MUST YOU TORTURE MEEEE. WHAT HAPPENS TO KAI AND RAY?

Please update soon. Or like Yoko...somethings gonna happen. JKS LOL Nah but please do update D: its killing me to be left hanging. Like WHAT HAPPENS?
fyee chapter 34 . 8/19/2011
At first I like Kai and Ray part but Kai always hide himself from reality. Now I more prefer Riku and Yuko, both of them really amazing. Thanks for the updated.
AruWolf chapter 34 . 8/14/2011
Sorry sorry! I know I'm a late time reader of your fic but I've been re-reading it for the last couple of weeks. I am just in pure heaven when I'm on the bus now 'cause all I have is to read your fic to entertain me, and boy is it damn good. I love the real character you've given Kuu, I can't say that enough. I also love the development of Kai's feelings, perfect; her reaction was amazing just cursing in the bathroom. Everything you've put into this story has been amazing and I seriously hope you actually mess with the ending quite a bit, I just rewatched it and I can already imagine the wonders you could have behind it. Also since you've done played Kuu and Snake guy I'd imagine they'd be in some real danger. All this considered you have done amazingly so far and I can't wait for more and am probably going to base quite a few pieces of Kai x Ray off of your story. Of course that is, if you don't mind~ Plus I'm a very lazy person and barely anything comes from my head any more. BUT this work of GENIUS is amazing. A-MAZE-ING
Wolf-of-Five-Elements chapter 34 . 8/13/2011
Yay, an update! XD Awesome chapter, as usual. Not too much action, but you're building up to the grand finale, right? I really like how you add depth to all the characters, and put so much thought into their relationships. Kai and Ray having an awkward relationship right now is so much more believable than... whatever that was in the drama. Well, looking forward to your next chapter and please update soon!
potato-nuggie chapter 34 . 8/12/2011
YESSSS, I'm not going to lie, I screamed when I saw the update. I just spent the last three days re-reading this beautiful beast and I can't believe the ride's almost over. You fleshed out everything so well, and made everything make SENSE, I mean Mendol had some serious holes by the time it ended.

I'm relieved that almost everything is patched up now, you wove a masterpiece of relationships without any of them becoming confusing, haha. (It kinda helps since I've gotten into AKB48). I want to believe that Sae and Sayaka are just being portrayed in an evil light and will actually come through for Persona, but that's me believing in fairy tale endings. I know I shouldn't expect something too similar to Mendol cause I know you're definitely better than that.

The RayKai/NamiAtsuko triangle is one of the best love tangles I've read EVER. The antagonistic relationship Mariko shares with Kuu is hilarious. I'm glad I read this away from people, cause I seriously laughed out loud sometimes; and Yuko is a pervert, that's all I can say xD

You made everything so realistic, especially the Yakuza issue. I can only hope nobody gets (too) hurt.

Thank you again, you are brilliant, like, sparkling. I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for the (last?) chapter.
awesome anon chapter 1 . 8/12/2011
Wow you had ch34 done all this time? I totally wasn't checking back everyday or anything...xD

Anywho, glad its up now and it was great. Oh snap, I had no idea SaeSayaka were working with dem bad guyssss. Such a shame, I thought they were great people! I suppose it does make the plot even more interesting :)

Also, I'm loving the slow Ray-Kai reconciliation thing. Emphasis on the slow (not sarcasm), it's more realistic/believable than a quick fix. Acchan "dumping" Kai? Didn't see that one coming. Riku/Asahi-Yuko is too cute. I love how frusturated Yuko is getting; I hope she snaps soon ;)

This is probably the best fic I have ever read. I appreciate the length and detail. Looking forward to the next chap! Soon hopefully /is demanding like that.
fyee chapter 33 . 7/28/2011
Riku jealous I wonder she realize or not….haha… Funny when Yuko comment about Riku. No matter how Kai and Ray relationship but we can see they kinda make up I guess…Thanks for the updated.
True eNVy chapter 33 . 7/13/2011
Woahh :O that was awesome! hehe Mariko and Kuu? ;D sound pretty suspicious to me ;3 rofl Poor Ray :( all sad and depressed : then theres Kai (Nami) who is FINALLY coming to terms with her feelings :P I would sooo love to see Kuu and Mariko's love-hate relationship become actual an actual loving relationship D Nice job on detailing! - Hope you update soon! ~
anitanos chapter 33 . 7/11/2011
Just caught up on all the reading. For a moment I thought there was gonna be another scandal but this time between Acchan and Kai because of the whole front door scene in Chapter 32. Ahhhhh, this was really well written. Ma Kawachi knew the whole time? She was really laying it on thick about not knowing then. That whole pregnancy thing was kinda funny, but I totally saw Nami's POV of it being annoying.

Ahhh, I never really understood any of the Hattai part of the storyline. To me it had just been a way for them to move the plot along. But after reading you're explanation I see why it was such a lovable part. I actually really enjoyed it. And I definitely saw the eagerness Hattai expressed. Will she be showing up in later chapters? And I was kinda wondering if you'll expose them and if so how would Hattai react? I can't see her hating Persona given that she completely accepted Riku's scandal. Oh, and since you've been adding so many things to this drama, would you involve the goverment? I mean it seems like Hattai and the Kingdom of Wataar has a bigger role (but then that can just be from my faulty memory of Mendol). Government agents would be an awesome addition. More AKB members! :D

Yuko! She's so awesome. It was so nice that you put in the real life things that Yuko has done. Riku needs to not be mad at Yuko. He has to understand that she's actually risking a lot saying things like that. The timing was just awkward (for Riku). But she was totally doing everything for him! So I hope he doesn't act too mad.

Anyhow, excuse my ramblings. Great job on these new chapters. Your story is just getting more and more exciting.
2100 chapter 33 . 7/11/2011
Quite a packed chapter that gets through quite a lot of stuff. Persona facing the pack of reporters after restoring relations with the Wataar Kingdom is one of my favourite parts in the series but you're too right about the lack of security.

Er... lol, Yuko's "reveal".

Bit OT but Hm, I just finished watching the first episode of the new Hanakimi and Mizuki should take some lessons from the Persona guys.
Wolf-of-Five-Elements chapter 33 . 7/7/2011
Oh, that's a really good point. Now that I think about it, where WAS the queen's security? Or Persona's? Ah well, suspension of belief and all that. Anyways, these are exceptional chapters, as usual. I'm glad that most of the unpleasantness with Ray and the scandal are over with, and really impressed at how you handled it. I disliked that part in the drama. Oh, and I have enjoyed all the original touches you've put in your story, makes me like it WAY better than the actual drama... Well, thank you for updating so quickly, and please keep up the good work!
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